2024: News and Brags!

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June updates:

Zing! (Player/Pixel) gets his Dock Master Advanced title. Atari (Ryder/Spryte) gets a new PB in AR of 19' and is currently the #3 Border Collie in AR! 


May updates:


River (Player/Lyric 1.0) gets QQ#10 and 11 towards her MACH, as well as her first Premier Qs! Meric (Player/Lyric 2.0) gets QQ#12! Dream (Hops/Wish) gets QQ#19! Hitman (Ryder/Spryte) picks up more Master Qs. Drama (Hitman/Story) gets her Canine Good Citizen! 

Moxie (Player/Lyric 1.0) and Extra! (Hotshot/Wish) play FDDO and XTreme Distance. Moxie places 1st in the Pro Division in freestyle, 3rd in Pro Division of Pyramid with a 10pt catch of 173’3”, and gets two more SH Q’s in XTreme Distance. Extra! Placed 1st in Pro Division of Pyramid with a 12pt catch of 186’5”!!

Quench (Hops/Spryte) earned her first 2 titles competing in a NASDA (North America Sporting Dog Association) trial this weekend … Team Brace Level 1 (TB-1) and Trailing & Locating Level 1 (TL-1).

Shine (Dare/Spryte) is awarded a BOS/BOBOH followed by a OHG4 in Perry, GA, as well as a BOB/BOBOH and an OHG3. Valor (Hops/Wish) earns more QQQ's towards his RACH with placements. Atari (Ryder/Spryte) earns her Dock Master Excellent title, as well as a new PB of 24'6"! Hitman (Ryder/Spryte) gets his Air Retrieve Senior Advanced title! 

Zing! (Player/Pixel) gets MX legs 8 and 9 and QQ#4 towards his MACH! Essence (Hops/Spryte) gets her Excellent JWW title! 


April updates:

 Cherry (Hops/Spryte) gets her Novice titles in Containers and Interior! Quench (Hops/Spryte) gets her Advanced Buried title, earning her Overall Advanced title in addition to some Excellent Q's. Echo (Tex/Remedy) gets his Overall Novice title and finishes his Advanced Containers title! Siryn (Player/Jenga!) gets Detective legs! Fresh (Player/Siri) earns his RATCH in Barn Hunt!
River (Player/Lyric) gets another QQ towards her MACH as well as her first Premier Standard Q. Tonic (Hops/Spryte) finishes his Open JWW title. 007 (Hitman/Story) gets his TKN!
Quench (Hops/Spryte) gets 3 Master Q's in Barn Hunt. Fresh (Player/Siri) earns his RATCH! Hitman (Ryder/Spryte) and Zing! (Player/Pixel) both get QQ#3 towards their MACH! Valor (Hops/Wish) gets more QQQ's towards his RACH. Shine (Dare/Spryte) wins more BOBOH and an OH Group 2, in addition to more QQQ's towards her RACH! She then takes Breed the following weekend, with a nice Regular Group 4 placement. 
Zing! (Player/Pixel) gets a new Personal Best of 25' in NADD, earning his Dock Elite title and his AR Senior title which earns him an invite to 2024 NADD Regionals in AR!! Dream (Hops/Wish) gets a new Personal Best of 25'10" in NADD placing her 2nd in the Elite Division, and earns her AR Master title, both earning her an invite to 2024 NADD Regionals. Tonic (Hops/Spryte) earns his Dock Master Advanced title with a new PB of 23'6"! Quench (Hops/Spryte) gets her Dock Master Advanced and Dock Senior Advanced titles, earning both Tonic and Quench an invite to 2024 NADD Regionals! Buzz (ReCon/Spryte) gets a new Personal Best of 24' in NADD and places 2nd in the Master Division and earning himself an invite to 2024 NADD Regionals! Buzzy also earns his CGC and TKN titles. Shout! (Player/Siri) takes 3rd in Senior Distance, which earns an invite to 2024 NADD Regionals! River (Player/Lyric) places in Senior AR, which secures her invite to 2024 NADD Regionals!

March updates:

Hitman (Ryder/Spryte) and Zing! (Player/Pixel) get more Master Q's in AKC agility! Dream (Hops/Wish) and River (Player/Lyric) get QQ's towards their MACH. 

