Outside Litters

Below you will find basic information about litters that were bred/raised, or co-bred by friends of ours who have used our dogs. For additional information, feel free to contact the Breeders personally. For information about our previous litters here at O'my!, please click here

Player x Lyric 6/21/20

4 girls and 4 boys were born 6/21/20, bred and whelped by Brianne Farr of Trinity Border Collies in GA. More information to follow as they grow and make their way to their new homes....

Trinity's Proof of Life In The Shadows "Ember", owned by Brianne Farr in GA
Trinity's Can't Quit The Game "Habit" owned by Nisa Semione in NY, co-owned
Trinity's Ready Player One "Sega" owned by Cassie Dillard in SC, co-owned
Trinity's Let The Music Play "Medley" owned by Lauren Fortenberry in OK
Trinity's Hero of Hyrule "Link" owned by Jess Canter in TN
Trinity's Lyrical Playbook "Meric" owned by Sue Singer in PA
Trinity's Play It By Ear "Hayden" owned by Autumn Clarke in FL
Trinity's Never Play It Safe RATN “Risk” owned by Andrea Galloway


Player x Lyric 3/2/2019

7 girls were born 3/2/19. This litter was bred by Brianne Farr of Trinity Border Collies in GA. 


Trinity's Power Play RN BCAT DJ CGC  "Revolution" owned by us
UKC CH / AKC CH MJR PTD Trinity's Perfect Game RN OA OAJ NF BCAT DSA CGC "River" owned by Tracy Cann in GA, co-owned with us
       - qualified for the 2021 AKC Rally National Championship
Trinity's Play Like a Girl CGC TKI "Moxie" owned by Donnette Draper in NC, co-owned with us
Trinity's Pharaoh Plays the Music "Hattie" owned by Holly Clarke in GA
Trinity's A Song That's Flawless BCAT "Tempo" owned by Beth Farr in GA
Trinity's Song of the Sea "Electra" owned by Kaila Christian in TX
Trinity's Music of the Night CGC "Melody" owned by Tina Etheridge in GA


Player x Myth 10/8/17

3 girls and 2 boys were born 10/8/17. This litter was bred by Kelli Herbst of Orion Border Collies in PA. 

Orion Stranger Things RN NA NAJ BCAT "Creature" owned by us in GA, OFA Excellent
    - qualified for 2021 Skyhoundz World Championship Finals in DDAT/Classic
    - qualified for 2021 UPDIFF
Orion Werewolf in London OA OAJ NF DM FMX FDCH "London" owned by Babz Mahoney in FL, co-owned with us, OFA Excellent
     -qualified for 2021 UKI US Open
     -qualified for 2021 USDAA Cynosports
Orion Full Throttle CGCA TKP RATI RATN CGCU"Torque" owned by Shari Seidman in IL
Orion Celtic Mystery "Myst" owned by Judi Lehrhaupt, co owned with Kelli Herbst/Orion Border Collies
Orion Chica "Chica" owned by Jennifer Moog