2018 O'my! Family Reunion

WHAT: 2018  O'my! Family Reunion
WHEN: June 2, 2018
WHERE: our place!

WHO TO BRING: You, any family members, your dog(s)
WHAT TO BRING: Crate, leashes, fav toy, snacks (for you or your dog)
WHEN TO BRING: Be here around 9AM on Saturday!


THANK YOU to those who were able to attend our second (of many) reunions. Dean and I once again feel so lucky to have the best puppy homes we could ever ask for. It was so nice to see some new faces this year in addition to the same faces from last year. I hope next year we see even MORE faces!!!!

The team relay was soooo fun......our fastest recall was Ditto (Siri/Player), our Agility winner was Siryn (Jenga!/Player), our Time Trial Disc winner was Glamour (Puzze/Player), our biggest dock jump was Bliss (Jenga!/Player), and our fastest speed retrieve was Fresh (Siri/Player).  

The Secret Elephant game was hysterical and lots of neat gifts were brought (and stolen). Soooo many laughs and I can't wait to put a twist on the game for next year. 

The food was delicious at both lunch and dinner!!! ? The doggie cake was a hit. 

For those who couldn't make it, we sure missed you and hope to see you NEXT YEAR. We will start planning for that soon. Again, thank you all for making this reunion lots of fun and making lots of memories with us and a big thanks to my mom, Jessica, Kelli, Patty, and Cindy for helping behind the scenes with setup, cleaning, mowing, boarding dogs, etc and to Maggie for dealing with our crazy family for pictures. 


Tentative Schedule of Events & Info

8:30 am -- Meet n Greet, get t-shirts and goodie bags
9:00am -- group photos by Maggie Fan (some individual portrait shots will be available for additional fee)
11:00 am -- Team Relay*  
12:30  pm --  Lunch + White Elephant Game
1:30 pm -- Dock Diving Foundations by Katy
3:30  pm --  Open dock, disc, agility and group play
5:00  pm --  Tricked Out!
6:00  pm --  Dinner followed by Lure coursing
7:00  pm --  Results and Prizes from the games
7:15  pm until dusk -- open dock, disc, agility, and group play

Additional notes and info:

* the reunion is $25/person due by May 15th and this includes lunch and dinner plus a "goodie bag" that includes a logo'd O'my! Border Collie T-Shirt; one per family, you can request more for additional fee  -- katy.chadwick@yahoo.com is the PayPal address. 
* teams will be determined once we have a headcount of who is able to participate -- I get to pick your teammates ;)
* if you have a medical condition that prevents you from being somewhat active with your dog, please let me know beforehand
* if you have any food allergies, please let me know
* dogs must be crated during lunch/dinner
* FRIDAY: Several of us are meeting for dinner, time and location TBA! 
* SUNDAY: This year we are having an UpDog Challenge in the morning! Three games, check the business page for more details 

BREAKFAST: Drinks and Cinnamon Sheet Cake (thanks Patty!)
LUNCH:  Pizza, Chips, and Drinks
DINNER: POT LUCK! (see below info for more details)
* you can crate your dogs in your car or in the training facility. You may setup EZ-Up tents.
* only one dog working with each handler at a time (aka if you are bringing multiple dogs, please don't have all 5 off leash at the same time in order to respect everyones space)

The Dinner Menu

-- This will be updated as the RSVP's come in. Feel free to bring additional items as long as you let me know so we don't get too many doubles. Based on last years numbers, there were roughly 30-35 mouths to feed for the Pot Luck dinner -- 


New updated list -- I think we are good on deserts for those who said they wanted to bring one....a basic veggie platter or spinach dip may be good to add. I'll be sending you your teams here soon. Don't forget for your white elephant game gift to bring it wrapped or in a bag so we don't know what it is.  



Some dip with bread/crackers -- Kelli H. (Vanquish, Siri/Player)
Chips/Salsa -- Rachael M. (Mojo, Remedy/Player)
Buffalo Chicken Dip -- Dara V. (Fresh, Siri/Player)
Snacks (chips for lunch would be great) -- Jessica S (Echo, Remedy/Tex)
Chex mix, snacks - Julie M (Maverick, Puzzle 2.0)
Cheese/Cracker Platter -- Babz (Player/J)
Spinach Artichoke Dip -- Babette (Player/J)


BBQ Pulled Pork and Chicken and buns -- Dean/Katy



Mac N Cheese -- Mary K. (Hops)
Potato Salad -- Laurie B. (Finn, Siri 1.0)
Broccoli peanut salad -- Kelley A. (Tess, Remedy/Tex)
Veggies -- Dallas M (Shout!, Siri/Player)
Broccoli Cheese & Rice Casserole -- Brianne F (Zenith, Spryte/Dare)
Baked Beans -- Briana R. (Siri)
Regular Salad -- Robin (Bliss, Jenga/Player)  **Robin keep in mind I don't have any Salad dressings**


Sweet Tea -- Brenda B. (Ziva!, Siri/Hooty)
Soft Drinks -- Norma S. (Henry, Siri/Hooty)
2 Liters of Soda as "extra" -- Cindy (Shine, Spryte/Dare)


Fruit Salad -- Ann F. (Leia, Siri/Hooty)
Cinnamon Roll Sheet Cake/Hello Dolly Bars  -- Patty K (Glimmer, Spryte/Dare)
Strawberry Triftle -- Kelley A. (Tess, Remedy/Tex)
Slutty Brownies -- Brianne F (Zenith, Spryte/Dare)
Key Lime Pie -- Babette 


cups, plates, napkins, utensils - Brenda B.  (Ziva!, Siri/Hooty)
Doggie treats -- Briana R (Siri)
Ice -- Mary