2023: News and Brags!

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May updates: 

Valor (Hops/Wish) is a new Grand Champion! Zing! (Player/Pixel) qualifies for the 2023 NADD Regional Championship in Masters Distance, with a new Personal Best of 23'4"! Hitman (Ryder/Spryte) qualifies for the 2023 NADD Regional Championship in Elite Distance, with a new Personal Best of 24'11" and qualifies for Air Retrieve in Senior Division. Punch (Hops/Spryte) qualifies for Regional in Senior Distance, and Essence (Hops/Spryte) qualifies in Junior Distance!

Dream (Hops/Wish) finishes her AKC Breed Championship by going WB/BOW for a 5 point major from the bred by class! She also finishes her BN and ATT. Cupcake (Hops/Spryte) gets points towards her Crazy 8's title, earns her Advanced Coursing (CAA) title, and goes BOS all 3 days for majors towards her Grand Championship, leaving her 2 points shy of her GCH. Quench (Hops/Spryte) gets her RATS title. Fresh (Player/Siri) gets master Q's in Barn Hunt towards his RATCH, and gets 2 QQ's towards his MACH. Preacher (ReCon/Shine) makes his rally debut and has a clean sweep with placements, earning his RN at 7 months old!

Breeze (Reef/Spryte) earns her Farm Dog title! Bliss (Player/Jenga!) earns her AKC Scentwork Detective title!!! This is the highest level of SW in AKC! Sequel (HotShot/Wish) gets more points towards his AKC Championship, as well as earned QQQ 4 and 5 towards his RACH, and high triple! HotShot (Sharpie/NV) got QQ 8 towards his PACH and QQQ 6 and 7 towards his RACH with several perfect 100 scores.

Hush (Player/Remedy) earns his Advanced Coursing (CAA) title, and Cupcake earns her DCAT! Cherry (Hops/Spryte) earns her DCAT, and Quench (Hops/Spryte) finishes her FCAT! River (Player/Lyric) gets her Dock Master Advanced, Hush gets his Air Retrieve Junior Advanced title. Both are now qualified for the 2023 SE Regionals!

Dream (Hops/Wish) gets another QQ towards her MACH, and is now qualified for the National Agility Championships! Hitman (Ryder/Spryte) earns more legs towards his Master titles. Glimmer (Dare/Spryte) earns her Excellent Jumpers (AXJ) title, as well as her first QQ towards her MACH! Essence (Hops/Spryte) gets a Open JWW leg. 


April updates: 

Skrrt (Hotshot/Story) earns his BCAT! Hush (Player/Remedy), River (Player/Lyric), Quench (Hops/Spryte), Tonic (Hops/Spryte), Cupcake (Hops/Spryte) all earn Fast CAT legs towards their next titles! 

Cupcake (Hops/Spryte) 2nd and 3rd show day out as a Special since she finished her CH in Ocotober, and she goes BOS each day to complete the CH-defeats needed to complete a GCH, and is halfway there with points! River (Player/Lyric) goes WB one day leaving her 3 singles shy of finising her CH. Dream (Hops/Wish) gets WB/BOW for her 2nd major, leaving her also 3 points shy of finishing her CH! Valor (Hops/Wish) gets his first BOB win over specials and an OH Group 2 placement. He needs one more CH-defeat for his GCH! Valor also picks up an OH Group 1!

Pixel (Dare/Spryte) picked up QQQs 12 and 13 for her RACH.  Sequel (HotShot/Wish) gets his Open Agiltiy titles and QQQ 3 towards his RACH. HotShot (Sharpie/NV) gets QQ7 towards his PACH and QQQ 5 towards his RACH! Fable (Dare/Spryte) earns QQ #11 towards her MACH! Dream (Hops/Wish) gets QQ 10 towards her MACH. 

Siryn (Player/Jenga!) earned her Excellent Exterior title, Excellent Interior title (SIE) with a 4th place and her overall Excellent title (SWE). Dream (Hops/Wish) earns her Novice Interior, Exterior, and Container titles! Tonic (Hops/Spryte) earns his Novice Interior, Exterior, and Container titles! Cupcake (Hops/Spryte) finishes her Novice Buried title for her overall Novice title, as well as her Advanced Interior, Adv Exterior, and Adv. Buried titles. Quench (Hops/Spryte) finished her Novice Buried (SBN), overall Novice Scent Work (SWN), Advanced Interior (SIA), Advanced Exterior (SEA) and Advanced Container(SCA).

Sequel (HotShot/Wish) earned his flyball dog champion (FDCh) title. Skate (Player/Remedy) earned her Flyball Grand Champion 40k! Raven (Player/Siri) had a awesome day BRAC USDAA/UKI this weekend. Day 1 uSDAA Gamblers Q #22, Day 3 UKI Master Series Agility Q, 1st Place and a BYE US Open Finals2023. Ditto (Player/Siri) finished qualifying for NADAC champs, USDAA Cynosport, and won a masters bye to the UKI US Open!!

Maverick (Player/Puzzle 2.0) gets QQ's 5 & 6 towards his MACH 2 and finishes his NW1!



