2020: News and Brags!

**we keep this section as up-to-date as possible so those not in our private FB (family-only) group can continue to follow our dogs and their adventures. **



October updates: Siryn (Player/Jenga!) recently made her Barn Hunt debut and in 2 weekends already jumped straight into Masters with multiple placements and 6 High In Trials! The Force (Siri/Hooty) earned his Air Retrieve Junior title and his Dock Master Excellent title while Dream (Hops/Wish) earns her Senior AR title. Zenith (Dare/Spryte) earned her RA title and her first RE leg with scores of 99 and 98 in Advanced and 100 in Excellent! She also earned 2 first places and 1 second place! Wish gets two Select wins and a Best of Opposite/OHBOB win for more points/major towards her Bronze CH. Shine (Dare/Spryte) wins a BOS, SB, and a BOB win towards her Bronze GCH! Player, Shout! (Player/Siri), Hush (Player/Rem), River (Player/Lyric), Glimmer (Dare/Spryte) and Stella all get more legs towards their next titles in NADD. Fresh (Player/Siri), Siryn (Player/Jenga!), London (Player/Myth), Frenzy (Player/Puzzle 2.0) and Miss Kitty (Player/Jenga!) all earn legs in AKC/USDAA agility with several placements.

Ditto (Player/Siri) earns her Agility Championship NATCH in NADAC agility! 

Fancy (Player/Puzzle 1.0) earns her second Agility Championship MACH in AKC agility! Fancy is also OFA Excellent, Elbows/Shoulders Normal!


September updates: Stryker (Player/Siri) earns his Dock Elite title with a new personal best of 26'6"! Maverick (Player/Puzzle 2.0) finished his PD USDAA title and his P1 Snooker title.  He also earned another P3 standard leg, P3 jumpers leg and a P2 Snooker leg. Torque (Player/Myth) got his dock Elite title with a new PB of 25'9" and 17' in AR. Bounce (Vanquish [Player/Siri] /Hops) got her DS with a PB of 16'6". She also passed her therapy dog test. Brother Victory earned his DS title with a personal best of 19'9 and sister Tipsy got her DS with an 18'6", and other siblings Style and Page ended the season with new personal bests/titles of 17'11 for Style and 23'3 for Page!

London (Player/Myth) and Kitty (Player/Jenga!) get their Dock Dog Worlds invites in Big Air and Speed Retrieve! London also makes his USDAA agility debut with many Q's and placements! Shazam (Player/Jenga!) gets a new Personal Best in AR with a 21' grab! Trinket (Puzzle/Player 2.0) earned her Level 2 Rally title through WCRL (USDAA) with an Award of Excellence. Cali (Ryder [Player/Jenga!]/Spryte) makes her UpDog debut and gets 5th in T&G and earns her first points/cleared quads in the other games! The Force (Hooty/Siri) won Frizgility and is now qualified in Greedy, Time Warp, and Spaced Out for UPDIF 2021. Littermates Fresh and Raven and half sister Siryn (Player/Jenga!) had lovely runs at a local AKC trial, earning legs in their classes.  Raven also earned 1st place TNF Triple Crown in her division, 1st place in UpDog Toss and Fetch and 3rd place in Spaced out, Greedy and 4WayPlay! 

Fable (Spryte/Dare) got a new personal best of 14’ 6” in NADD and finished her DJ title! Sister Glimmer (Spryte/Dare) had a great weekend at the Atlanta Kennel Club's scent trial. She received a title in Advance Container, Novice interior & Exterior, and has 2 legs in Novice Buried! Full sister Pixel showed in the bred-by class in TN and got her third MAJOR WIN and now just needs 2 single points to finish her Championship. Pixel also finished her BCAT, Rally Intermediate title, and all of her AKC Scentwork titles with two High In Trials! 

Ditto (Player/Siri) earned last weekend her NADAC Outstanding Elite Regular title, Outstanding Elite Weavers title, Outstanding Elite Tunnelers title and Six Platinum Speed Star Qs (meaning the run was in the top 5% of runs in terms of having the fastest time in the nation). She's just a few Q's away from finishing her first Championship! Sega (Player/Lyric 2.0) got his Novice Trick Dog title at 13 weeks old. Trinket (Puzzle/Player 2.0) earned her Rally Intermediate title with scores of 97, 99, and 100. Full sibling Fancy got QQ's # 16-18 at an AKC trial towards MACh2 while younger full sibling Frenzy earns legs in her classes! 

August updates: Wish earns her Rally Novice (RN)! New training update videos for Dream (Hops/Wish), Envy (Hops/Wish), Breeze (Reef/Spryte), Atari (Ryder/Spryte) and Hattie (Player/Lyric) on their pages. Triton (Reef/Spryte) earns his Dock Senior title and earns a new personal best of 23'3". He also earned his DMA title and earned an invite to NADD Regionals. Atari (Ryder/Spryte) earns her Dock Senior title at 7 months of age with an 18' jump! Brother Hitman earns his Dock Senior title too with a 17'11" jump! River (Player/Lyric) earns her Dock Senior Advanced title and an invite to Regionals. Tease earns her Dock Master Excellent II title and her invite to Regionals. Glimmer (Dare/Spryte) earns her Dock Junior Advanced and also earns an invite to Regionals. Raven (Player/Siri) earns her USDAA Advanced Agility title. Bliss (Player/Jenga!) earns her AAD and AD in USDAA agility. Leia (Hooty/Siri) earns her MAD with USDAA as does Bliss (Player/Jenga!).

HotShot (Sharpie/NV) is OFA Good and Story is also OFA Good! Both have Normal Shoulders/Elbows, too. 

July updates: At our first Skyhoundz event since COVID-19, Player earns an invite to Worlds in Sport (D/A) and wins Spot Landing. He also finishes his DSA title in dock diving. Creature (Player/Myth) earns an invite in Open (D/A + Freestyle). Shout! (Player/Siri) wins Pairs D/A, Siri earns an invite in Microdog, Revolution (Player/Lyric) gets 3rd place in Bullseye her first time playing at an event, and Glimmer (Spryte/Dare) gets 3rd place in Time Trial! Trinket (Player/Puzzle 2.0) earns her second and third  Rally Novice leg with a 99 and 100, finishing her RN! In agility, Creature earns her last two legs needed for her AKC Novice Jumpers title. Hush (Player/Remedy) earns his Air Retrieve Junior title and his Dock Junior Advanced! Atari (Ryder[Player/Jenga!]/Sprite) earns her first legs in NADD Dock Diving at just 6 months old and earns her first PB of 18'! Littermate Hitman gets a PB of 16'! Dream (Hops/Wish) finishes her Dock Master title and sister Envy finishes her Dock Junior. Torque (Player/Myth) earns more elite legs and gets a new PB of 25'!

Story finishes her AKC Conformation Championship (CH)! Shine (Spryte/Dare) finishes her Grand Championship (GCH) and comes back OFA Excellent Hips/Normal Shoulders & Elbows!!!!  Valor (Hops/Wish) gets his first 3 point major towards his CH. Pixel (Spryte/Dare) and I get Reserve to the Major both Thursday and Friday and takes Winners Bitch Saturday for her first 3 point major win towards her CH and again Sunday for her second major win!

June updates: Player wins AR at a NADD Qualifier in Alabama, earning his invite to compete in that division at the Nationals. Hush (Player/Rem), Hot (Sharpie/NV[Player/Puzzle]), Shout! (Player/Siri), and Tease earn legs towards their next title/keeping previous year invites. T&F League week 1, Glamour (Player/Puzzle) put up a round of 25 points with HotShot ranking #15 in the Nation! Pixel (Dare/Spryte) earns her Rally Novice title and her DDS title! River (Player/Lyric) earned her Dock Senior Title with a PB of 19'6". Torque (Player/Myth) got a new PB in dock diving - 23'6". Dream (Hops/Wish) earned a new PB of 21'9"! Shazam (Player/Jenga!) qualifies for NADD Championships in both AR and Distance by earning his Excellent titles.

Mid June, sisters Envy and Dream from Hops/Wish win in their division at another NADD Qualifier and earn invites to Nationals. HotShot (Sharpie/NV[Player/Puzzle]) wins AR and earns his invite. Fable (Spryte/Dare) earned her UKI BID (Beginner International) and SSB (Beginner Speedstakes) titles. Trinket (Player/Puzzle 1.0) earns her first leg towards her Rally Novice title! Breeze (Spryte/Reef) earns several placements at her first UPDOG competition with competitive scores! Ditto (Player/Siri) earns some Q's towards her NATCH in NADAC. Triton (Spryte/Reef) earns his Dock Master title! Shine (Spryte/Dare) earns her Dock Senior Excellent title and her invite to Nationals! Fresh (Player/Siri) has been doing the USDAA /UKI 'at home' agility and earned his UKI Novice Speedstakes title and USDAA Advanced Jumpers, Standard, and Gamblers titles.

**At the end of June, we sadly lost our Remedy suddenly to Thymoma, a rare form of cancer that only affects 1% of dogs and cats. We tried to treat it aggressively in order to save her, but unfortunately she was not able to make it through the surgery. Taken way too soon a few weeks shy of her 10th birthday, this loss has hit us hard. 


May updates: Shout! (Player/Siri) OFA Hips Good! Triton (Spryte/Reef) earns his first legs in NADD dock diving and setting his first personal best of 22'3"! Revolution (Player/Lyric) earns her Dock Junior title! HotShot (Sharpie/NV [Player/Puzzle]) gets a new PB of 19'11! River makes her NADD debut and earns legs in both Junior and Senior! Dream (Hops/Wish) makes her debut with all high senior jumps, earning her Dock Senior title. Brother Valor earns his dock Novice title. Shout!, Shine (Dare/Spryte), Glimmer (Dare/Spryte), Spryte, Player, Tease, Stella, The Force (Hooty/Siri) and Hush (Player/Rem) all earn legs towards their Advanced/Excellent titles, with Spryte earning her Dock Senior Advanced title and invite to the National Championships! Force sets a new PB of 23'2 in distance and 15' in AR, earning his AR title! Raven and Fresh (Player/Siri) earn their Advanced Jumper title through USDAA. Fable (Dare/Spryte) worked towards her UKI beginners titles. Pixel (Dare/Spryte) earned both her TKA and TKP trick titles as well as 5 legs towards her Dock Senior Excellent title in NADD.

April updates: Cue COVID-19 ........ LOL. There are video/picture updates on several litter pages and individual pages with more to be added soon in April/May as we play 'catch up'.... in non performance news, Creature (Player/Myth) is OFA Excellent with Normal Elbows/Shoulders! 

March updates: Player wins Time Trial with a 16s run while Remedy wins Spot Landing at a Skyhoundz DDAT, qualifying them both for Worlds in October. Bliss (Player/Jenga!) earns two Utility B legs towards her UDX! River (Player/Lyric) becomes a new UKC Champion and an International Champion at an IABCA show! Dream (Hops/Wish) wins a Reserve Best In Show (puppy) one day and a Best In Show (puppy) the second day at an IABCA show, also earning her International, National, and Junior Championship.  Trinket (Puzzle/Player 2.0) gets a Q in Excellent Standard and T2B in AKC agility, littermate Maverick finishes his Open Standard title and older full brother Crush wins his first Super Q in USDAA and won Jumpers. Shine (Dare/Spryte) earns her Open Jumpers and Open Standard titles while littermate Fable finishes her Open FAST title and wins Premier Standard! Shazam (Player/Jenga!) gets his Excellent Jumpers and Standard title and earns his first MACh points.  Tess (Tex/Remedy) earns 2 more QQ's towards her MACh!

**Congrats to the following pups who qualified for UpDiff 2020: Shout!, RavenDitto & Stryker (Player/Siri) .... Echo (Tex/Remedy) .... Hush (Player/Remedy) ..... The Force (Hooty/Siri) ..... Kitty (Player/Jenga!).... London & Creature (Player/Myth).... Glamour (Player/Puzzle) ...... 

**Congrats to the following pups who all got Trick Dog titles this month through AKC: Hitman & Atari (Ryder/Spryte) ..... Dream, Envy & Valor (Hops/Wish) ..... Stryker (Player/Siri) ...... 


February updates: Miss Kitty (Player/Jenga!) is OFA Excellent! and wins at a DockDogs Qualifier in her Divisions. Ditto (Player/Siri) earned all of her qualifications for NADAC Championships. Raven (Player/Siri) finishes her Excellent Standard title in AKC agility and her Master Gamblers title in USDAA.  Fresh (Player/Siri) gets some Master Jumpers Q's with some nice placements in AKC agility, followed by Q's in Advanced classes and a Steeplechase win in USDAA. Shazam (Player/Jenga!) wins Excellent Jumpers, closing in on his AXJ. London (Player/Myth) has some awesome runs at his UKI agility debut, laying down some fast times and impressive runs and then earns invites in dock diving at a DockDogs event. Glamour (Player/Puzzle) wins at a Skyhoundz Classic in Microdog Open while Siri wins Microdog Sport, both dogs earning Q's for the Skyhoundz World Finals. Leia (Hooty/Siri) is the # 1 Masters dog in the k9 Toss n Fetch League for week 1! Fancy (Player/Puzzle) went to Westminster to play agility and had some awesome runs together. 

Revolution (Player/Lyric)  earns her Rally Novice (RN) title! HotShot (Sharpie/NV [Player/Puzzle]) earns his Rally Intermediate title, winning his class in all of his runs with perfect 100's to qualify him for Rally Nationals! Triton (Reef/Spryte) earns his Disc Dog Bronze title in UpDog! At barely 6 months old, Valor (Hops/Wish) gets his Rally Novice title and sister Envy earns her first legs in Novice Barn Hunt! Shine (Dare/Spryte) earns her Rally Excellent title. Skate (Player/Remedy) gets her MBDCH- Multibreed Dog Champion Title in Flyball. Maverick (Player/Puzzle 2.0) finished his AKC OAJ and earned two Open Standard legs. In USDAA he finished his SPJ and SPS titles. Tess (Tex/Remedy) gets her third QQ towards her MACH in AKC agility. Creature (Player/Myth) gets her first Q in AKC Jumpers! Savvy (Player/Siri) has some lovely runs at a UKI show. 


January updates: Shuffle (Hops/Jenga!) makes her Rally debut and goes 2/2 towards her RN! Crush (Player/Puzzle) earns a DAM Team Q and Grand Prix Bye in USDAA agility and his OAJ in AKC agility.  Fresh (Player/Siri) earns his BCAT and first legs in Excellent Standard in AKC agility. Shazam (Player/Jenga!) wins a few Master/Excellent classes with one run at 7.6 YPS! Fable (Spryte/Dare) earned her NF title, an open FAST Q, and 3 T2B Qs! Skate (Player/Remedy) earns her ONYX 2000 points in Flyball!

In disc, Shout! (Player/Siri) wins Freestyle at a Skyhoundz Classic Qualifier and Creature (Player/Myth) places second in Distance/Accuracy, both of them securing Qualifiers for the 2020 Skyhoundz World Finals to be held in October. London (Player/Myth) comes back OFA Excellent and also gets more points in fly ball, running consistent 3.8-3.9 all weekend! He then qualifies for the Skyhoundz Classic in D/A! Shine (Spryte/Dare) gets another major win towards her GCH along with her BCAT, and Valor (Hops/Wish) gets a Herding Puppy Group 2 Placement and his CGCA. Dream (Hops/Wish) gets a nice Herding Puppy Group 4 followed by a Herding Group 1 win! Both pups showed phenomenally for being just 5 months old, as did littermate Envy for her first time in the puppy ring. 

Bliss (Player/Jenga!) gets her Scent Work Excellent overall title, SWE. Ditto (Player/Siri) earned her NADAC elite versatility title. The Force (Hooty/Siri) earns his Novice titles in NADAC Weaves, Regular, and Gamblers. Maverick (Player/Puzzle) finished his NF and earned an Open JWW Q! Zenith (Dare/Spryte) got her first Rally Advanced leg with a score of 98 and first place!

2019: News and Brags!


December updates: Maverick (Player/Puzzle 2.0) finished his SCA (AKC advanced scent work container). He also earned an advanced interior Q and a Nov exterior Q, both with placements! Ditto (Player/Siri) earns 1,000 Lifetime points in NADAC. Ryder (Player/Jenga!) is OFA Good, Shoulders/Elbows Normal. Pixel (Sprite/Dare) is OFA Excellent, Shoulders/Elbows Normal! 

