Outside Litters

Below you will find basic information about litters that were bred/raised by friends of ours who have used our dogs. For additional information, feel free to contact the Breeders personally. For information about our previous litters here at O'my!, please click here

Player x Lyric 3/2/2019

7 girls were born 3/2/19. This litter was bred by Brianne Farr of Trinity Border Collies in GA. 


Trinity's Power Play RN CGC  "Revolution" owned by us
Trinity's Play Like a Girl CGC TKI "Moxie" owned by Donnette Draper in NC, co-owned with us
Trinity's Perfect Game RN CGC "River" owned by Tracy Cann in GA, co-owned with us
Trinity's Pharaoh Plays the Music "Hattie" owned by Holly Clarke in GA
Trinity's A Song That's Flawless "Tempo" owned by Beth Farr in GA
Trinity's Song of the Sea "Electra" owned by Kaila Christian in TX
Trinity's Music of the Night "Melody" owned by Tina Etheridge in TX

Player x Myth 10/8/17

3 girls and 2 boys were born 10/8/17. This litter was bred by Kelli Herbst of Orion Border Collies in PA. 

Orion Stranger Things "Creature" owned by us in GA
Orion Werewolf in London FDCH "London" owned by Babz Mahoney in FL, co-owned with us
Orion Full Throttle CGCA TKP RATI RATN CGCU"Torque" owned by Shari Seidman in IL
Orion Celtic Mystery "Myst" owned by Judi Lehrhaupt, co owned with Kelli Herbst/Orion Border Collies
Orion Chica "Chica" owned by Jennifer Moog 

Player x Puzzle 1.0 and 2.0

Three girls and four boys were born 1/6/17. This litter was bred by Wendy Jordan of Wescot Border Collies in PA and was her movie Sequel litter. This is a repeat litter. 

Wescot's The Dark Knight NA NAJ "Tempo" owned by Kathie Gates in NH
Wescot's The Next Karate Kid at Wayside "Gotta" owned by Valeri Duff and Joan Lawson in NH
Wescot's Furious 7 TKN "Diesel" owned by Lorinda McKisson in MD
Wescot's Wild Ride NAJ "Frenzy" owned by Hannah Naiburg in PA
Wescot's Finding Dory "Marlin" owned by Wendy Jordan (brother) in PA
Wescot's Catching Fire TKN "Trinket" owned by in Jodie D. in VT
Wescot's Endless Summer "Maverick" owned by Julie Messersmith in Fl


Three girls and four boys were born 6/20/15. This litter was bred by Wendy Jordan of Wescot Border Collies in PA. This was her song litter.

Wescot Carbon Copy TT "Ditto" owned by Wendy Jordan in PA, OFA Good 
Wescot Girl Crush TKN CGC (AKC CH-pointed) "NV" owned by Wendy Jordan in PA, OFA Good
Wescot Smooth Criminal AX AXJ "Crush" owned by Chelsea Tango in PA, OFA Good
MACh Wescot In The Fast Lane MX MXJ "Fancy" owned by Hannah Naiburg in PA
Wescot Hell-On-Heels CGC 2017 Skyhoundz World Champion "Glamour" owned by us in GA, OFA prelim Good
Wescot I Do DN RN ATD CGCA RATCH RATI  "Juno" owned by Janee Moore in ID
Wescot I Am Legend DJ "Reign" owned by Laura Kauffman in PA