Call Name: Hooty
DOB: 12/18/2007

OFA Hips: Good (click here to go to OFA)
CEA/CH: Normal
CERF: Normal

Owner/Breeder: Norma Stewart

Hooty is registered with ABCA. 

About Hooty

We are thrilled that Norma has allowed for us to use Hooty in our breeding program. Hooty brings a lot to the table with his solid structure, athletic nature, lovely working style, and superb temperament. Hoot has a great work ethic and a ton of power behind him when he moves.  Hooty is very level headed and has quick decision making skills -- all skills that we admire that also make him a wonderful working dog. 

When he's not working, Hooty has a great nature and is very social and attentive. He has a big personality and a lot of charisma and charm. He's a funny boy with a great sense of humor. He loves Norma and they have a beautiful working relationship together both on and off the field.

Here is some background info about Hooty and his family, from Norma:

When Katy asked me to write a few things about Hooty and some of our adventures, I really didn’t know where to start. After some thought, I decided to start with a little family history about his Mom and Grandma. Lena (Hoot's mom) and Jillie (Hoot’s Grandmother, Lena’s mom) were very successful trial dogs, both on sheep and cattle. Jillie was a grand-daughter of Tommy Wilson’s great Roy and she was my first trial dog that I trained and competed with in many trials. Then along came her daughter Lena, which I also trained and trialed. They were top trial dogs and competed in many National Finals on cattle and sheep. They were especially successful on cattle with Lena finishing 3rd in 2008 at the National Finals. Both Lena and Jill were in the top 20 every year they competed. Hoot's father is Tom Forrester’s great dog, Pete . He was amazing, winning many trials and won the Most Promising Young Dog and the Nursery National Finals winner at the 2006 National Cattle Finals -- this is just a few of his accomplishments.

When the Lena x Pete puppies arrived I fully intended to keep a female, but when the puppies arrived there was this big headed, freckle faced male pup that I just couldn’t resist! That was the beginning of me and Hooty’s adventures. Hooty and I were pretty much inseparable from the very beginning and still are in each other’s company most of the time. He is my right hand helper on the farm, along with his sister Randa. They sort, gather,and pen the livestock…whatever is needed they are there and ready.

When Hoot was a youngster he was blessed with the nickname of “Dirtbag” by my husband, Tony. Hoot usually had a dirty face from digging in the clay, plus his tri coloring along with the freckles gave him a rather “rusty” look! One time, a friend of mine made a bet with Tony --  she would get Hooty if something happened to me. Tony said, "no way!". They decided they would settle this by seeing which one Hooty would come to when called. She opened the door of her car and called “Hooty!”, at the same time Tony called “Dirtbag!”. Guess who won? He came immediately to “Dirtbag”. Hooty’s puppies are known as the “Little Dirtbags”, following tradition!

Hooty has only competed in a limited number of cattle trials, all of which he placed and he beat his Mom (she was 2nd!) in one trial in SC. His first trial was an arena cattle trial and he was just a youngster. I sent him as the cattle were turned out at the opposite end of the arena and the race was on!! He was in turbo gear and we went around the course so fast, Hooty sliding and throwing dirt, slammed the cattle in the pen in the fastest time! We had the spectators and other competitors laughing and yelling for more!! Our run only took a couple of minutes, but I was totally exhausted!!

Hooty has been such a great friend, working partner and companion, I hope we have many more years together enjoying our special bond. Everybody loves a “Dirtbag!”

We are thrilled with what Hooty produced with Siri in 2016. Click here to visit their litter page. .  Hooty is the daddy of our high flying Limit who in 2015 at the Skyhoundz Discdogathon World Finals became a WORLD CHAMPION in Freestyle!!! She has his same level headedness and athleticism that Hooty possesses. 


Video of Hooty

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Hooty's Pedigree

Pete ABC 243824

Bud (Apache) ABC 66938

Imp. Mirk ABC 29004

Kelly ABC 32777

NASD 60669 ABC 32777 K. Kuykendall/J. Burnham


Maid ABC 90302

Imp. Max ABC 30873

Jan AIBC 82922

Will ABC 108307

Creed ABC 10737

Jude NASD 47076

Tommy Connell, GA

Cain ABC 39787

Dale ABC 64120