Revolution (Player/Lyric) goes 2/2 in her Rally debut and earns two legs with placements towards her RN title. Echo (Tex/Remedy) goes 3/3 and earns his RN! Shine (Sprite/Dare) earns her RA (Rally Advanced) title!  Dream (Hops/Wish) earns her AKC CGC and TKI titles at 4 months old! Raven (Player/Siri) earns her Disc Dog Bronze title and more Grand Prix Q's in USDAA. 

At the NADD National Championship in Orlando, littermates Shout! and Vanquish (Player/Siri) place second and third in Open Senior out of 200+ competitors in that Division, with Shine (Sprite/Dare) placing 8th!! Stella places 2nd in Veteran Senior and Raz (our awesome pommie) wins his second National Championship in Lap Novice. Shazam (Player/Jenga!) placed 11th in the Elite Division, and The Force (Hooty/Siri), Player, and Tease placing in the top half of the competitive Senior and Master Divisions. 

November updates: Hush (Player/Remedy) earns his Novice titles in Scentwork Containers and Scentwork Interior. HotShot (Sharpie/NV [Player/Puzzle]) gets his first leg in Novice Containers and gets a Q! Pixel (Spryte/Dare) passes her Birch TOT. Maverick (Player/Puzzle) earns legs in Novice Exterior and Advanced Containers. River (Player/Lyric) finishes her Rally Novice title and gets three BOB wins and a Group 4 placement at her first UKC show. Sisters Envy and Dream (Wish/Hops) earn their Trick Dog Novice title at 11 weeks old. Vanquish (Player/Siri) gets two qualifying FCAT scores of 27.2mph, and sister Savvy has an awesome time at the UKI US Open, earning a spot to run in the Speedstakes Finals! Fun brother Shout! (Player/Siri) wins Spot Landing and earns a Q to the 2020 Skyhoundz World Finals in disc, while Creature (Player/Myth) wins Bullseye. Remedy wins Time Trial and earns a Q to the World Finals to be held next October. 

In USDAA agility, Crush (Player/Puzzle) earns his MAD, Fresh (Player/Siri) earns his AD, Zenith (Spryte/Dare) gets Q's in her Novice classes as does sister Pixel, and Raven (Player/Siri) wins Grand Prix, earning a Bye to the Finals at the Regionals in June 2020. In AKC agility, Shazam (Player/Jenga!) earns his Excellent FAST title, Crush (Player/Puzzle) earns his Excellent FAST and Open Jumpers title. Pixel (Spryte/Dare) earns her Novice FAST and Novice Standard title. Maverick (Player/Puzzle) earns his Novice Standard and Novice Jumpers titles!! Valor (Wish/Hops) earns his CGC and TKN at 14 weeks old! Shine (Spryte/Dare) wins Select bitch for points towards her GCH over Thanksgiving weekend, with a nice Owner-Handler Group 2 placement to wrap the weekend up. 


October updates: HotShot (Sharpie/NV [Player/Puzzle]) earns his Dock Senior title at his first NADD event. Auntie Vanquish (Player/Siri) gets get Dock Senior Advanced title and qualifies for the NADD Championship. Half brother The Force (Hooty/Siri) wins at a NADD qualifier and gets an invite to the NADD Championship in Senior Distance and AR.

Fable (Spryte/Dare) gets her Open Standard title in AKC agility and her first Excellent Jumpers leg. Fancy and Frenzy (Player/Puzzle) earn some Q's in AKC agility, and brother Crush wins a Steeplechase up north. Other brother, Maverick, makes his debut in AKC and USDAA agility and earns Q's/placements in the novice level.  Ditto (Player/Siri) earns a 3rd place podium spot after placing in all 6 rounds and NADAC National Championships! Miss Kitty (Player/Jenga) came in 3rd place at the SRS Crown Championships in Natchez MS and London (Player /Myth) is the third place Regional Toss n Fetch Champion!!! Raven (Player/Siri) earns her Open JWW title. Pixel (Spryte/Dare) makes her agility debut and gets legs towards her Novice Standard and FAST title. Sister Zenith earns her first leg in FAST. 

Shine (Spryte/Dare) gets two major wins towards her Grand Championship in conformation in Atlanta, while sister Pixel up in TN gets a nice BOB bring and points towards her Championship, and an Owner-Handler Group 3!!!!!, as well as her first AKC agility legs in Standard and FAST! River (Player/Lyric) gets her first leg in Rally Novice with a 96/1st place and another leg the second day! She also earned her CGC.  Triton (Spryte/Reef) gets 3rd place at his first UpDog Challenge in 4WP!!!!! Fresh (Player/Siri) gets his first MACh points and legs towards his MJX.


September updates: Torque (Player/Myth) earns his Dock Senior and Dock Master titles in NADD with a new personal best of 23'3". Trinket (Player/Puzzle) gets her Open Standard title in AKC Agility. Moxie (Player/Lyric) gets her Intermediate Trick Dog title. Shine (Dare/Spryte) gets her Dock Senior Advanced title, earning her invite to the 2019 NADD Championship, and her Novice Jumpers title in AKC Agility. Pixel (Dare/Spryte) finished out the month with some nice UpDog results -- she earned both her silver and gold UPs in Frizgility, and her bronze UPs in Four Way Play and Throw N Go. She’s qualified for UpDif in four games! The Force (Hooty/Siri) gets lots of Q's and blue ribbons at his NADAC debut.

Ditto (Player/Siri) earns her Open Versatility award in NADAC. Fix (Tex/Remedy) takes 1st place in Frizgility and Spaced out and 2nd place in Throw N Go at an UpDog event!At the 2019 Skyhoundz World Championship, Hush (Player/Remedy) places 17th in Bullseye, 11th in Pairs, and 18th in Spot Landing! Shout! (Player/Siri) places 12th in Bullseye, 6th in Freestyle, and 7th in Spot Landing (tied with Siri and Remedy). Glamour wins a 2nd place in Spot Landing, a 3rd in Bullseye, and WINS another WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in Open (Freestyle + D/A)!!! The Force (Hooty/Siri), Limit, and Siri all take 2nd place in their divisions for XTreme Distance. We can't wait until next year!!!! 

August updates: Siri qualifies in the Skyhoundz DDAT in Pairs D/A and Microdog Spot Landing! Shout! (Player/Siri) qualifies in the Skyhoundz Classic in Distance/Accuracy.  Glimmer (Spryte/Dare) gets her Dock Junior Advanced title in NADD and qualifies for the 2019 NADD National Championship! She also earns a new personal best of 17'1"! Moxie (Player/Lyric) gets her CGC and Novice Trick Dog title. Player earns his Dock Master Advanced title while Stella and Shout! (Player/Siri) earn their Dock Senior Advanced and in turn securing their invite to the NADD Championship in December. Hush (Player/Remedy) earns his Air Retrieve Senior title. Zenith (Spryte/Dare) finishes her Dock Senior title with an impressive 18'3" jump! Bliss (Player/Jenga!) gets two legs in her AKC Utility (Obedience) debut and finishes her UD the following weekend. Maverick (Player/Puzzle 2.0) gets more Scent Work titles and placements while older sister Fancy gets more QQ's towards MACh 2. Brother Crush gets his AX and goes on to win Master Standard the next day. Pixel (Spryte/Dare) at her first conformation show gets points towards her Championship! Shine (Spryte/Dare) gets a new personal best in dock diving with a 21'9"! Shazam (Player/Jenga!) wins at a NADD Qualifier for National Championships in Master AR and Elite Distance. Leia (Hooty/Siri) wins steeplechase for her 2nd qualifying score won Grand Prix -- she gets to play in all 3 tournaments at USDAA Nationals in TN this October.  Raven (Player/Siri) earns her Advanced Gamblers title in USDAA. 

July updates: At the 4th of July Skyhoundz Classic/DDAT, Player wins D/A earning a spot to worlds! Creature (Player/Myth) comes in 2nd in Freestyle and TimeTrial. Hush (Player/Remedy) wins Spot Landing and earns a Q spot to Words! Tess (Tex/Remedy) earns another Double Q towards her MACh in AKC agility! Pixel (Spryte/Dare) earns her Dock Senior Advanced title, securing her spot in the 2019 NADD National Championship. Shine (Spryte/Dare) earns her Novice Standard title in AKC agility. Torque (Player /Myth) got his CZ8B in barn hunt and is now a registered therapy dog!!! Fable (Spryte/Dare) gets her Open Jumpers title and more Q's in Open Standard! Trinket (Puzzle/Player 2.0) got her Novice FAST title and two legs toward her Open Standard title in AKC and her Starters Jumpers title in USDAA. Maverick (Player/Puzzle 2.0) went to his first AKC Scentwork trials and earned 2 legs in Nov interior and 2 legs in Nov containers!! Shuffle (Jenga!/Hops) gets her Trick Dog Novice title!

May 18-June 30, 2019 updates: Shuffle (Hops/Jenga!) gets her CGC! Ditto (Player/Siri) qualifies for NADAC Champs, wins her division at the regional, and won a Bye to Finals!!! Littermate Savvy earns her USDAA Starters Jumpers and Gamblers title and Advanced Trick Dog. Other sister Raven earns her Novice Jumpers and Open Fast in AKC as well as her Advanced Gamblers in USDAA. Fable (Spryte/Dare) makes her agility debut in NADAC and AKC, getting lots of Q's and earning her Novice Jumpers and Novice Standard in AKC as well as her Dock Novice title with NADD. Leia (Hooty/Siri) earned a Masters Jumpers Leg (2nd) and a Masters Snooker leg (3rd) in USDAA. Trinket (Player/Puzzle) gets her AKC Novice Agility title and two legs toward her Novice FAST title. In USDAA, she earns her Advanced Gamblers title and two legs toward her Starters Relay title.

Zenith (Spryte/Dare) makes her dock diving debut and gets 3 senior legs with a personal best of 15'2 (from half dock!). Echo (Tex/Remedy) gets his Dock Senior title and also gets a new personal best of 17'! Stryker (Player/Siri) gets a new personal best of 24', earning his first Elite leg. The Force (Hooty/Siri) gets personal best after personal best, getting his Dock Master title. Pixel (Spryte/Dare) earns more legs towards her Advanced title with a new personal best of 18'5", her Trick Dog Intermediate title, and some points towards her BCAT. Torque (Player/Myth) gets his Open Barn Hunt title. Glimmer (Spryte/Dare) gets her Advanced Rally title. 

Wish gets Reserve Best In Show at an IABCA show, while River (Player/Lyric) earns International/National/Honors Puppy Championship title. Sister Revolution earns her Canine Good Citizen.... these girlies are just 16 weeks old!

April 19 - May 12, 2019 updates: New AKC Champion Shine (Spryte/Dare) and an Owner/Handler Group 2 placeme!!! Shine also earns her Novice FAST title in AKC agility. Littermate Zenith gets her first Q in Novice Standard! Remedy and Shout! (Player/Siri) earn qualifying spots to the 2019 Skyhoundz DDAT World Finals.

Ditto (Player/Siri) earned her NADAC novice versatility, which is her title in all eight novice courses! Dyna (Hap/Siri) earns her ADCH in USDAA. Frenzy (Player/Puzzle) earns her NAJ in AKC agility. Littermate Trinket makes her AKC debut and gets Q's in her novice classes. Leia (Hooty/Siri) gets her Advanced Agility Dog (AAD) in USDAA agility and her first Master Snooker Q.

Stryker (Player/Siri) gets a new personal best in NADD dock diving with 22.6"! Full sister Raven gets her NAJ and OF agility titles. Siryn (Player/Jenga!) gets her Dock Master title and her MXJ in agility.  Glimmer (Spryte/Dare) goes to her first AKC Scentwork competition and gets first places while earning her Novice Container title!! Tess (Tex/Remedy) gets her first Premier Standard Q.

April 10-14, 2019: At the big AKC Perry cluster, Tess (Remedy/Tex) and Siryn (Player/Jenga!) get more Q's in Master Standard/Jumpers. Siryn also gets a new personal best in NADD Dock Diving with a 22'10" jump! Shine (Spryte/Dare) gets a 4 point major and a 3-point major, leaving her with just 1 points left to finish her AKC Championship (CH). She also gets a new personal best in Dock Diving with a 19'7". Player gets another QQ towards MACh 2. In NC, Bliss (Player/Jenga!) gets her Advanced Buried Title and Overall Advanced title in AKC Scentwork. 

March 28-31, 2019: Entered just one day on Friday, Wish goes Best of Breed against some lovely competition for a 5 point major towards her Bronze GCH. Shine (Spryte/Dare) earns more points towards her CH and gets some legs towards her FCAT title, as well as going Owner-Handler Group 2 on Saturday (new picture on her page). Hush (Player/Remedy) earns his BCAT with consistent 26.6 mph runs (new pics on his page). In agility, Zenith (Spryte/Dare) earns her first Q's in her AKC Novice classes! Fresh (Player/Siri) is OFA Hips Good with Normal Shoulders/Elbows!! Shazam (Player/Jenga!) gets several Q's in USDAA agility, including winning Steeplechase and Grand Prix 22". He now has Regional Byes!!

Early March 2019 updates: Wish tries UKC conformation for the first time and is awarded four Best Of Breeds, a group 2, and two group 4's! She is now 3/4 of the way to her UKC Championship. The following weekend she gets a Best of Breed and Group 2 at an IABCA show.  Shine (Spryte/Dare) earns her International and National Championship title with IABCA. Bliss (Player/Jenga!) gets High In Trial at her Advanced Nosework trial, going 4/4! Half sibling, Sky (Player/Remedy) is now an NACSW Elite with first place finishes!! London (Player/Myth) makes his flyball debut and runs a super competitive time of 3.8 and earned his FDCh. Skate (Player/Remedy) has a “perfect start” and gets more points towards her ONYX!! Fix (Tex/Remedy) wins Novice Freestyle and qualifies for the 2019 Skyhoundz World Finals in Time Trial!!

In AKC agility, Fancy (Player/Puzzle) gets some Q's in Master as does Player. Fresh (Player/Siri) earns his Excellent Jumpers (AXJ) title and sister Raven earns her Novice Standard (NA) title. Shazam (Player/Jenga!) gets his Open Jumpers (NAJ) title and an Excellent Standard Q. Shine (Spryte/Dare) makes her debut in Novice FAST and gets a Q/1st place! Echo (Tex/Remedy) has his first trial back in over a year and gets a Q in Open Jumpers! 

In disc, Creature (Player/Myth) wins Freestyle at a Skyhoundz DDAT! Shout! (Player/Siri) wins Bullseye, and Siri takes home some Q spots in Microdog!

February 23-24, 2019: Raven (Player/Siri) earns her Advanced tile in USDAA agility. Player earns an Elite Chances Q his first time placing NADAC agility, and Shout! (Player/Siri) and Glamour (Player/Puzzle) earn a Tunneler's Q. Shine (Spryte/Dare) goes Reserve Best In Show at a ICE conformation show! 

February 15-17, 2019: Hush (Player/Remedy) earns his Rally Intermediate title with perfect scores and 1st places. Hotshot (NV/Sharpie), Player's grandson, makes his debut and has a clean sweep in Novice with perfect 100 scores and 1st places for his Rally Novice title. Glimmer (Spryte/Dare) makes her Novice A Rally debut and earns her title!!! In Skyhoundz frisbee, Glamour (Player/Puzzle) wins Spot Landing and earns an invite to Worlds!

End of Jan/early Feb updates: Shout! wins Freestyle at his debut, earning a spot to the 2019 Skyhoundz World Finals. Littermate Fresh snags a competitive 3rd place win in Bullseye out of 60+ teams. In AKC agility, Player earns QQ # 32 and #33 towards MACh 2! Fresh (Player/Siri) and Hush (Player/Remedy) earn their Open Standard titles, and Fresh earns his first leg in Excellent Jumpers! Shazam (Player/Jenga!) and Siryn (Player/Jenga!) laid down some smoking runs, with Siryn winning Master Jumpers on Saturday. Video to be posted in the next few days to their pages.....

December 31, 2018 -January 13, 2019: Life has been crazy with the Holidays and our business, so most of the updates will be lumped here until I get caught up. At a Skyhoundz Discdogathon, Siri and Jenga! take some qualifying spots for the 2019 Skyhoundz World Finals. In Updog, Echo (Tex/Remedy) finished some Q's for UPDIFF Finals to be held in April 2019..... a few other family members like Ditto/Savvy (Player/Siri), Kitty (Player/Jenga!) and London (Player/Myth) will be there too. In NACSW nose work, Fable (Dare/Spryte) passes her birch ORT!!! Sister Shine finishes her Beginner Novice title in AKC Obedience. In USDAA agility, Leia (Hooty/Siri) gets a bunch of legs and first places in Masters and Advanced as well as a DAM team Q (and 3rd 20" overall). Raven (Player/Siri) has 9/11 clean runs in her Starters classes and earns her Gamblers title. Fresh (Player/Siri) earns his Open Jumpers title in AKC agility and got a few legs in FCAT (lure) with new personal bests in the 28mph range! Maverick (Player/Puzzle 2.0) debuted in CPE agility and had 4 clean runs with first places! New video updates on London (Player/Myth) on his page. 