Fable (Dare/Spryte), Maverick (Player/Puzzle 2.0), Crush (Player/Puzzle 1.0), Meric (Player/Lyric 2.0), and Dream (Hops/Wish) (apologies if I missed someone!) - there were some great runs from all, including ⅔ clean runs from Dream and 3/3 clean runs from Crush, earning him a spot in the 16p" FINALS!! Crush and Chelsea laid down a phenomenal run that placed them 2nd Overall!!!!! 
At a Skyhoundz DDAT, Moxie (Player/Lyric) earns an Invite to Worlds in Freestyle! Dream and Hitman clean sweep Time Trial, earning Dream another Invite to Worlds!  
At the Lake Lanier Dog Show Cluster, Extra! (Hotshot/Wish) finishes her GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP and a Regular Herding Group 3, piloted by myself. Shine (Dare/Spryte) gets multiple OH Group Placements, including two Group 1's! 
In NACSW Scentwork, Cupcake (Hops/Spryte) and Dream earn their NW2! Cupcake also gets two 2nd place finishes in Containers and Interior, with an OVERALL FIRST PLACE and PRONOUNCED! In AKC Scentwork, Quiz (ReCon/Shine) makes his Novice debut with 7/8 Q's towards his Novice Element titles! Raven (Player/Siri) earned her RATO (Open) barn hunt title! 

February updates:

Hitman (Ryder/Spryte) gets his MX, MXJ and QQ#2! Dream (Hops/Wish) gets QQ#17. Zing! (Player/Pixel) earns more Master Qs! Shine (Dare/Spryte) wins Breed several days in Atlanta and an OHG3! Firefly (ReCon/Shine) gets her Rally Novice title!

Cherry (Hops/Spryte) gets her AXJ in agility! Caliente (Ryder/Spryte) gets her first QQ towards her MACH! Zing! (Player/Pixel) gets QQ#2 and is OFA Excellent! ! Maverick (Player/Puzzle) gets his MACH2! 

Congrats to the following teams for qualifying for the 2024 AKC Rally National Championship: Pixel (Dare/Spryte), Sequel (HotShot/Wish), Punch (Hops/Spryte), Quench (Hops/Spryte), PreacherMan (ReCon/Shine), and HotShot (Sharpie/NV)!! 

In Barn Hunt news, Risk (Player/Lyric) earns his RATCHX3! Punch (Hops/Spryte) finishes his RATCH! Quench (Hops/Spryte) gets her first Master Q! Raven (Player/Siri) earns her RATN title!

In disc, Dream (Hops/Wish) wins Time Trial with a 16.33 sec run and Q's for Worlds. Hitman (Ryder/Spryte) wins Bullseye and Q's in Sport Division for Worlds! Atari (Ryder/Spryte) qualifies in Open for Worlds! Triton (Reef/Spryte) got his personal best in Far Out with 297 yards!!! Putting Triton in the Tied for 9th for best rounds ever in Far Out!!!!  Tonic (Hops/Spryte) gets his OA title. 

Baby Dazzle (Hitman/Story) earns her CGC, TKN, and TKI title at 16 weeks old! 



January updates: 

Maverick (Player/Puzzle 2.0) gets QQ16 towards MACH2! Dream (Hops/Wish) gets QQ14 and 15 towards her MACH! Hitman (Ryder/Spryte) gets his first QQ towards his MACH. Zing! (Player/Pixel) gets legs towards his Master agility titles. Quench (Hops/Spryte) gets her ORT! Cupcake (Hops/Spryte) wins Spot Landing and earns an Invite for Skyhoundz Worlds! Atari (Ryder/Spryte) wins Pairs D/A and gets an Invite for Skyhoundz Worlds! 

PreacherMan (ReCon/Shine) gets his Rally Advanced title! Valor (Hops/Wish) and Shine (Dare/Spryte) earn more QQQ's towards their RACH, with High Triples. Hitman (Ryder/Spryte) wins Time Trial and Bullseye at a Skyhoundz DDAT, earning more invites to Worlds! Dream (Hops/Wish) wins Pairs D/A, earning another invite to Worlds. Atari (Ryder/Spryte) wins Freestyle and Creature (Player/Myth) wins MD Spot Landing, also earning more invites to Worlds. 

Extra! (Hotshot/Wish) goes 5/6 in her AKC Agility debut, earning her NAJ! River (Player/Lyric) gest QQ#5, #6 and #7 towards her MACH. Tonic (Hops/Spryte) gets Q's in his Open classes! Sequel (HotShot/Wish) gets his Excellent Jumpers title! Dream (Hops/Wish) gets QQ#16. HotShot (Sharpie/NV) gets QQ#10!  Skrrt (HotShot/Story) gets his Open Jumpers title!

Pixel (Dare/Spryte) gets her Rally Master 3 title and finishes her Rally Championship! AKC CH RACH Pixel RM3 RAE2 FDC NA NAJ XF FCAT SWE SCM SEM SBM DM DSX DDP CGCA CGCU TKP NW2 C-SWP NW2! We are so proud of Kathy and Pixel! 


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