March updates: 

Quench (Hops/Spryte) gets her BN title in Obedience and PCD, with High In Trials! Punch (Hops/Spryte) earns his NW1 with NACSW with two Pronounced! searches and he earns his BN title as well. Cherry (Hops/Spryte) gets her 2nd Excellent STD Q and first Excellent JWW Q. Hitman (Ryder/Spryte) gets his AX title and second MXJ leg. Dream (Hops/Wish) gets QQ#9 towards her MACH! Sequel (HotShot/Wish) earns his NAJ and first Open JWW leg. Fable (Dare/Spryte) gets QQ#10 towards her MACH! HotShot (Sharpie/NV) gets his Master Standard Preferred, Master Jumpers Preferred title and QQ#5 towards his PACH.

Extra! (HotShot/Wish) makes her AKC Conformation debut at the Tarheel Cluster in Raleigh, NC and earns 3 back-to-back-to-back 5 point major wins to earn her AKC Championship!!!

Quench, Skrrt (HotShot/Story), Sequel and Essence get legs in their Open classes in AKC agility, Zing! (Player/Pixel) finishes his Open Standard title. Caliente (Ryder/Spryte) finishes her Open Jumpers title and gets her first Excellent STD Q. HotShot gets QQ#6! Glimmer (Dare/Spryte) gets her Excellent Standard title! Hitman and Dream get a few Master Q's. Player finishes his PACH at a few days after his 11th birthday. How lucky am I that we got to run together for an entire decade? Happy retirement, Mr. Perfect! 

Atari (Ryder/Spryte), Glamour (Player/Puzzle), and Dream get Q's for Worlds at a Skyhoundz Classic and DDAT in Savannah, GA! Maverick (Player/Puzzle) gets QQ's towards his MACH2.


February updates: 

Crush (Player/Puzzle 1.0) gets his ADCH in USDAA agility! Hush (Player/Remedy) gets his Excellent Jumpers title in AKC agility. Zing! (Player/Pixel) finishes his Open Jumpers title! Valor (Hops/Wish) gets a major win and points towards his AKC Grand Championship, littermate Envy gets another point towards her AKC CH. 

Dream (Hops/Wish) gets QQ #8 towards her MACH and gets her MXB title! Tonic (Hops/Spryte) gets his Novice JWW and STD titles. Caliente (Ryder/Spryte) finishes her Open Standard title and gets her 2nd Open JWW leg. Zing! (Player/Pixel) gets his first Open Standard Q.  Skate (Player/Remedy) participated in her second UFLI Flyball tournament and got her Top Flight I and Top flight II titles. 

Congrats to the following teams for qualifying for the 2023 Rally National Championship!!!: Punch (Hops/Spryte), Sequel (HotShot/Wish), Ember (Player/Lyric), Glimmer(Dare/Spryte) and Pixel (Dare/Spryte)!

Skkrt (Hotshot/Story) gets his Rally Advanced title. Essence (Hops/Spryte) gets her Open Barn Hunt title and Novice FAST title. 

Sequel (HotShot/Wish) passed his annual SAR certification for scent specific area search with NOCSAR. HotShot (Sharpie/NV) became a nationally certified SAR K9 in scent specific area search with NOCSAR! 

January updates:

Cupcake (Hops/Spryte) goes 7/8 at an AKC Scentwork trial with placements, earning her SEN title and her first legs in Advanced. She is also OFA Excellent! Dream (Hops/Wish) gets her first Q's and legs in Novice Interior/Extenior with placements and she is OFA Good! ! Fresh (Player/Siri) also gets his first legs with placements in his Novice classes. Echo (Tex/Remedy) earns his SIN title! Tonic (Hops/Spryte) is OFA Excellent! 

Punch (Hops/Spryte) passes Anise to complete his ORT! Dream gets QQ#6, Hitman (Ryder/Spryte) gets 2/3 legs for his AX and AXJ! Cupcake gets MX leg #6. Zing! (Player/Pixel) goes 4/5 at his agility debut, earning his NAJ! Hush (Player/Remedy) gets his Novice FAST title and gets his 2nd Excellent JWW leg!

Sequel (Hotshot/Wish) finishes his CDX and gets his first QQQ towards his RACH! Quench (Hops/Spryte) gets her first two legs towards her BN and finishes her RI! Cupcake (Hops/Spryte) wins Spot Landing and earns a Q for Skyhoundz Worlds followed by completing her ORT in a clean sweep in FL. Caliente (Ryder/Spryte) earns a Q for Skyhoundz Worlds in Bullseye! Maverick (Player/Puzzle) gets his MACH! Skate (Player/Remedy) earned her first UFLI Flyball title, Top Flight. HotShot (Sharpie/NV) gets QQQ's towarsd his RACH, earning a High Combined and a High Triple!

Cherry! (Hops/Spryte) finishes her Open Jumpers title! Quench (Hops/Spryte) and Caliente (Ryder/Spryte) get their first legs in Open. Hitman (Ryder/Spryte) gets his Excellent JWW title! Skrrt (HotShot/Story) gets his Novice Standard title! HotShot (Sharpie/NV) earns QQ's towards his PACH. Player, just entered one day, gets QQ#19 towards his PACH. Zing! (Player/Pixel) goes 4/4, earning his first two Open JWW Q's and his Nov Standard title.




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