Happy New Year! 

2018: News and Brags!

December 14-16, 2018: AKC Royal Canin/NADD National Championships recap: Friday in the breed ring, Wish made the cut along some of the best dogs in the nation. Thank you Ms. Beverly Capstick for recognizing this girl. Saturday at the NADD National Championships, Shazam (Player/Jenga!) earns 9th place amongst 170+ in the Master Division. Littermate Bliss places 25th in Elite. Siryn (Player/Jenga!), Kitty (Player/Jenga!) Wish, Echo (Tex/Remedy), and Savvy (Player/Siri) had some competitive jump distances but not quite enough to place them in finals. The Force (Hooty/Siri) was seeded first going into the Senior Finals but proceeded to beat his personal best and jump himself into the Master Division where he still placed in the top 20! Elsewhere, Torque (Player/Myth) earns his trick Dog Performer title AND his CGCU. 

December 8-9, 2018: Crush (Player/Puzzle 1.0) earns his Excellent Fast title! Sky (Player/Remedy) earned his second NW3 with a pronounced and first place finish!!! He smoked it with a total time of 6:26 for all four elements! 

Updates for end of Nov/early Dec: It's been a busy few weeks with the business so here is a catch up of some news on the dogs.

 HotShot (NV/Sharpie) earns his CGC, TKN, and TKI titles at just 4 months old! He is SUCH a smart and fun puppy. Finn (Siri/Hap) passes his Herding Instinct test. Torque (Player/Myth) earns both his barn hunt titles at his first show! Crush (Player/Puzzle 1.0 ) gets his AAD in USDAA and has won a few Steeplechases'. Trinket (Player/Puzzle 2.0) gets her Starters Gamblers title!  Ditto (Player/Siri) completes her Novice NADAC titles in Jumpers, Regular, Hoopers, Tunnelers, and Barrelers!! She is also qualified for UpDiff in 4 different events. Zenith (Spryte/Dare) earns her first leg towards her Dock Junior title in NADD, and sister Glimmer earns her CGCA. Sister Shine finished her Rally Intermediate title, got her 1st leg towards her Beginner Novice title in Competition Obedience, finished her Barn Hunt instinct test and her lure coursing ability title. Leia (Hooty/Siri) finishes her first toss/fetch league in PA, where she consistently scored/placed in the top of her division over tough competition (hundreds of other competitors)! Can't wait to see what she accomplishes in disc next season!

November 23-25, 2018: Raven (Player/Siri) earns her Novice Fast title and Q's in her other novice classes! Fresh earns his Open Fast title! 

November 16-18, 2018: Story earns 2 more points towards her CH! Hush (Player/Remedy) wins Bullseye and D/A at a Skyhoundz Qualifier, earning him two invites to compete at the 2019 Skyhoundz World Finals! 

November 10-11, 2018: At the UKI US Open, both Siryn (Player/Jenga!) and Savvy (Player/Siri) had some awesome runs on some tough courses. Si placed 9th in Power & Speed!! At an UpDog Challenge, Fresh (Player/Siri) wins 7Up while littermate Ditto wins 4WayPlay and is now qualified in several different events for UpDIFF Nationals. Creature (Player/Myth) played in her first UpDog Challenge and won Spaced Out! Hush (Player/Remedy) won FunKey with a new personal best, and is also qualified in a few events for UpDIFF. Echo (Tex/Remed) placed in a few events with his owner. In flyball, Kitty (Player/Jenga!) and her team win first place in Division 3! 

November 3-4, 2018: Siryn (Player/Jenga!) earns her USDAA Agility Dog Championship (ADCH)!!!! At the BC Nationals, Shine (Spryte/Dare) earns her Herding Instinct Certificate (HIC), earns her second Intermediate Rally leg,  and wins second place in the 12-18 month class!!!! Skate (Player/Remedy) gets her FMCh title in Flyball (15,000 points)!! She also received two multi breed titles, MBD and MBDX!

October 26-28, 2018: Hush (Player/Remedy) earns another leg in Open Standard. Player earns QQ # 31, nine more to go until MACh 2 which will have to wait until the Spring. Wish earns her Open Standard title. Ditto, Raven, Fresh, and Shout! (all Player/Siri) all earn FAST Q's and legs in other classes. Tess (Tex/Remedy) earns her first QQ towards her MACh! Fancy (Player/Puzzle) earns her AKC Master Agility Championship (MACh)!!!

October 19-21, 2018: Siryn (Player/Jenga!) earns a QQ towards her MACh. Hush (Player/Remedy) earns a leg towards his Open Standard title, his first time in. Wish goes Best of Opposite and Owner Handler BOB for a 5 point major towards her GCH Bronze, and then gets a Q towards her Open Standard title.  Crush (Player/Puzzle) wins 22" Steeplechase! Shine (Dare/Spryte) gets her first leg in Intermediate Rally and a 2nd place with a score of 96! Bliss (Player/Jenga!) earns her Scentwork Novice (SWN) title, meaning she got three legs in buried, container, exterior and interior, all in just 3 trials, with no mistakes! On to advanced!

October 15, 2018: Shazam, Siryn, Bliss, and Kitty (all Player/Jenga!), Savvy and Shout (Player/Siri), Hush (Player/Remedy), Echo (Tex/Remedy), The Force (Hooty/Siri), Stella, and Wish all earn invites to compete at the 2018 NADD National Championships down in Orlando in December!!!!!!

October 13-14, 2018: Spryte earns legs towards her Senior Advanced title in dock diving and gets a new personal best of 19'3! In agility, Robin and Bliss (Player/Jenga!) earn a QQ towards their MACh. Half sister Savvy (Player/Siri) earns her Novice Jumpers title with an incredible 14.46 second run. Full sister Ditto earns her Novice Jumpers title in NADAC agility. 

October 6-7, 2018:  Shine (Spryte/Dare) makes her NADD debut and earns her Dock Senior title with a personal best of 19'6"! Tess (Tex/Remedy) earns her Dock Junior title! Shout! (Player/Siri) earns his Master Advanced title and a new personal best of 22'6"! Echo (Tex/Remedy) Hush (Player/Remedy), The Force (Hooty/Siri) and Stella finish the requirements to compete down in Orlando in December for the NADD Championships. Fancy (Player/Puzzle) earns double Q # 19 towards her MACh!!! 

September 29-30, 2018: Savvy (Player/Siri) makes her AKC agility debut and gets a Qs in Novice FAST and Jumpers with some impressive times! Fresh (Player/Siri) earns his Novice FAST (NF) title! Half sister Leia (Hooty/Siri) earns her Open Standard (OA) title with a smoking run up in PA. Shine (Spryte/Dare) earns her CGCA and TKP titles while sister Pixel earns more legs in NADD Dock Diving. 

September 22-23, 2018: Skyhoundz Classic World Finals: What an exciting but exhausting weekend at the 2018 Skyhoundz Classic World Finals -- two hot days competing against some of the best dog and handler teams in the sport. On Saturday, Siri tied for 1st place in the Microdog Sport Division and after the official tie breaker ended with a 2nd place win!!!! Glamour (Player/Puzzle) gave us her all despite being a little tired and finished with a competitive 8th place finish in Microdog Open Division and 7th place finish in Microdog Sport. And last but not least, Player put up some impressive scores in the Sport Division earning him a spot in the top 10 finals and ended up taking 6th place out of 100+ teams!! Congratulationsto all the winners and finalists and thank you to Skyhoundz for putting on another wonderful event. We hope to see everyone next year!!

September 19, 2018: Skyhoundz DDAT World Finals: Player wins a 4th place in Time Trial (with me)!!!! Just a few tenths of a second off the podium — Love my best boy ? He took 7th place with Dean in Time Trial and 10th in Spot Landing.  Remedy took second place in Spot Landing, one of her most fav games and at 8 years old is still such a speed demon. Love this girl to the moon and back! Hush (Player/Remedy) got 7th place in Bullseye with a new personal best of 53 points!!  Our heart gives us so much of his! He loves being fast like a ?.  Little bitty Siri brought her A-game out in sooo many events and become another World Champion in Microdog Xtreme Distance (Women) with her new friend Aura!! She took 3rd place in Microdog XD with Mark! She also took 4th place in Spot Landing and took 6th place in Time Trial! I am so proud of her for giving us her all every time she stepped to the line ?

September 14-16, 2018: Glamour (Player/Puzzle), Wish, Siri, and Limit have fun doing frisbee demos in Alabama. They LOVE crowds!!! Shout! (Player/Siri) earns his Novice Standard title (NA) in AKC. Crush (Player/Puzzle) earns his Starters Standard title in USDAA. Savvy (Player/Siri) gets first place in Frizgility at an UpDog Challenge in NC. Super exciting news in PA, Story goes Winners Bitch for her first 2 points towards her AKC Championship! In TN, Shine (Spryte/Dare) goes Reserve to the 5 point major!! 

September 7-9, 2018: Shout! (Player/Siri) earns his Novice Fast (NF) and Novice Jumpers(NAJ) title!!! Brother  Fresh earns his Novice JWW title and a Q in FAST at his AKC debut! Sister  Raven makes her AKC debut and earn Q's in Fast and Jumpers. Other sister Vanquish earns a Master leg at a NADD event with a new personal best of 20'2"!!! Cadence (Hooty/Siri) finished her Open title in Barn Hunt, and sister Leia had some amazing runs in USDAA and got an Advanced Gamblers Q and Advanced Jumpers Q!! Tempo (Player/Puzzle 2.0) finished his Novice Standard title and got another Jumpers Q!

September 5, 2018: Video of Siryn (Player/Jenga!) from her EO Camp has been added to her page, or can be found by clicking here

August 31-Sept 1, 2018: Pixel (Spryte/Dare) earns her Dock Senior title and a new Personal best of 18'2"!!!! Shout! (Player/Siri) gets an invite to compete at the 2018 NADD National Championship in Air Retrieve! Sister Savvy also earns an Invite to compete in the Open Division. In frisbee, Limit and Glamour (Player/Puzzle) qualify for the 2019 Skyhoundz World Finals in the Classic. Siri wins Spot Landing and Remedy wins Time Trial and Distance/Accuracy and earns an invite to the 2019 Skyhoundz World Championships. Stryker (Player/Siri) wins 7Up and gets 3rd in Spaced out at an UpDog event. In agility, Raven (Player/Siri) makes her USDAA debut and earns Q's in her Starters classes!! 

August 24 - 26, 2018: In conformation, Spryte shows for the first time in over a year (and since she had pups) and goes Best of Opposite for her first competition win and a 4 point major towards her Grand Champion! Daughter Shine (Spryte/Dare) goes Reserve Winners to the major one day and then goes Best of Opposite for a 5 point major win, her first major and points towards her Championship at just 10 months old!!!!! Wish gets another competition win and points towards her Grand Championship and then takes Best of Breed for her final competition win, earning her Grand Championship at not yet 2 years of age!!!!! In dock diving, Pixel (Spryte/Dare) makes her NADD debut and earns legs towards her Junior and Senior title!! Fancy  (Player/Puzzle 1.0) gets QQ #16 and #17, closing in on that MACh! 

August 17-19, 2018: Boy it was a busy weekend!!! Shout! (Player/Siri) gets legs towards his NADD Air Retrieve title and more legs towards his Master title. Brother Stryker also earns more legs towards his Senior and Master title and their sister Vanquish got her Dock Senior title with a new personal best of 19'11"!! Shazam (Player/Jenga!) earns his invite to compete at the NADD National Championships in the Master Division and earns his Master Advanced title. Tess (Remedy/Tex) makes her dock debut and gets two legs towards her Junior title. Brother Echo earns a few more Junior leg and earns a 3rd place in the Junior finals!!!! Glimmer (Spryte/Dare) earns her Dock Junior title at just 9 months of age, with a new personal best of 14'11"! 

On the agility front, littermates Fresh and Savvy (Player/Siri) head to a UKI trial where Fresh earns his Beginner Speedstakes title with two first places! Savvy was entered "for fun" and she had some awesome runs. Tempo (Player/Puzzle 2.0) made his agility debut with his junior handler and got their first ever Q in AKC Novice!!! Littermate Trinket makes her debut in USDAA agility and gets two Q's in starters gamblers and a 1st and Q in starters jumpers!

Fable (Spryte/Dare)gets her Novice and Intermediate Trick Dog titles! Last but not least, Fix (Remedy/Tex) gets an invite to the 2019 Skyhoundz World Championships in Classic, by winning both Freestyle and D/A rounds. Wow!!!

August 10-11, 2018: Fancy (Player/Puzzle) gets Premier Q's in AKC agility. Leia (Siri/Hooty) get's Q's in UKI agility with some super runs. Fresh (Player/Siri) learns a bunch at a seminar, video here. Savvy (Player/Siri) gets her Dock Master title in NADD and Bliss (Player/Jenga!) gets a few more Elite legs. Bliss also makes her debut in AKC Scentwork and earns qualifying legs towards her titles. Stryker (Player/Siri) has a great showing in UpDog, getting 1st in FunKey and 2nd in 4WayPlay!  Hush (Player/Remedy) is now qualified in a few things for UPDIFF and also won 4WayPlay! 

August 3-5, 2018: Bad footing in TN cut our agility weekend short, but Wish got her first Open Standard Q with a first place on Friday before we pulled for the weekend. Shout! (Player/Siri) gets a new personal best in dock diving with a 22"2 jump! Bliss (Player/Jenga!) earns an invite to compete at the 2018 NADD National Championships. Limit wins Pairs D/A at a Skyhoudz Qualifier, Hush (Player/Remedy) comes in 2nd in Spot Landing, and Glamour (Player/Puzzle) won Micro Freestyle! Fancy (Player/Puzzle) gets QQ's # 14 and 15 towards her MACh!!

July 27-29, 2018: In Greenville, SC Wish went into the conformation ring for her first real competition as a Special and gets three majors, 14 points (out of the 25 needed) and one major competition win towards her Grand Championship! She is also CERF (now CAER) Normal. Shine (Spryte/Dare) stepped into the ring and took first in her 9-12 puppy class! Savvy (Player/Siri) made her debut in Fetch It (UAD) and got a new personal best of 15'. Sister Vanquish got some legs in USDAA Starters in PA. Leia (Hooty/Siri) also had some smoking fast runs and Q's! Robin and Bliss (Player/Jenga!) have qualified for the AKC Obedience Classic in December in the Open class!!!! 

July 21-22, 2018: New video on Creature (Player/Myth), Shine (Spryte/Dare), Savvy (Player/Siri), and Glimmer (Spryte/Dare) pages. New pictures on Fresh, Shout! (Player/Siri), and Siryn (Player/Jenga!) page. Savvy wins Frizgility in NC with a score of 140! Remedy earns and invite to the 2018 USDDN World Qualifier in D/A. 

July 12-15, 2018: Ran down to Perry, GA to run a few dogs in agility for the first time in 3 months; Player gets two more QQ's towards MACh2. The Force (Siri/Hooty) finishes his Novice Fast (NF) title, and Wish gets her second and third leg in Open Jumpers, earning her title (OAJ). Tess (Remedy/Tex) finishes her Excellent Standard (AX) title and Siryn (Player/Jenga!) lays down an awesome run in 24C Master Standard and gets another Premier Q, qualifying her for the European Open Tryouts!!! Pixel (Spryte/Dare) earns her CGC and Novice Trick Dog (NTD) title at 8.5 months old! In Skyhoundz frisbee, Limit wins Spot Landing and Glamour (Player/Puzzle) wins Time Trial, both earning Q spots for Worlds. In NADD, Bliss (Player/Jenga!) earns a new personal best on the dock with a 27'4" Elite jump!!!! 

July 7-8, 2018: In dock diving news, Kitty (Player/Jenga!) earns a new personal best in Air Retrieve with a 19' grab! Reign (Player/Puzzle) earns his first dock diving title! Stryker (Player/Siri) wins the Senior Elite finals at a UAD qualifier!

Up north, Leia (Siri/Hooty) earns her Excellent FAST (XF) title. In Skyhoundz frisbee, Player wins earns another invite to the 2018 Skyhoundz World Finals in Bullseye. Siri gets 2nd in D/A and earns an invite in Microdog D/A (she won this division at the World Finals in 2016). Limit qualifies for Open Freestyle. Wish gets a two way tie in Spot Landing and after the tie breaker, just barely pushes a World Invite from our grasp by 2 points! In UpDog frisbee, Stryker (Player/Siri)  wins Frizgility! 

June 31-July 1, 2018: Fancy (Player/Puzzle) earns QQ # 12 and 13 towards her MACh this weekend with Hannah. Shine (Spryte/Dare) earns a Group 2 and a Group 1 in an IABCA dog show, as well as wins Best In Show Puppy!!!!! Wish wins Best of Breed in her shows along with a Group 3, two Group 2's, and a Group 1 placement! She also earns her International Championship! Kitty (Player/Jenga!) earns another fly ball title! 

June 23-24, 2018Remedy earns another invite to the 2018 Skyhoundz World Finals AND sets a new personal best in Time Trial with a 15.57 second run, not bad considering she will be 8 in a few weeks! Siri earned an invite in Spot Landing. Hushy (Remedy/Player) got 2nd in Distance/Accuarcy with me and Dean....2 points away from getting an invite!!! The Force (Siri/Hooty) and I got 3rd in another game. Fix (Remedy/Tex) places in Frizgility at an UpDog challenge!! 

Fancy (Player/Puzzle) earns QQ # 10 and 11 towards her MACh and is now qualified for the 2019 AKC National Championships!! Brother Ditto earns his Coursing Ability title (CA). Zenith (Spryte/Dare) makes her debut in Rally and earns all three legs, getting her Rally Novice (RN) title!

June 17-18, 2018: In frisbee, Player wins qualifies for the 2018 Skyhoundz World Championships in Time Trial (with Dean) and daughter Glamour (Player/Puzzle) wins and qualifies in Bullseye! New pictures were added to Fable (Spryte/Dare), Stryker (Player/Siri), The Force (Siri/Hooty) and Ryder's (Player/Jenga!) page. In UKI agility, Siryn (Player/Jenga!) earns a title and also a Bye into the Master Series! In USDAA agility, Leia (Siri/Hooty) finishes her Starters Standard title and earns her AD! 

June 9-11, 2018: At the NADD qualifier, Wish, The Force (Siri/Hooty), and Hush (Remedy/Player) qualify for the 2018 National Championships in their divisions! Ryder (Jenga!/Player) earns a new personal best in Air Retrieve with a 20' grab while littermate Bliss sets another personal best of 26'3 in the Open division. Siryn (Jenga!/Player) earns a new personal best as well with 20'8"! Echo (Remedy/Tex) also qualified for the National Championships and set a new personal best. Shout! (Siri/Player) got several master legs and sister Vanquish made her debut and got several high senior legs!!! Up north, Leia (Siri/Hooty) gets her trick dog titles and some legs in AKC agility. Fancy (Puzzle/Player) gets QQ #9 towards her MACh! Skate (Remedy/Player) and Kitty (Jenga!/Player) ran in flyball and earns points on their teams towards their titles. Kitty earns her FDX!

June 2, 2018: It's our reunion weekend!!! Thank you to everyone who made their way to GA to make this day so very special. It was great to see everyone and for the dogs to get together. New dates for next years reunion to be announced soon.....

May 26-27, 2018: Player and Remedy both earn invites to the 2018 World Finals (and took 1st and 2nd) at a Skyhoundz Classic Qualifier in D/A. Siri earns an invite to compete in Bullseye and Player gets another invite to compete in Spot Landing! Bliss (Player/Jenga!) earns another QQ towards her MACh, new video on her page. Fancy (Player/Puzzle 1.0) earn's QQ's 7 and 8 towards her MACh, you can click here to watch her runs. Pixel (Spryte/Dare) has a new dock foundations video on her page and her sister Glimmer earned her CGC!  Siryn (Player/Jenga!) gets a Q in 24" Premier Jumpers, you can see video by clicking here

May 18-20, 2018: Shout! (Player/Siri) earns a new personal best in dock diving with 18'0" and earned his Dock Senior (DS) title. Littermate Stryker finished his Dock Master (DM) title. Wish earned her Dock Junior (DJ) title with a new personal best of 15'2" and earning a few legs towards her Senior title! The Force (Hooty/Siri) made his debut in Air Retrieve and got a 16' grab. He also got a new personal best of 19'6" using half dock. Echo (Remedy/Tex) got a few more legs in the junior division towards his Advanced title and got 2nd place in the Junior finals. Player and Stella got legs towards their Advanced and Excellent title in Masters. 

May 12-13, 2018: Shine (Spryte/Dare) at 6.5 months old gets her Rally Novice title with placements and scores of 98, 99, and 98! Savvy (Siri/Player) gets a new Personal Best in dock diving of 20'7"! 

May 5-6, 2018: The dogs had fun performing at Star 94.1's Woofstock -- this is our third year doing the frisbee and agility demonstrations and the dogs love the crowd!  In other news, Stryker (Siri/Player) gets a new personal best in dock diving with a 22' jump! Echo (Remedy/Tex) gets his Achiever Dog certificate. Littermate Tess gets her Excellent Agility Jumpers title (AXJ). Vanquish (Siri/Player)  makes her AKC agility debut in FAST and gets 2 Q's!

Apri 28-29, 2018: Siryn (Player/Jenga!) gets Q's towards her MX and MXJ agility titles. In UpDog (frisbee), Echo (Remedy/Tex) wins Frizgility and 4 Way Play with some impressive scores against 70 other dogs! 

April 26, 2018: Siryn (Player/Jenga!) gets her Excellent FAST and Excellent Jumpers title (AXJ)!!! 

April 21-22, 2018: Shout! (Player/Siri) makes his agility debut and gets his first Q's in Novice Jumpers, Novice Standard, and Novice FAST! Siryn (Player/Jenga!) earns a few more Q's in USDAA agility and is now only 2 Q's away from her ADCH!  Glamour (Player/Puzzle) wins freestyle at the 2018 SKyhoundz DDAT and got an invite to Worlds!! The Force (Siri/Hooty) wins Time Trial with a 17.06 second run and gets his second invite to Worlds. 

April 11-15, 2018: At the Peach Blossom Cluster in Perry, GA, Tess (Remedy/Tex) earns her Open Jumpers title and then got her first Q in Excellent Jumpers! Wish and Hush (Remedy/Player) earn their Novice Standard title. Hush also gets to try FCAT (lure coursing) and gets 26mph!  The Force (Siri/Hooty) makes his debut and goes 3/3 in both Jumpers and Standard and earns his Novice titles on Friday, then gets his first Q's in the Open classes. Player gets QQ # 8. Siryn (Jenga!/Player) lays down some awesome runs and gets legs towards her Excellent Jumpers title. Story played around in the show ring on Saturday only and we Reserve to the Major. Kitty (Jenga!/Player) gets more legs in NADD (dock diving) in Masters! London and Creature (Myth/Player) got to play around on the ramp and swim.

Up north, Leia (Siri/Hooty) gets her first Q in Excellent FAST and got her Open Jumpers title (OAJ). Over in WA, Cadence (Siri/Hooty) made her debut in Barn Hunt and got 2 placements towards her first level title. Limit (half sibling to Leia, Cadence, and Force) got 2nd place at the USDDN Freestyle Qualifier and earned an invite to the 2018 USDDN World Finals. 

April 6-7, 2018: Siryn gets her Master Relay title in USDAA agility and sister Bliss (both Player/Jenga!) gets a few more legs in AKC agility. Crush (Player/Puzzle 1.0) gets some legs in CPE agility. Shine (Spryte/Dare) earns her Advanced Trick Dog title! Dyna (Siri/Hap) earns her MXJ! Torque (Myth/Player) earns his CGC at just 6 months old!

March 30-April 1, 2018: Sky (Remedy/Player) gets his NW3 title and 1st place overall!!! Siryn (Jenga!/Player) earns a "bye" in UKI. Hush (Remedy/Player) earns his Open Jumpers title, his first leg in his Novice Standard debut, and his first leg in Excellent Jumpers! Wish earns her Novice FAST and Novice Jumpers title. She also got her first Q in her Standard Debut and her first leg her first time in Open Jumpers. Tess and Echo (Remedy/Tex) earns their Novice FAST title! Echo also got an Open Standard leg. Shine (Spryte/Dare) got her CGC and Novice Trick Dog title!  Fancy (Player/Puzzle 1.0) gets QQ # 5 and 6 towards her MACh 1 and her MXJ title. 


March 22, 2018: Reunion info has been updated and an RSVP form is now available. Password is located at the pinned post in the private FB group!.


March 16-18, 2018: At the Alpharetta, GA AKC agility trial, Player gets QQ #7 towards MACh 2, Hush (Player/Remedy) gets his first two Q's in Open Jumpers and one Q in Novice FAST, Wish gets her second Q in Novice FAST and her first two Q's in Novice Jumpers, and Siryn (Player/Jenga!)  earns her Open Jumpers (OAJ) title and gets her first leg in Excellent Jumpers! Up North, Leia (Siri/Hooty) gets her Open FAST title, a T2B Q, a Q in Open Jumpers, and two Open Standard Q's!!! Video was added to Siryn, Wish, and Hush's page for agility and videos were added to Fable, Shine, and Glimmer's page (all Spryte/Dare) as well as Creature and London's page (both Player/Myth).

At UPDIF (UpDog World Finals) Kitty (Player/Jenga!) sets a new World Record in Far Out with Gary Duke with a catch of 112 yards and earning her 2nd place! Glamour (Player/Puzzle 1.0) gets 2nd place in FunKey and 3rd place in Spaced Out!!! 

March 10-12, 2018: At the Skyhoundz World Qualifier, Remedy and Dean earn an invite to the 2018 World Finals with a score of 51 in Bullseye! Player and I earn an invite to the 2018 World Finals in TimeTrial with a score of 17.20 seconds! In agility, Siryn (Player/Jenga!) earns another Master Standard Q in USDAA. New video of Shout!, Raven, and Stryker (all Player/Siri) on their page from their agility foundations class. Littermate Fresh earns his CGC -- new pictures on his page!


March 2-4, 2018: At the Conyers, GA AKC agility trial: Hush (Remedy/Player) earns his Novice Jumpers agility title! Wish earns her first Q and a first place at her debut in Novice FAST! Echo (Remedy/Tex) earns his Novice Jumpers title, Novice Standard title, and got 2 Q's towards his FAST title! Finn (Siri/Hap) gets a Q/1st in Open Jumpers and Tess (Remedy/Tex) earns a Q/2nd in Open Jumpers. Player gets another Q in Master Standard and wins Master Standard on Saturday. Up in PA for USDAA agility, Leia (Siri/Hooty) earns her Starters Gamblers title, her Starters Jumpers title, her Starters Pairs title, and a first place Q in Starters Standard. 

Switching gears, Shout! (Siri/Player) earns his second Q towards his title in Rally Novice for AKC.  Bliss (Jenga!/Player) got her 4th Q in Open A AKC Obedience with a score of 196.5. Spryte earns her CGCA and CGCU!  Ditto (Siri/Player) over in KY got three QQ and 172 points towards her World Cynosport Rally championship title with scores all above 205!  She also got her level 2 title and a level 2 Award of Excellence. 


February 24-25, 2018: Siryn (Player/Jenga!) earns 2 legs in Excellent Standard to earn her AX title! Leia (Siri/Hooty) earns some Q's in UKI agility. In Frisbee, Limit (Devi/Hooty) won Sport D/A and Glamour (Player/Puzzle) won Microdog Freestyle both earning spots to compete at the 2018 Skyhoundz World Finals later this year. Kitty (Player/Jenga!) got 1st Place in Masters and 3rd place in Speed Retrieve at the Dock Dogs Wildcard World Qualifier in Florida! 


February 17-18, 2018:  Hush, Story, and Shout! make their AKC Rally Obedience debut -- on Saturday, Hush (Player/Remedy) goes 2/2 with both scores of 98 earning 2 legs towards his Novice title. Story goes 2/2 with an 87 and a 98 earning two legs towards her Novice title, video on both of their pages. Shouty (Player/Siri) earns a 91 and a 4th place for his first leg towards his Novice title! In agility, Bliss (Player/Jenga!) earns another Master Standard Q. On Sunday, both Hush and Story earn their last legs towards their Rally Novice (RN) title, with Hush scoring a perfect 100 with a first place and Story earning a 98 with a second place. In our first time in the Intermediate class, both dogs scored a 97 for their first legs towards that title, this time Story with the first place ribbon as she had a slightly faster time putting Hush in second. Shine (Spryte/Dare) had her first puppy show and got four Best of Breed puppy and two group wins (second and third place) at the International All Breed Dog show. Sky (Player/Remedy) got his Nosework 3 (NW3) exterior element title!


February 9-11, 2018: In Pendleton, SC Hush (Player/Remedy) has his agility debut in Jumpers on Fri/Sat and earns two Q/1st places towards his Novice Jumpers title! Player earns a Master Jumpers Q. Echo (Remedy/Tex) had his debut on Sunday and earns a Q/1st in Novice Jumpers and a Q/2nd in Novice Standard! In North Carolina, Bliss (Player/Jenga!) earns two legs in Master Jumpers towards her Master title. New video of Wish and Force (Hooty/Siri) training this week on their pages. 


February 1, 2018 : Bliss (Player/Jenga!) earns her CDX in AKC Obedience!! 


January Updates: At our first Skyhoundz 2018 World Qualifier, Remedy scores a qualifying spot in Spot Landing and Player wins Time Trial (he won this event last year at the World Finals, making him a World Champion). Echo (Remedy/Tex) came in 2nd for Time Trial! In agility, Siryn (Player/Jenga!) earns her Master Standard title in USDAA.  Ditto (Player/Siri) earns two qualifying scores on Level 2 Rally (USDAA)! Fancy (Player/Puzzle 1.0) earns her Master Standard (MX) title in AKC agility and QQ #5 towards her MACh. Player gets two more Master Standard legs and points towards his MACh 2. ****All of our dogs and puppies have individual pages now, so moving forward in February 2018 each brag will link directly to their individual pages***


Happy New Year to all of our friends and family! We have some exciting things planned for this year with the dogs and I am so excited for them. Thank you to all of you in our family who made 2017 such a success......we love and appreciate each and every one of you. 

2017: News and Brags!

December Updates: All the Spryte/Dare puppies have gone to their new homes -- congrats to their new owners! In other news, up in Washington Fix (Remedy/Tex) earns her Novice and Intermediate Trick Dog titles!!! In Kentucky, Ditto (Player/Siri) earns her Cynosport Rally Obedience level 1 with all first places and earns an Award of Excellence!!! Leia (Siri/Hooty) gets a few legs in USDAA Agility up in Pennsylvania. In NC, Bliss (Player/Jenga!) earns her second leg towards her CDX with a first place! We welcomed two new additions; Creature and London from the Player/Myth litter. Down at the 2017 NADD National Championships, Tease takes 5th place in the competitive Masters Division (139 dogs competing!) with a 24'4" jump and Kitty (Player/Jenga!) takes 6th with a 24' jump and a new Personal Best!  Player places in the top 15 in the very competitive Master Air Retrieve Division. Our old girl Stella wins third place in the Veterans Master Division, and our dog training and boarding facility won the 2017 NADD Facility Of The Year!!! To wrap up the 2017 year, Siryn (Player/Jenga!)  earns her MAD title in USDAA agility. Echo (Remedy/Tex) and Story earn their Intermediate Trick Dog title! Wish earns her Novice title, and Hush earns his Advanced title! 

End of November Updates: Finn (Siri/Hap) earns his Novice Fast (NF) and Novice Agility Jumpers (NAJ) title. Tess (Remedy/Tex) earns her Open Standard (OA) agility title and is now competing in the Excellent level! Siryn (Player/Jenga!) earned her CGC, TKN (trick dog novice), TKI (intermediate), TKA (trick dog advanced) titles. Savvy (Siri/Player) got her TKA title, too. Bliss (Player/Jenga!) got a new personal best of 25'6" at a NADD event. Stella got to play at a college football game retrieving the kick off tee, and last week Dean and his girls did two halftime performances for Georgia Tech football and University of Georgia football! 

November 13, 2017: Skate (Player/Remedy) earns her Flyball Master Excellent (FMX) 10,000 points title with clean starts! Force (Siri/Hooty) had his frisbee debut and wins a qualifying spot in the Classic D/A to the 2018 Skyhoundz World Finals. Mama Siri won the division and also earned an invite. 

Updates: We've been busy with the puppies who are doing great! Dean has been traveling for demo's with the dogs and some half time performances. 

October 24, 2017: Spryte's puppies are born! 5 beautiful black/white girls..... girl power! Good luck to Rebecca and Siryn (Player/Jenga!) at Cynosports!!!! 

October 21-22, 2017: Shout! (Player/Siri) earns his Dock Junior title! Leia (Siri/Hooty) earns her Novice Agility (NA) title and is now in Open for all classes. At the USDDN Frisbee World Finals, Tease places 18th in Freestyle and Player comes in 8th place in Toss/Fetch!!! Stryker (Player/Siri) gets a new personal best in dock diving of 20'3 and a leg towards his Master title. 

October 14-15, 2017: Bliss (Player/Jenga!) earns her Master Standard agility title (MX). Leia (Hooty/Siri) earns another leg towards her Open Jumpers title. Juno (Player/Puzzle) earned two of three legs towards her SCN (Scentwork Container Novice), earned her SEN (Scentwork Exterior Novice), and her RA (Rally Advanced) title!

October 7-8, 2017: Savvy and Stryker (Player/Siri) finishes their Dock Senior title (DS) and Echo (Rem/Tex) earns his first title in dock diving, Dock Junior (DJ). Shout! (Player/Siri) earns some legs towards his Dock Junior title and Shazam (Player/Jenga!) earns more legs in Masters. In agility, Fancy (Player/Puzzle) earns QQ#4 and Leia (Hooty/Siri) earns her Novice Jumpers title (NAJ) and earns a leg towards her Open Jumpers title! 

September 30-October 2, 2017: Leia (Siri/Hooty) earns her Novice Fast (NF) title and earns legs in Novice Standard and Jumpers!! Bliss (Jenga!/Player) earns another leg towards her Master Standard (MX) title. Fancy (Player/Puzzle 1.0) earns QQ # 3 towards her MACh. Siryn (Jenga!/Player) played agility this weekend too and also earned more legs. Story was exposed to livestock and showed great promise, video has been uploaded on her page. 

September 27, 2017: New pictures of Story on her page and new video of Savvy (Player/Siri) and Cadence (Hooty/Siri) on their page. 

September 19-24, 2017: We loaded up the dogs and headed to Chattanooga, TN for the 2017 Skyhoundz Discdogathon (Wednesday) and Classic (Sat/Sun) World Finals. I am so proud of how all the dogs played and placed this week despite the hot temps and long days. On Wednesday at the Discdogathon, Glamour (Player/Puzzle) finished 6th in Freestyle. Remedy finished in 3rd place for Bullseye with 61 points and she became a two time WORLD CHAMPION, this year in Time Trial with 15.9 seconds (last year Player won this event). Siri came in 3rd place in Time Trial with16.5 seconds and she finished 4th in Pairs D/A. On Saturday at the Classic, Glamour won the Microdog Distance/Accuracy Division (Siri won this last year) to become a new WORLD CHAMPION. On Sunday, Remedy and Siri finish in the top 10 in the Open Sport Distance/Accuracy division, and Glamour brings home another new WORLD CHAMPION title, this time in Microdog Freestyle -- this makes her the third dog in Skyhoundz history to win both the Sport and Open Microdog Divisions in the same calendar year. I think there will be big things to come from Glamour in the future, as she seems to possess that natural teamwork that her daddy Player had and showcased at such a young age. Now the dogs will get a much needed break before they start to qualify for next years World Finals. Video and pics will be loaded on their pages in the next few weeks....

September 16-17, 2017: Congrats to Tess (Rem/Tex) on her Novice Standard (NA) agility title! Finn (Siri/Hap) got a few legs this weekend going 3/4 in his runs and earned his NAJ. Ditto (Siri/Player) made her Cynosport Rally debut and earned two legs, one with a perfect score of 210/210 and two first places! Skate (Rem/Player) played flyball this weekend and earned a ton of points -- she is now only 269 points away from her FMX! Now we change gears and prepare for the 2017 Skyhoundz World Championship's this week......Player, Siri, Tease, Limit, Glamour (Player/Puzzle), Jenga!, Remedy, Hush (Player/Remedy), Kitty (Player/Jenga!), and Echo (Remedy/Tex) are all competing. 

September 9-10, 2017: Savvy (Player/Siri) earns a new Personal Best in Dock Diving with a 17' jump! Wish and I went to Border Collie Nationals and in a line up of 64 Specials (finished Champions and Grand Champions), she made the first, second, and third cut and earned an Award of Merit and in invite to compete at Crufts over in England!! She also took first place in her Futurity 9-12 Month class. 

September 2-4, 2017: It was a busy weekend for everyone! Shazam (Player/Jenga!) earns an invite to the NADD Championships for winning Air Retrieve (20')! Stryker (Player/Siri) earns a new personal best of 18'3" and The Force (Hooty/Siri) makes his dock diving debut, earning his Dock Junior and Dock Senior titles with a new personal best of 18'5"! Shazam also earned more legs to qualify in Cynosports and finished his first Master Tournament title! Siryn (Player/Jenga!) also got her Tournament Masters title and is qualified for Grand Prix, Steeplechase, and Team for Cynosports to be held late October. Leia (Hooty/Siri) had her AKC agility debut and earned legs in Novice Jumpers and FAST with first places, with official VMO measurement of 17.5". 

End of August/Summer Updates:  Ryder (Player/Jenga!) earns his Dock Elite title with a new personal best of 24'11". Bliss (Player/Jenga!) earns her Elite title with a new personal best of 24'6"! Player earns his Excellent Master Air Retrieve title, and Tease earns her Dock Elite title as well!  Stryker and littermate Savvy (Player/Siri) make their debut in Dock diving and are jumping 14-16'! Stryker earns his CGCA, Junior Dock title, and Trick title titles. Up North, Leia (Siri/Hooty)makes her NADD debut and earns a few legs in the Junior division!  In frisbee, Glamour (Player/Puzzle) wins Bullseye and is now qualified for the Skyhoundz 2017 World Finals that will take place next month. Tease won freestyle, and Player qualified in D/A. This last weekend, Wish goes WB for a 4-point major win to finish her breed CHAMPIONSHIP title at barely 11 months of age! We head to Border Collie Nationals next week...... fingers crossed!  In agility, Dynamic (Siri/Hap) finished her AX AXJ and AAD so she is now running in Masters in both AKC and USDAA! Littermate Finn earned a few titles too: CGC, TKN, SJ, SG, SS, and DJ titles with two legs toward his Advanced Snooker title and his HIC (herding instinct). Glamour, Trinket and NZ (Player/Puzzle) all got trick dog titles!

August 10, 2017: Spryte is in season and will be bred. Stay tuned.....

August 5-6, 2017: Shazam (Player/Jenga!) earns a few Elite legs with jumps over 24' in NADD Dock Diving in addition to a new personal best in Air Retrieve with a 19' snag. He also qualifies for the NADD Performance Games to be held late September.  Glamour (Player/Puzzle) wins Freestyle at an UpDog Challenge, new video on her page!

July 29-30, 2017: Wish and I headed to SC for conformation and she gets a 4-point major win and then we took an Owner Handler group 2 win under Pat Hastings!!!!! Spryte earns more points towards her Grand Championship handled by her co-owner, Tiffany. Siryn (Jenga!/Player) earns a Grand Prix bye in USDAA agility. Bliss (Jenga!/Player) earns her new personal best in dock diving with a 24' jump!!! 

July Updates: Summer months are slower for us competition wise while we focus on the business (boarding, training, and dog sports). The dogs are conditioning and training to be ready for frisbee World Finals in September and again in October, then we will switch gears and focus on dock diving to get ready for the NADD World Finals in December. 

July 1-2, 2017: Bliss (Player/Jenga!) earns a MX leg and earns her AXJ. Player qualifies in another event for the 2017 Skyhoundz World Finals, as does Tease

June 17, 2017: We had an awesome time at our O'my! Border Collie Family reunion. It was so nice to be able to see almost all of our puppies and their humans. Dean and I are so lucky to have some of the best puppy owners. The food was delicious, the games were fun, and seeing the puppies meet each other again was priceless. Pictures will be posted soon.

June 9-11, 2017: What a great weekend! Player wins Air Retrieve with a snag of 21', keeping his invite for the 2017 NADD Eukanuba Championships in Orlando, FL later this year. Ryder earned his first master leg in AR with an 18' snag, and Kitty won the senior division with a 16' snag and earning an invite to the Championship (both Jenga!/Player pups). Tease earned her Dock Master Advanced title (30 jumps) and earns her invite to Eukanuba. Ryder, Stella and baby Wish won their divisions this weekend in the Qualifier and will be going to Eukanuba, too! Ryder got his new personal best on the dock with a 24'11" jump! New pictures on Wish and Ryder's page. 

May 20-21, 2017: Jenga! wins Freestyle at the Triad Games in NC and Glamour gets her first WORLD INVITE for Freestyle (J was already qualified). J's daughter, Bliss, came to hang out and do some dock diving. She earned a few legs and was consistently jumping in Masters. Littermates Savvy and Shout! got to hang out, play some puppy frisbee, and swim in a new pool. 

May 11-13, 2017: Thursday, Wish goes Winners Bitch and Owner-Handler Best of Breed for her second 3-point major win under respected judge Polly Smith (who also awarded me and Spryte a 3-point major win last May, as well as Wish's grandma Fly a 5-point major win in 2009 at the Border Collie National). In the Owner-Handler Herding Group, she received a Group 2 placement!!!!!! Hush got to try Air Retrieve for the first time and got a leg in the Senior division! On Friday and Saturday, Spryte goes Select Bitch for more points towards her Grand Champion and Best of Breed (Owner Hanlder)  while Wish goes Reserve to the Major. Spryte then earned a few legs towards her Advanced Senior Dock title, and Wish jumped off the dock for the first time and earned her Novice Dock title! Siryn (Player/Jenga!) gets her Novice Jumpers title in AKC agility. 

April 29-30, 2017: In agility, Siryn (Player/Jenga!) earns her Open Standard title and another leg in Novice Jumpers! In disc, Limit wins Freestyle and earns a qualifying spot to the 2017 Skyhoundz World Finals. Echo (Remedy/Tex) wins Frizgility and earns a qualifying spot to the 2017 Skyhoundz World Finals for Time Trial with a 16.72s winning round!

April 12-14, 2017: On the first day at the big Peach Blossom Dog Show Cluster, Player gets a QQ towards MACh 2 and earns another leg towards his Advanced title and wins Air Retrieve with a 20' snag. Baby dog Wish and I showed in the breed ring for the first time and she went Winners Bitch (WB) and Owner-Handler Best Of Breed for her first point towards her AKC CH! Spryte showed well and went Best of Opposite, her first time showing as a Special (a finished Champion) and earning points towards her Grand Champion title. On the second day, Player earns another QQ, Wish goes Reserve Winners Bitch, and Spryte goes Best Of Opposite again for more points towards her GCH.  On our final day that we entered, Wish out does herself again..... Winners Bitch, Best of Winners, Best of Opposite Sex and Owner-Handler Best of Breed....earning her first 3-point MAJOR WIN over Specials under respected judge, James Noe. 

April 8-9, 2017: Shazam (Player/Jenga!) is now all in the Master classes for USDAA (agility) after finishing two titles with some impressive times. Dean and Tease win the Atlanta Dogwood Festivals USDDN (frisbee) in Freestyle, earning an invite to the 2017 USDDN World Finals to be held in the Fall of this year. There is new Frisbee videos of Tease, Jenga!, and Glamour on their pages. 

March 25-26, 2017: WOW, what a weekend! Player and I went to the AKC Agility National Championships this weekend and we went clean for THREE ROUNDS and cumulatively placed 10th/300+ dogs in the 20" class!!!!! This earned us a spot in the finals! Unfortunately we had a bar in the final round but I am so proud of our teamwork!!! Love this boy to the moon and back. Video will be posted on his page over the next few weeks....

March 18-19, 2017: Skate (Remedy/Player) gets two perfect starts (0.00) in Flyball this weekend! Finn (Siri 1.0) gets Q's in AKC agility. Shazam  (Player/Jenga!) earns his Open Standard title (OA) and earns another Jumpers leg towards his OAJ.  Player earns two legs towards his Advanced Air Retrieve title and earns some of the qualifications needed for Eukanuba. 

March 12, 2017: More Q's towards Cynosports and USDAA titles for both Siryn and Shazam (Jenga!/Player), while in NC sister Bliss earns legs in AKC Obedience in Open A and gets her AX title in agility.

February 27, 2017: We've been having technical difficulties on our end both with the website and our e-mail -- if you have reached out to us in the last 6 weeks or so, please consider contacting us again. 

Lots of Q's in agility for Shazam and Siryn, and a World Invite in Dock Dogs for Kitty and brother Ryder (all Player/Jenga!). Jenga! received two World Invites in Freestyle for the 2017 Skyhoundz World Finals to be held later this year. Limit earns a Q spot in Spot Landing, Siri earns an invite in Distance/Accuracy (which she won last year at the 2016 World Finals), and Remedy earns an invite for D/A, too. Echo (Remedy/Tex) earns his first World Invite at 10 months old to the 2017 Skyhoundz World Finals in Time Trial, this puppy is FAST!!!! We will be updating the website in the next few weeks as we have had new additions and past litters to add. 

December 31 - January 3, 2017: Happy New Year!! Siryn (Jenga!/Player), Shazam (Jenga!/Player), and Finn (Siri 1.0) have a great USDAA agility trial in Perry, GA. Siryn earned her AAD and a few other Qs, and Shazam earns his Jumpers title and gets a Steeplechase Q. Finn got several placements and Q's in Starters!! Down in Florida, Kitty (Jenga!/Player) qualifies for the 2017 UAD Games in Fetch-It! A few weekends ago Sky (Remedy/Player) earns his NW2 title, and up in Chattanooga Skate (Remedy/Player) has an awesome flyball weekend.  

2016: News and Brags!

December 18, 2016: We had the North American Diving Dogs (NADD) Eukanuba National Championships down in Orlando this weekend. Tease and Stella placed 18th in the large Master class with 22' jumps. Player earns fourth place in a competitive Master Air Retrieve class, setting his new personal best of 21' (first through third places were also 21', but based on tie breakers Player earned 4th!). Raz (our rescue Pomeranian) became an official Champion as he won the Novice Lap Dog Division with a 5'3" jump! 

December 10-11, 2016: Siryn (Jenga!/Player) earns her Advanced Snooker title in USDAA agility and sister Bliss earns her Companion Dog (CD) title in AKC Obedience. Fancy (Player/Puzzle) went 2/4 in AKC agility and earned some legs in Excellent! Baby Wish got to meet the ducks and showed great interest! Pictures are on her page and new pictures of Cadence (Siri/Hooty). 

December 2-4, 2016: Siryn (Jenga!/Player)  earns her Starters Standard title, Started Snooker, and Agility Dog titles with USDAA! Her sister Bliss picked up a standard, jumpers and snooker leg. Skate (Remedy/Player) earns her Flyball Master achievement in flyball with 5,000 points! 

November 26, 2016: We had a disc competition here today (and another tomorrow, but none of our dogs are playing). Siri won Time Trial and Pairs Distance/Accuracy, and Remedy won Spot Landing and Rem earned an Invite for the 2017 Skyhoundz World Finals. Remedy's 9 month old son Echo (Remedy/Tex) qualified for the UpDog National Finals in two events! In agility, Shazam (Player/Jenga!) earns two T2B legs, his Novice Jumpers and Standard title, and earned a leg in Open Standard. Fancy (Player/Puzzle) earns her Open Jumpers title and Novice Standard title! 

November 20, 2016: Please welcome our newest addition, Wish! Siryn (Jenga!/Player) earn her Starters Gamblers title in USDAA, earned two starters standard legs, and one advanced gamblers leg. Way to go! 

November 12-13, 2016: In USDAA agility, Shazam (Player/Jenga!) earned his Advanced Gamblers title and moved into Masters. He also finished his Starters Jumpers title and earned another standard leg. Player, Tease, Stella, and Raz (our pom) all earn invites to compete at the 2016 Eukanuba North American Diving Dogs Championships in Orlando in December. Skate (Player/Remedy) had amazing start time splits and consistently ran 4.3's -- she is close to getting her FM (5,000 points) title!

November 4, 2016: Hush is OFA Good! Spryte is OFA Good, Elbows/Shoulders Normal! Woohoo!

October 29-30, 2016: Spryte is a new CHAMPION!!!! Stella and Raz get more legs in dock diving towards their advanced titles. 

October 22-23, 2016: Dean takes 7 of the dogs and heads to Florida for a Purina Pro Plan Performance Team event.....lovely cool weather (for Florida) and the dogs love the crowds. Sunday we hosted an UpDog "Fun Day" and we got to see baby Echo make some really nice high scores and I got to do demo's with Kitty. Babette and Shazam earned their ASCA Gamblers title and Rebecca with Siryn earned her AKC Novice Standard title and got a leg in Novice FAST!  

October 14, 2016: Great weather and competition at the USDDN World Finals. Remedy and Tease did great and played their best (and most importantly, had fun!). Robin and Bliss go 2/2 towards her CD title and Rebecca and Siryn had some lovely runs in agility. 

October 8-9, 2016: We had a big NADD event at the house this weekend -- Player won Air Retrieve with a 20' grab and that earned him is Master Air Retrieve title. Hush earned his last two legs needed for his Senior Dock title, and Tease took 2nd in the Master Finals with a 25' jump!! Stella got to play and earned her Dock Master title. Raz (our little Pom) earned his Dock Novice title and is now ranked the #1 Pomeranian in NADD! Fingers crossed he gets an invite to Eukanuna this year. Siri and Spryte also earned legs towards titles in the Senior division. Siri's new boyfriend, Hops, won the Master division with a few 25' jumps, too. 

September 25, 2016: Siri is a new WORLD CHAMPION in Distance/Accuracy (Microdog). WOOHOO!!!!!

September 21, 2016: At the 2016 Shyhoundz DDAT World Championship Finals, the dogs did great!!! Remedy is now a World Champion in Bullseye, putting down a dropless round with 59 points. This is her second World Champion title (last year she won in Pairs Distance/Accuracy). Player is now a World Champion in Time Trial with a blazing 16.46s run -- he also placed 2nd in Spot Landing and placed 5th in Pairs Distance/Accuracy. I am so proud of how all the dogs did in such hot temperatures. Now we have two days of rest before the Classic World Championship Finals over the weekend. 

September 16-19, 2016: Player earns another QQ towards his MACh 2. Jenga! earns her last two legs needed for her Excellent Jumpers (AXJ) title. Siri earns two leg in Excellent Jumpers towards her Excellent title -- new videos on both of their pages. Shazam gets his first AKC Novice Standard leg! In NC, Robin and Bliss earn their new personal best in Dock Diving at 23'6"!! Bliss also received an invite to compete at the NADD Championships at Eukabuna in December. Wow!!! Juno earns her Master Barn Hunt title (RATM) and her Rally Novice title (RN). 

September 9-11, 2016: Our first agility trial back since Player earned his MACh in April and he gets a QQ on Friday and Saturday and qualified for AKC Nationals! Siri had her first trial back since February and got two Q's in Open Jumpers, earning her OAJ title. Baby Shazam earned a Novice Jumpers Q and a 1st place! We also hosted a Skyhoundz event at the house this weekend (can we say multitasking!? LOL) and at the first Skyhoundz XTreme Distance competition for the new qualifying year, Siri WON the Unlimited Plastic division with an amazing 243' and change (81 YARDS!!!) catch.

September 3-4, 2016: Shazam and Siryn (both Player/Jenga!) had a great day at a USDAA trial -- Shazam earned his Starters Gamblers title and needs one more Q to finish his Starters Standard title. Shazam and Siryn both Q'd in Pairs. Player and Tease had fun in North Carolina playing Dock Diving -- both got a few more legs in the Masters division and Player earned 3 legs in Air Retrieve (and got his new personal best in that game at 20'!). Kitty (Player/Jenga!) won a medal and some $$ at DockDogs. Now we switch gears and get ready for two weekends of agility, followed by Skyhoundz World Finals in Chattanooga. 

August 28, 2016: Spryte and I entered a conformation show in Atlanta and earned another point towards her breed championship title. We now only need 2 points to finish, which we hope to do in October. There are two new videos on her page. Dean went to Florida and put on a few shows representing the Purina Pro Plan Performance team....the dogs always have fun showing off their frisbee skills in front of the crowd! 

August 20-21, 2016: Dean took some of the girls to the last DDAT of the season before World Finals to get a few more Qualifying spots for World Finals.  Siri won Time Trial with 15.9seconds! Remedy won Bullseye with 54 points, and Glamour took 3rd in Time Trial.  Kitty took 3rd in Pairs D/A. Bliss earned her Dock Master title with a new personal best of 21'6"! So proud of them all! ❤️

August 18, 2016: Siryn earns another dock diving title (DS) and a new personal best of 18'4"! Juno earns three 1st Places, one 2nd Place, and two High In Class at her Barn Hunt competition and now is only only leg away from her RATM title. From there, she will work towards her Champion title. Crush earns his Advanced Trick Dog (ATD) title. 

August 6-7, 2016: Just got word the Juno (Player/Puzzle) is invited to Barn Hunt Nationals and she also got her first two leg towards her Rally Novice Title! Wow! Dyna got her 2nd Open Jumpers leg (Siri/Hap) Finn (Siri/Hap) earns his Dock Junior title with a new personal best of 15'! Siryn (Player/Jenga!) made her NADD dock diving debut and earned her Dock Junior title and set a new personal best of 15'9"!!  (after only seeing a full size competition dock the day before!). Player earns his Dock Master title with all jumps over 20', and Kitty (Player/Jenga!) at Dock Dogs got 1st place masters big air, 1st place speed retrieve express, 1st place masters big air, 1st place masters finals, 3rd place cadet extreme vertical, 2nd Iron Dog warrior at the Regional Championships and earned her SECOND invite to Worlds!!! So proud of all of my babies this weekend, they sure rocked the dock!!!! 

July 30, 2016: Kitty (Jenga!/Player) qualifies for Worlds in dock diving!! Also, new video of Siryn (Jenga!/Player) doing agility: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldQTeETwJCA&feature=share

July 28, 2016: Spryte and I head to Greenville, SC to show in conformation on Thursday, we go Winners Bitch (WB), Best of Winners (BOW), Best of Opposite (BOS), and Owner-Handler Best of Breed (OHBOB!) for one more point towards her Conformation Champion title....now we just need 3 more points to finish, but that'll have to wait until the Fall.   

July 23, 2016: New pictures of Glamour are up on her page....she is turning into a frisbee superstar!!!!!! 

July 16-17, 2016: We had a fun weekend dock diving at our NADD event! Player won Air Retrieve on Friday night, Hush got his new personal best of 18'8" on Saturday, and Tease placed 2nd in the Master Finals with a jump of 23'11"! Shazam (Player/Jenga!) set a new personal best of 24'4" and Finn (Siri/Hap) placed 3rd in the Junior Finals with a jump of 14'2" at his first ever dock event. The Siri/Hooty puppies start to head to their new homes next weekend....what a bittersweet time!

July 4, 2016: We've had a few relaxing weekends at home gearing up for our big three day Skyhoundz qualifier at our house. It was so nice to see everyone and we were thrilled with the support from our community. The dogs had a great time despite the 95 degree temps. Jenga! qualified for the 2016 Skyhoundz World Finals in Classic D/A and in Unlimited Xtreme Distance with a catch of 223'! Last year she was the World Champion in the Unlimited division so I'm thrilled she gets to return this year to defend that title. Mojo (Remedy/Player) also qualified in Classic Xtreme Distance with a huge 232' catch. This will be his first time playing at the World Finals and we are so excited for his family.

June 4, 2016: Sky (Remedy/Player) went to his first Nosework trial and earned his NW1 title this weekend. Great job, Sky! Bliss (Jenga!/Player) earns her Dock Senior (DS) title!

May 28-29, 2016: The highly anticipated Siri/Hooty puppies are here!!! Pictures are on their page..all of these puppies are spoken for. In Alabama, Dean and Remedy qualify for the 2016 Skyhoundz Classic in D/A.  Jenga! qualifies for the 2016 Skyhoundz Discdogathon World Finals in Time Trial (16.2 seconds!) and in Pairs D/A. Glamour places in both Time Trial and Bullseye! In NC, Robin and Bliss (Jenga!/Player) earn her Novice Jumpers (NAJ) and Novice Standard (NA) title with two stellar runs.

May 21-22, 2016: What a beautiful weekend in Evensville, TN for our Skyhoundz Classic Qualifier and Skyhoundz Discdogathon Qualifier! It was super windy both days but the dogs did well and everyone had fun. Stella is now Q'd for the 2016 Skyhoundz Classic World Finals in Distance/Accuracy and so is my heart dog, Hush. I am so proud of him for qualifying for his first World Final at not yet 2 years of age. In the discdogathon, Remedy qualified and earned an invite for Pairs Distance/Accuracy. Glamour had another smoking run in Time Trial and she won second place in Micrdog Distance/Accuracy. We hope to see everyone at our next event which will be held at our house in July -- details to come shortly. 

May 12-14, 2016: We went to Perry, GA this weekend for conformation and dock diving -- Spryte and I go Winners Bitch, Best of Winners, Best of Opposite, and Owner-Handler Best of Breed under judge Pat Trotter on Thursday and Winners Bitch, Best of Opposite, and Owner-Handler Best of Breed under judge Judith Brown on Friday. Spryte now only needs 4 points to finish her CH! She also tried her hand at dock diving and at her first competition, earned her Senior Dock diving title and has a new personal best of 16'9"! Now we will take a break for a bit as we have frisbee the next two weekends and then Siri puppies will be due around June 1st. 

May 8, 2016: Spryte and I step into the conformation ring and get Winners Bitch, Best of Winners, and Best of Opposite for a 3-point major. This is her second major and now she only needs 7 more points to finish her CH. Very proud of her!

May 3, 2016: New video of Spryte on her page -- she has been visiting us for a few weeks for some dock diving training and conformation training. She's a super cool girl. Thank you to her co-owner, Tiffany, for letting her spend some time with us. 

May 1, 2016: We took the crew down to Florida for a Skyhoundz Classic Qualifier on Saturday and a Discdogathon Qualifier on Sunday -- boy it was HOT but the dogs did great. On Saturday, Dean took 1st and 2nd in Freestyle with Limit and Tease, earning two World invites for the 2016 Skyhoundz World Finals in Classic. On Sunday, Player won Time Trial (16.6 seconds) and Pairs D/A, while daughter Glamour (at her first ever disc event at 10 months old) took 3rd in Time Trial with a 17.3 second run (hot on  her daddys heels!!!!) and son Hush put up some great scores and came in second place in Bullseye. For this 3rd disc event, he sure is showing us how consistent and competitive he will be! Here is a PICTURE FROM THE EVENT! 

April 27, 2016: Siri has been confirmed pregnant! Puppies are due around June 1st. 

April 22-24: Player and I head into the 3 day agility weekend and we start of by getting QQ#19 on Friday. On Saturday, we earn QQ #20 getting our Master Agility Champion (MACh) title. YEAH! On Sunday, we got QQ #21 so it's on to MACh2 for us. Jenga! earned her AX title with Destiny, and Siryn (Jenga!/Player) earned another Novice Fast leg. 

April 17, 2016: Player and I get QQ #18 in Perry, GA. Tease earned her Open Jumpers title and Hush gets his Novice Dock title. Spryte and I tried our hand in the conformation ring and won our 12-18 month class on Friday. 

April 7-9, 2016: Sweet Siryn (Jenga!/Player) has her agility debut with Rebecca in SC -- she earned a novice standard Q and a FAST Q! (more results to come) . Dean qualifies for the USDDN World Finals in Freestyle with Tease.  Dyna (Siri/Hap) earned her Novice Standard (NA) title! 

April 2, 2016: Bliss (Jenga!/Player) earns her first title -- Beginner Novice (BN) in obedience. Way to go! 

April 1, 2016: Dean and Limit qualified for the Purina Dog Challenge in freestyle flying disc! 

March 31, 2016: Spryte and Glamour earn their CGC today!!!! 

March 28, 2016: New pictures of the Remedy/Tex puppies are up on their page!

March 26, 2016: We took a break from agility and Dean took Player and Tease to a Skyhoundz Discdogathon.  Player earns a World Invite in Spot Landing and wins Time Trial. Tease earns one in Bullseye. Also, Siri has been bred to Hooty. Pregnancy will hopefully be confirmed at the end of April -- this litter list is currently full. 

March 18-20, 2016: We have another 3 day agility weekend. Player gets 3 more QQ towards his MACh (only 3 more to go!). Tease earns two Open Jumper Q's and a Time2Beat Q.  Down in Florida, Skate (Rem/Player) had a great flyball weekend and earned her FDCh-Silver! Up north, Reign and Crush (Player's sons from Puzzle) made their conformation debuts and did really well -- Reign won the class on Friday and Crush won the class on Saturday and Sunday. 

March 17, 2016: Siri is in season, stay tuned for updates....

March 11-13, 2016: Player has a perfect weekend, going 6/6 and earning 3 more QQ's towards his MACh. Siri snags an Open Jumpers Q and an Excellent Standard Q with Dara. 

March 7, 2016: Our little rescue dog, "Hollie", has been adopted! We are so happy for her! Baby Bliss (Player/Jenga!) made her AKC agility debut and earned two legs towards her Beginner Novice title. Way to go, Bliss and Robin! Remedy and her puppies are doing well and getting so big....they will be a week old tomorrow!

March 5, 2016: Little Siryn from our Jenga!/Player litter came back OFA Good! 

March 1, 2016: The Remedy x Tex puppies are here -- we have two gorgeous girls and one handsome boy. These puppies are currently spoken for. 

February 29, 2016: We are on puppy watch with Remedy/Tex puppies! 

February 27, 2016: Dean took a few of the dogs down to Savannah for a Skyhoundz Discdogathon and then to Florida for a Skyhoundz Classic -- Player won Spot Landing and Tease earned a qualifying spot for the 2016 World Finals in Freestyle! On Sunday, Dean qualified with both Player and Tease in the Classic D/A!! Siri went to Alabama with Dara for agility and had some smoking runs (video soon). Her daughter, Dyna (Siri/Hap) made her AKC agility debut and qualified in in a few of her Novice runs. Wow!

February 8, 2016: We have a sweet little rescue Border Collie available for adoption....please check out our Available section on our website! 

February 7, 2016: Glamour went to a conformation show in Atlanta this weekend and won her class each day. We got some great pictures of her and our wonderful friend, Anita, who is showing Glamour for us. They both enjoy working together and we are so thankful Anita agreed to show our little blond bombshell. Check out the new pictures on her page

January 28, 2016: I ran down to Perry for a quick run with Player and he gets another QQ towards his MACh...we are almost there! 

January 26, 2016: Remedy has been confirmed pregnant!! Puppies should be here the first week of March. Siri will be in season at the end of March and will be bred. We are so excited for Spring/Summer!!!! 

January 9, 2016: Online Registration is now open for the Skyhoundz Discdogathon and XTreme Distance event in Savannah, GA at the end of February. We hope you will join us! Please see the events tab for more information as well as the online registration forms. 

January 1, 2016: Happy New Year to all of our friends and family! We are excited to announce that Remedy has been bred to Tex -- more updates to follow at the end of the month. New video of Siryn (Player/Jenga!): click here to watch this amazing baby (14 months old) working on some handling skills. 

2015: News and Brags!

December 25, 2015: Happy Holidays to all of our friends, family, and students. We are looking forward to 2016 -- exciting things to come, stay tuned! 

December 16, 2015: Please bear with us as we mourn the loss of our Daisy -- "if love could've saved you, you would've lived forever." Hug your babies tonight. 

November 30, 2015: Our frisbee event was a huge success and we want to thank everyone for their help and support. We had almost 70 teams in each event and the Pot Luck was delicious -- smoked pork, fried turkey, bacon wrapped asparagus, tons of fresh desserts....you guys rock! Our dogs had a wonderful time playing -- Remedy WON Spot Landing (60 points, new personal best for her!) and Bullseye, Limit won and earned an Invite for Freestyle, and Tease won and earned an invite for Pairs D/A with Mark Muir. In extreme distance, Player Q'd in Light Plastic and he took 3rd in Time Trial (15.69 seconds). 

November 20, 2015: ONLINE REGISTRATION is now available for our disc event! See the events tab for more info.

November 11-15, 2015: Remedy heads to the U.S Open (UKI National Finals) in Perry, GA and is having a blast. On Thursday, she got 3rd in the National Championship Round 1 Jumpers ( 16”s ) and Q’d in Snooker (gets to advanced to Round 2 Gamblers on Saturday). On Friday, she Q’d in Round 1 Speedstakes which advanced her to Round 2 Finals but unfortunately she got knocked bar. She also placed 4th in the National Championship Round 2 Agility which advances her to the Final Round on Sunday! Remedy did really well in these tough courses and we are so proud of her (and our friend, Carol, for taking Rem!). Down in Florida,  Remedy's daughter, Skate, earns her FLYBALL CHAMPIONSHIP title at not yet 15 months of age. Wow, we are so so proud of this young team! Video to come shortly of Skate's flyball runs. 

November 1, 2015: Player earns a Q in Spot Landing while Limit earns a Q in Unlimited Plastic XTreme Distance for next years Skyhoundz World Finals. Remedy also gets another QQ in agility! 

October 16-18, 2015: Remedy heads to Pendleton, SC  for an AKC agility show (her first AKC show since she earned her MACh in 2013) and earned a QQ on Friday and Saturday towards her MACh2! Dean and I packed up the rest of the crew and headed to Dahlonega, GA for the first official 2016 Discdogathon Qualifier. Limit placed and earned an invite for Spot Landing and Pairs D/A. Player came second in Pairs and in Time Trial, and Tease won Bullseye. 

September 23, 2015:  Wow, wow, WOW! That's all I can say about this years 2015 Skyhoundz World Finals (Discdogathon). I am so proud! 

First up, Dean and Limit take 1st place in Freestyle! This makes them a new WORLD CHAMPION! Next, Dean and Mark Muir take first place with Remedy in Pairs Distance and Accuracy, also making her a new WORLD CHAMPION. Remedy also snagged a 3rd place spot in TimeTrial! Jenga! and Mike Hammock won 1st place in Xtreme Distance Unlimited, again making her another WORLD CHAMPION! 

Player, Siri, and Tease all placed competitively in the top 10 in their events too. We are so honored and blessed to take the field with these incredible dogs who give us100%. We are also thankful for those who have helped and encouraged us along the way. 

September 19, 2015: Dean and I are in the process of moving -- if you have emailed us within the last 5-6 days please try again if you haven't heard back from me. It seems some things may have gotten lost in the move. Thanks!

September 12-13, 2015: Spryte has her first Conformation show in Chattanooga,TN at not yet 11 months old. In her first time in the ring, she went Winners Bitch (WB) for 2 points towards her CH! On the second day she won a 3 point Major under Pat Hastings, a well respected judge. Congrats to Spryte and her co-owners! Also in Tennessee, Remedy competed in UKI agility and earned 4 Qs and many first places.

September 7, 2015: Her first time back in the ring in almost 2 years since she finished her Master Agility Championship -- Remedy goes to her first UKI trial and runs clean in both Master Series Agility and Master Series Jumping. She won first place and a Bye into the Finals round of MS Jupming at the US Open to be held in November!! Big thanks to her handler, Carol, for running our Remedy! 

August 30, 2015: Remedy, Limit, and Tease all qualified for the USDDN Frisbee World Finals in Toss & Fetch. These finals will be held in October! 

August 29, 2015: Skate goes herding! Check out the video on her page! 

August 23, 2015: Ryder earns his DM (Master Dock Diving) title and his littermate, Shazam, also earns his DS (Senior Dock Diving) title. Way to go boys (from our Jenga!/Player litter) -- big things in store for these boys at just 10 months of age!!!! Video can be found on their litter page!!! Also, new video of Skate and her flyball foundations can be found on her page. 

August 22, 2015: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our sweetest Hushpuppy and his litter mates. 

August 16, 2015:
Baby Bliss (Jenga!/Player) had her dock diving debut this weekend. She got lots of legs towards a few dock titles and had a new personal best of 19'3"! Not too bad for this 10 month old pup who had never been on a competition dock before. Way to go Bliss!!! You may look like your mama, but you fly like your daddy!! 

August 12, 2015:
We are excited to introduce our newest addition.....GLAMOUR! She is Player's daughter from one of our friends litters. Stay tuned to watch her grow!

July 31-August 1, 2015: We had a great weekend down in Hilliard, FL for an Xtreme Distance and Discdogathon Qualifer....the last of the year before Worlds in September!!!! Jenga! snagged another spot in Xtreme Distance Unlimited and Kixx qualified for his first time EVER (and at 9 months!) in Microdog Extreme Distance. Remedy got a Invite in Bullseye and Limit had her best ever round of freestyle, which earned them an invite. What an awesome weekend!!! Mojo (Remedy x Player), Kitty (Jenga! x Player) and Flirt (Siri x Hap) had some great scores and placements, too!!!

July 25-26, 2015:
Dean and Stella qualify in Time Trial in Banner Elk, NC and Limit gets 1st place in Pairs D/A. Three of Jenga!/Player's puppies made their Dock Diving debut and Miss Kitty earned her Master Dock Diving title!!! YEAH! Shazam and Ryder had some good jumps in the low 20's and earned some legs towards their titles....not bad for 9 month old puppies. They definitely are following daddy Player in the dock world. Good job, pups!! 

Ryder, Kitty, and Shazam

July 18-19, 2015: Jenga! and Dean set a new personal best in Light Plastic Xtreme distance with a 258' throw and catch! This means Jenga! earned an invite to compete at Worlds for this event. Tease also got a Qualifying spot in Xtreme Unlimited Distance with a 230' throw and catch. On Sundays' Discdogathon, Remedy earns an invite in Spot Landing while Limit earns a Q in Time Trial! In Pairs D/A, Dean and Mark took first place with Siri (but they had already qualified). It was a hot weekend but we had a huge turn out -- almost 70 dogs entered in the majority of the games. Thanks to everyone who helped out with this event and for those who came to support us!

July 9 - 12, 2015: We are having a great week(end) in Perry, GA doing agility. Siri went 3/3 in Open Standard, earning her OA title with all first places. Jenga! got two legs towards her Excellent titles, both with first place ribbons. Tease had some awesome runs with great times, and got a leg towards her Excellent Standard title. Player earned two more QQ's towards his MACh with several first places.  VIDEO TO COME. Now we will switch gears and get ready for our 2rd Annual Catch for a Cure event in Jefferson, GA scheduled for next weekend. 

June 27, 2015: Dean and Limit qualify for the 2015 Skyhoundz World Finals Classic for Freestyle and Distance and Accuracy. They had two great rounds of freestyle and D/A .... probably the best rounds they've had yet as a team! 

June 21, 2015:
Great 3 days at agility for Jenga! and Player. This was Jenga!'s first trial back since she had her litter in October, and she got her Open Standard title and a leg towards her Excellent Standard title. Player Q'd and placed in multiple Master runs with nice placements!! A short video is posted on each of their pages! 

June 13, 2015: Happy 8 month Birthday to the Jenga! x Player litter -- several of the puppies celebrated at their first seminar (Karen Holick) while others got to swim!! Miss Kitty made her UAD Dock Diving debut and got an amazing 17'8"! Click here to see the video of Miss Kitty!! 

June 8, 2015: New video of Siri on her page! 

June 5, 2015: PLAYER HAS BEEN INVITED TO COMPETE IN THE 2015 PURINA INCREDIBLE DOG CHALLENGE (Eastern Regional)! While we are extremely honored and excited for this opportunity, Boston, MA is just a little too far for us to travel. We are thrilled for the invite none the less and hope Player will take the stage next year at the Eastern Regional when it comes a little further South.

May 31, 2015: What a great disc dogging weekend at the Muir's house! On Saturday we had the Classic Qualifier and both Player and Tease took qualifying spots in Distance and Accuracy! On Sunday at the Discdogathon, Siri qualified in Pairs D/A with Dean and Mark! Awesome!

May 16, 2015: Dean went to Clemmons, NC for a one day disc event. Jenga! is now Qualified for FREESTYLE World Finals, taking a first place spot with Tease hot on her heels in second place. Remedy won TimeTrial and Bullseye, with Limit taking first place in Spot Landing. What a fabulous weekend! 

May 15, 2015: Video from the Ultimate Air Dog Regional Qualifer are up on Tease's page and on Player's page. Player's son, Ryder, has just started his dock diving training and is doing really well (new video on his page, too!)

May 10, 2015: Happy Mother's Day! Dean took the girls to Alabama for a weekend of Disc Dogging. Tease qualified in Classic Freestyle and took 3rd the following day in the Discdogathon F/S. This means she has qualified in Freestyle for USDDN, Skyhoundz Discdogathon AND now Skyhoundz Classic.  Jenga! qualified in TimeTrial and won the State Championship in Distance and Accuracy! Remedy took 3rd in TimeTrial and 1st in Pairs D/A! Siri took 1st place in Spot Landing and Limit took 3rd in Pairs D/A. All in all, what a fabulous weekend for the girls!!!! 

May 3, 2015: This weekend we participated in the first Dock Diving event (for us) of the year -- the Ultimate Air Dogs (UAD) Spring Regional Qualifier. Our dogs haven't done much jumping since the pool has been opened (just swimming) so we were just hoping to have a fun weekend doing something "different". WOW!!!! Did Player and Tease blow us away this weekend. Tease set a new Personal Best of 25'6", putting her in the top height division jumping against a lot of BIG jumping dogs. She held her own, and placed 5th with a 24' jump. Player pulled out a 24'11" jump in one of the roads, also tossing him into that highest jump group -- he exceeded our expectations and WON the whole event with an amazing 25'8" jump -- he has now Qualified for the 2015 Ultimate Air Dog Nationals....wow, wow, wow!  ***pictures and video to be uploaded throughout the week!!**

April 24, 2015: New pictures of our stunning Ryder -- he is 6.5 months old and just starting his foundations in frisbee and dock diving!

April 19, 2015: There is a short video of Hooty that is now live on our website -- you can find this on his page.

April 11, 2015: Dean and Tease Qualify for the 2015 USDDN Frisbee Finals in freestyle -- check out their video by clicking here. Siri also qualifies for the 2015 USDDN Finals for SuperPro Toss & Fetch. The Finals will be held in Cartersville, GA in October. 

April 9, 2015: Baby Hush earns his CGC!!!!!! Wow, what a good baby! :) Player wins Time2Beat and a very competitive 20" Jumpers class in Perry. 

March 28, 2015: Dean and I went to visit Norma and Tony today to get pictures and video of Hooty (the sire to our Spring 2016 litter) What an amazing dog -- now we are even MORE excited than we were before to meet these spectacular puppies. More info on his page including a video which will be uploaded as soon as I got through all the footage. 

March 22, 2015: REMEDY TAKES ON NEW YORK CITY!!!!! Thanks so much for Got Pet-ential! and Trisha Siedfried for letting us be apart of this huge production event. We can't wait to see the finished product! 

Times Square!

Behind the scenes with her new friend!

March 15, 2015: At the AKC agility show this weekend, Tease finished her Open Standard (OA) title and Siri finished her Novice Jumpers (NAJ) title. Player got another QQ towards his MACh. HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY TO PLAYER!!! 
March 10, 2015:
BIG NEWS!! We are now an official Dealer of VICTOR PREMIUM DOG FOOD -- check out our new Info Page regarding the food. For those interested in placing an order, please contact me directly. A new order will be placed on 3/16. Thanks!

March 8, 2015: Siri makes her agility debut and goes 5/6, earning her Novice Agility Standard (NA) title. Player gets his Master Agility Jumpers (MXJ) title, and Tease had some fast times in Open Standard. 

March 4, 2015: I have updated the Puppy Plans as well as the Events pages. New pictures of Skate on her page.

Player sets a new WORLD RECORD!!!!

March 2, 2015:
What a fun weekend we had at our Annual Relay for Life Skyhoundz Disc Competition! Thanks to all who came to help, compete, and support ourevent!!! The dogs had tons of fun even though the weather was pretty darn cold. Saturday was the DiscdogThon and Player snagged another qualifying spot for Worlds in Spot Landing and also set a new WORLD RECORD in Pairs D/A with Dean and Mark Muir. What an awesome team they make -- I am so proud. Tease Qualified and took 1st in Freestyle with Jenga! and Limit hot on her heels!! Hart made his discdog debut and put down a smoking 19 second run in Time Trial and held his own in Pairs and in Bullseye....this was his first time playing somewhere different and with distraction and he was so focused!! What a good boy. Sunday brought Extreme Distance -- Remedy  qualified and took 1st in Microdog with Stacey Muir and Jenga! qualified and took first in Unlimited with Mike Hammack. We are so proud of them all!! Flirt also took second in Classic with Mike and Remedy's daughter Hope (Remedy x Thunder '13) qualified in her first ever two Extreme distance events with catches of 172'!!!! Incredible!!! 

February 26, 2015: SNOW DAY!! We got about 6" of snow overnight and the dogs have had a blast running, playing, and eating the snow. Here's the pack (minus the old dogs, who were too busy shoveling the snow into their mouths). Brrrrr! Tonight we pack up the RV and head to Douglasville for our 2nd Annual Relay for Life Skyhoundz Discodgathon and XTreme Distance. The dogs can't wait to play!


February 21, 2015: Hush gets to see sheep for the first time -- new pictures on his page. He is now 6 months old!

February 14, 2015: Happy Valentine's Day! It looks like Siri has come in season early -- we will be breeding her in the Fall after Skyhoundz World Finals (end of September). We are accepting a waiting list at this time. 

February 10, 2015:
Our e-mail seems to be back up and running (finally) though unfortunately any e-mails sent before February 1st can not be salvaged....please re-send any e-mails. Thanks! 

February 1, 2015: It's training time before the Disc Dog season starts at the end of this month. Siri is scheduled for her first agility competitions in March and we are so excited to have her start her career. **For those who have been sending e-mails, our e-mail service provider has been down but they assure us it will be back up soon. We will respond ASAP. Thank you for your patience and understanding.**

January 18, 2015:
Player and I got another QQ towards his MACh down in Perry, GA then we headed to the beach in FL for a few days of fun (pictured below). Up in Maryland, Dean places 1st place with Remedy in Spot Landing and he took 1st place in Time Trial with Siri (who took 2nd last year at the 2014 Skyhoundz World Finals!). This earns both of those girls a World Invite to the 2015 Skyhoundz World Finals in Chattanooga, TN in September! 

January 13, 2015: We got Siri's results back and she is OFA Good, Elbows Normal, Shoulders Normal, and Patellas Normal! YEAH! 

January 11, 2015: Hush has started his foundation in Competition Obedience and is doing so well. He is such a fun puppy. There's new pictures and a video on his page. His sister, Skate, has just started her puppy flyball class and I can't wait to show you all video -- she's going to be wicked fast!!! Now we have a bunch of packing to do as Dean is heading to MD for Skyhoundz with Siri, Limit, Remedy, Tease, and Raz while I head to Perry, GA for two days of agility with Player. 

January 2, 2015: Happy New Year! It's time for a new chapter in our NEWS AND BRAGS section. All 2014 info can be found by scrolling down.....meanwhile, there's a new video on Siri's page. We have sent off her OFA's and are just waiting for the results!

2014: News and Brags!

December 24, 2014: Merry Christmas from our family to yours -- Hushy is waiting for Santa to come.

December 22, 2014: AVAILABLE DOGS!!!!!! A good friend of ours has a nice two year old, smooth tri colored, male Border Collie (a full sibling to our Siri) available to a working or performance home. Please contact us for more info. 

December 16, 2014: New pictures of Siri on her page as well as more updated information about our 2015 litter with her and TN Hooty. Siri goes in on Thursday for her OFA's and we hope to have her results back mid January and then we will meet up with Hooty and his owner. Stay tuned.....

December 14, 2014: Puppy picking is finished and all puppies have gone to their new homes. We will miss them but we are thrilled for those new families and can't wait to watch the puppies grow! Check out new pictures of Hush and his sister Skate, now 4 months old (and in the "ugly" stage). December is a slow month for us as far as competing and traveling goes, but the dogs enjoy the time off until we begin again mid-January. 

December 1, 2014: We had a great trip to Pendleton, SC for 3 days of agility. All of the dogs did great!! Stella got to play on Saturday only, and she took 3rd in Master 20" Standard! Not bad considering this girl is "retired"! I miss running my Stellabean. Remedy had her first trial back since she MACh'd last year and she took 1st and 3rd in Master 16" Standard. Player got another QQ on Friday and took 1st place in Master 20" Jumpers on Saturday, and 2nd in Master 20" Standard on Sunday. Dean and Tease did well, earning a Q in Open 20" Standard. Jenga!'s puppies are 7 weeks old now and loved meeting tons of new people and were expert little "campers". They start to head to their new homes later this week....where did the time go?  

November 26, 2014: 

November  22, 2014:
Jenga!'s puppies are almost 6 weeks old and the puppy picking process has started. Check out their litter page and stay tuned for updates on where these superstars are headed in just 14 more days! This will be our final litter until early 2016. There's also NEW INFO about our 2015 Skyhoundz Qualifier event in February. Check it out and we hope to see y'all there! 

November 15, 2014: This weekend was Dean's last Skyhoundz Frisbee weekend before he gets shoulder surgery next week. The girls did great -- Siri took 1st in Light Plastic XTreme Distance, Remedy took 1st in Micro XTreme, Stella took 2nd in Classic Xtreme, Limit and Tease placed 2nd and 3rd in Freestyle, and lots of other placements in the other games. Jenga!'s puppies are almost 5 weeks old......wow!

November 9, 2014: Player is qualified for the 2014 AKC Agility Nationals in Reno, NV with limited trialing. The Jenga! puppies got their first experiencing "camping" in the RV this weekend and they got to meet tons of new people. They are 4 weeks old tomorrow and are getting so big (and are getting FUN!). Maggie Fan got some great pictures of Remedy, Player, and Hush (our keeper from the RePlay litter). Thanks, Maggie!

October 30, 2014:
New pictures of Siri's beautiful and talented daughter, Flirt

October 27, 2014: It's been a quiet few weeks around here with no shows, but lots of needed TLC for the crew. Jenga!'s puppies are 2 weeks old today and almost all the eyes are opened. We won't know coat length or eye color until a few more weeks. 

October 13, 2014: Jenga!'s puppies have arrived effortlessly and safely -- 6 babies in two hours....we expected nothing less from our speed demon! We have 4 girls (two blue merles, one red merle, one traditional black/white) and two boys (both beautiful black tri colors). We will post pictures later today. Jenga! is being an amazing mama so far. We are so proud of  her!!!!   ***these puppies are all spoken for ***

October 13, 2014: We are on puppy watch! Jenga!'s temperature has dropped and we should be expecting puppies within the next 24 hours. Stay tuned!

October 5, 2014: We went to Dahlonega, GA for a Discdogathon with some of the dogs -- Remedy took 1st place in TimeTrial, earning a spot for the 2015 Skyhoundz World Finals. Tease took 1st place in Bullseye, also earning an invite to the 2015 Finals, and Limit took 1st in Pairs D/A with Dean and Mark Muir. The  Replay puppies had a blast socializing and tugging ringside -- new pictures of them at 6.5 weeks old!!!

October 3, 2014: Puppy placing has begun for our Replay litter, however they aren't ready to go to new homes just yet.....please welcome our newest addition, Hush (was Wiccan). We look forward to watching all of these puppies grow....I'm so excited for the new families! 

September 28, 2014: Big weekend to end September....first up, Player and I had our first AKC agility trial of the season (and our first trial since March with minimal training as we take the summers off), and he went 4/4, earning 3 first place BLUE ribbons and 1 second place. He has earned his Masters Agility title (MX) and also earned two more QQ's towards his Master Agility Champion (MACh) title. Yeah Playboy! 

**At the 2014 Skyhoundz Classic World Frisbee Finals, our baby girl Siri took 2nd in the WORLD FINALS for Distance and Accuracy Sport division with our good friend, Mark Muir (of Georgia Irish Disc Dogs). This dog has so much heart and no limits!!!!! Thanks for playing such a great round with our girl, Mark! Here is a picture of Siri will all of her hardware from the weeks event! 

**New pictures of the Replay puppies at just over 5 weeks old -- they were once again superstar travelers this weekend and had a blast hanging out in their xpen in the van and meeting lots of fun people! 

September 26, 2014: Another Skyhoundz Discdogathon World Frisbee Finals in the books -- the dogs did great and were real troopers throughout the long day. The biggest news is that our little Siri took 2nd in the WORLD FINALS for TIMETRIAL with an incredible time of 16.12 seconds -- wowza! What a girl!!!!! Here are the rest of the WORLD FINAL results and placements of the dogs who played (not every dog did every game/division)/:

  EVENT  SpotLanding Bullseye TimeTrial XTreme Light XTreme Classic XTreme Unlimited
Tease   - - 15th 6th - 5th
Limit   - - - - - 7th
Siri   - - 2nd - - 8th
Player   23rd 23rd - - 8th -
Stella   - - 4th - - -
Remedy   4th 17th - - - -
The Replay puppies also did great visiting and greeting new people -- they are super travelers. They will be 5 weeks old tomorrow and pictures will be updated over the weekend. It was great to see everyone and we can't wait to be back next year for the 2015 World Finals!

September 23, 2014: We have a bunch of last minute packing and practicing with the dogs before we head to Chattanooga early Wednesday morning for the 2014 Skyhoundz World Frisbee Finals for the Discdogathon and XTreme Distance. This will be Limit, Siri, and Raz's first World Finals, and everyone else's 2nd time. The Replay puppies will be coming along to cheer on their mama Remedy and daddy Player. Good luck to all of our friends competing this week, too -- see y'all soon! Sadly, Jenga! has to sit this year out as she is now 40 days along in her pregnancy (pictured below at 39 days). She has gained 6 pounds already! Holy mama! 

September 19, 2014: Dean is heading to AL for a frisbee demo on Saturday, then he is headed to Forsyth County for another show with the dogs, while I hold down the fort before we head to Chattanooga, TN on Wednesday for the 2014 Skyhoundz World Finals! New pictures of the Replay puppies at 28 days (4 weeks) old. They are SO much fun! 

September 13, 2014: New pictures of our Replay puppies at 21 days (3 weeks old). 

September 10, 2014: Jenga! has been confirmed pregnant! She is due around October 15th. 

September 7, 2014: New 16 day old pictures of the RePlay puppies are posted. Check out their Puppy Page

August 28, 2014: Happy 1 week birthday to the RePlay puppies. Dean and I are headed on a short vacation and we can't wait to see how BIG these puppies are when we get back!! New pictures are on their page, and the next batch will be posted once their eyes are open (around 14 days old). Jenga!'s ultrasound has been scheduled for 9/10!

August 23-24, 2014: Dean went to Harriman, TN for our 2015 Skyhoundz Classic and Discdogathon World Qualifier -- he took the majority of the dogs with him to play so I could concentrate on the new arrival of Remedy's puppies -- so far all are gaining weight and settling into a routine. 

Our little Pomeranian, Raz, earned his first World Invite for MicroDog FREESTYLE for 2015. Wowza! What an amazing little pommie. Limit and Siri had some nice placements in both the Classic Qualifier and the Discdogathon. New daddy, Player, got TWO World Invites for 2015 in TimeTrial (beating Siri by .04s!!) and in Bullseye. Tease qualified for Pairs D/A with Mark Muir. Jenga! and Stella, along with the golden oldies (Annie and Daisy) got to stay home with me.

I can say with confidence that everyone is thoroughly exhausted from this week/ends events. Now for some much needed TLC....

August 22, 2014: Remedy's puppies are here!!!! Please welcome our Black Magic litter, named after Remedy's registered name. We have 3 boys (Wiccan, Hex, and VooDoo) and one girl (Charm). We love our little REPLAYS!

August 16, 2014: Jenga! has been bred..... please click here for more information regarding this exciting litter. Also, REGISTRATION is now CLOSED for our 2015 Skyhoundz Classic and Discdogathon Qualifier held in Harriman, TN August 23-24. I've updated the event page with the schedule of events. See y'all there!

August 7-8, 2014: Happy 2nd Birthday to Tease and Happy 4th Birthday to our princess, Remedy!

August 3, 2014: A rare two upcoming weekends at home. YEAH! This means some much needed play time, swim time, training time, and relaxin' time. Raz got to work on some of his disc foundations -- he is nailing his back stall! He loves to play disc....he sure has a fun future ahead of him! 

August 1, 2014: Jenga! is in season. Stay tuned for updates....

July 30, 2014: Happy 1st Birthday to Maggie and Hope, the two awesome little girls from Remedy's first litter in 2013. We can't wait to see what's in store for you THIS year!  

July 27, 2014: Happy 1st Birthday to Raz!!!!!

July 26, 2014: Today is the last qualifier of the 2014 Skyhoundz Classic qualifier (for freestyle and D/A), and Dean and Mark drove up late Friday to play with the dogs. Dean made the top 10 cut with Tease for D/A, while Mark Muir (of Georgia Irish Disc Dogs) made the top ten with our sisters, Siri and Limit. They both put in a great effort amongst a pretty tough group of competition, and Mark and Siri ended up 4th overall in D/A. I'm so proud of all of them! Now we can enjoy a few weekends of rest before Dean's 2015 Skyhoundz World Qualifier event for Classic and Discdogathon on August 23-24 in Harriman, TN. Check it out on our events page....this event requires pre-registration!!!!!

July 19-20, 2014: Dean and his friend Steve Mize, of K9 Sports Konnection,  held their 2nd Annual "Catch For a Cure" Discdogathon and Xtreme Distance event this eekend in Jefferson, GA. It was rainy, cold, windy....but we are so happy with the turnout and everyone had fun with their dogs. Thank you to everyone who helped judge and make the event run smoothly.

The "sistah's", Limit and Siri, were on FIRE! Little Bitty Siri took 1st place in Time Trial and in Pairs Distance and Accuracy (paired with Mark Muir of Georgia Irish Disc Dogs, thanks Mark!) which means she gets two invites to the 2014 Skyhoundz World Finals. What a good girl! Not to be outdone by her sister, Limit and Dean took 1st place in Freestyle (WOAH!!!), which means they also get to play in Chattanooga in September.

However, the real show stopper was our little rescue Pomeranian, Raz, as he and Dean punched their first ever ticket for Men's Microdog Xtreme Distance with a catch of ~ 37'! We are so proud of Raz, who will be a year old next week. He has so much heart, drive, and love for playing with us. We are so lucky to have this blue devil.

July 18, 2014:
 WOOHOOOOOO! Remedy has been confirmed pregnant by our reproduction vet, Dr. Rebecca Kestle, at Cliffwood Animal Hospital. We have scheduled her x-ray for August 20 to confirm the exact amount of puppies, but she counted approximately 4 (+/-). We are beyond excited (and grateful to HBC's for the opportunity to have Remedy for her last litter). What a special bunch of puppies these will be!!!! Click here to go to the puppy page.

July 16, 2014: Dean and Limit had a great freestyle practice tonight (click for video). They are quickly becoming a great team -- Limit is looking sharp for her first official disc dogging season coming up this fall!!!

July 13, 2014: Jenga! and I went to Perry, GA for 2 days of agility. No Q's for us, but we had some great teamwork and any mistakes were handler disconnect areas. She enjoyed the one on one time and swimming every day. Also....HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENGA!!!!!!!  I scheduled Remedy's ultrasound for 7/18 -- fingers crossed!!!

July 6, 2014: We had a nice quiet weekend at home.....rare for us!!!!! With the cooler temps, I was able to bring the sheep out and let some of the girls work. I've added videos to Siri's page and to Limit's page.

July 4th, 2014: Happy 4th from our family, to yours! Left to right -- Jenga!, Raz, Tease, Limit, Siri, Stella, Remedy, and Player.  The golden oldies (Daisy/Annie) were too busy chasing rabbits!!!!

June 28-29, 2914: Dean made the long trip up to Roanake Rapids, NC for the Skyhoundz Classic and Discdogathon event. The dogs placed fairly well at this big event with a lot of fantastic teams! Tease was on fire, and earned a beautiful ribbon along with the Mad Dog Disc Club's "Grand Champion" for overall number of points within their club for season. What an awesome and supportive club they are with a very well run event. Tease also took 3rd in Spot Landing and 3rd in Bullseye. Siri (picture on left) made the cut on Saturday for the top 10 dogs in the D/A qualifier and was sitting in 1st place, but in the second round the wind took a few of her throws. Great effort by our baby dog though!!! Dean and his girls are exhausted and are looking forward to a weekend OFF from competition!

June 21-22, 2014: Great discdogging weekend! Dean and Tease took 2nd in Freestyle and Dean and Limit took 3rd in Freestyle -- way to go girlies!  Tease also snags a spot or the World Finals in XTreme Distance Unlimited with a catch of 227'! Raz had his disc "debut" and caught a few throws and had great focus and speed -- he also took 2nd in Xtreme Distance Micro! What a guy!!! Also, Siri got 2nd in Xtreme Distance Classic and 2nd place in Spot Landing.

**** Remedy has been bred to Player with puppies (hopefully) expected around August 23! More information can be found on their litter page.

June 14, 2014: Raz got to go to his first agility seminar! He rocked every sequence, generalized in a new location, gave me great distance (for a 6# Pomeranian!!!) and best of all....he had a blast! Karen Holick gave us some great stuff to work on, and we are excited for next years training camp.

June 10, 2014: Remedy is in season (a month early!). Please check here for upcoming litters.

June 8, 2014: Some of the girls got to go to Ohio this weekend to play at the Skyhoundz Xtreme Distance ualifier. The grass was super thick and the winds were tough, but Dean and Limit  (right) earned two qualifying spots in Xtreme Light Plastic and Xtreme Unlimited Plastic!  What a good girl, and a great start to her frisbee career. Stella earned 3rd place in Light Plastic, and Limit's baby half sister, Siri, snagged 4th.

May 24-25, 2014: Dean and I packed up the BCs and headed to Pooler, GA for a Skyhoundz Discdogathon and Xtreme Distance qualifier. We had a ton of fun, dispite the hot conditions, and the dogs had some nice placements in all of the games.Tease got another invite for Xtreme Light Plastic, Player took 1st/Q in Xtreme Classic (and Dean got a new personal throwing best of 240'!!!!!!!!!), and our little Siri got her first EVER invite for Xtreme Unlimited.  What a long wayshe has come in just 3 months! (picture left)

Also, Jenga! got to play with junior handler, Richie, and they took 2nd place in XTreme Light Plastic with a throw/catch of 211'! Wow!!

May 10-11, 2014: Dean went to Blacksburg, VA for Skyhoundz Discdogathon and Xtreme Distance. Remedy snagged qualifying spot in Bullseye and Xtreme, Tease qualified in Time Trial, and Limit qualified in Pairs D/A with Micheal Childress. What a great weekend!!!

May 3-4, 2014Tease gets a Q/1st in Starters Standard at the Run Spot Jump USDAA trial!

April 26-27, 2014: At almost fourteen years old, Daisy and Dean entered their first Barn Hunt trial. Daisy goes 3/4, earning her Novice title! She also gets to start Barn Hunt group classes.....love her!

April 18-20, 2014: Player goes 4/6 at a local AKC show, earning QQ # 4! He needs a few more points to qualify for AKC Nationals in Reno. Stella had her first trial in almost 2 years, and she did fabulous! She earned a few Q's and had some nice times. I was so happy to be able to run her again!! Tease got to play AKC and earned her last leg in Novice Jumpers for her NA title.

April 12-13, 2014: Dean heads to Piedmont Park for USDDN frisbee. Tease qualifies for the 2014 USDDN Frisbee World Finals in Cartersville, GA for freestyle. What a great job Dean has done with her, and she's just 18 months! The dogs placed well and it was a gorgeous weekend. Also, Happy Anniversary to Dean and myself!

April 4-9, 2014: Player and Jenga! went to Perry, GA for 3 days of agility. Jenga! now only needs one more leg in Open Standard for her title, and she had some great runs for her first time in Excellent Jumpers! Player got QQ # 2 and 3!!!

March 29-30, 2014: Dean and I head to Statesboro, GA for Skyhoundz! Remedy earns a Q in Bullseye, Tease takes 3rd in Freestyle, Player Q's in Bullseye, and Siri and I took 2nd in Time Trial and 1st in Novice D/A. What a great weekend despite the 20+ MPH winds!

March 22, 2014: It's the annual Cherry Blossom Festival and we are playing USDDN Frisbee. Siri had her debut, and she and I took 2nd in Novice! Dean and Tease took 3rd in her first USDDN freestyle debut. Wow!!!!!

March 15, 2014: Happy Birthday to our Playboy! He turns two today.

March 7-9, 2014: What a great weekend at AKC agility at Wills Park in Alpharetta, GA! It was a babydog weekend, and our Player gets his AXJ and QQ #1! He had a gorgeous Master Jumpers run, and averaged 7.1 YPS. This boy is flying!!! Jenga! got her OAJ title, her NA title, and got a leg in Open Standard. She had fun running for our friend, Jenna Herran, in her first ever Excellent Jumpers run......no Q, but boy where those two having fun. Tease also gets her NA title with Dean, with a 1st place ribbon.  Way to go, guys!!!!

February 22-23, 2014: It's one of the first Skyhoundz events of the season, and Stella earns a Qualifying spot in Time Trial (Jenga! took 2nd), Tease qualifies in Pairs D/A with Derrick McDonald, Player gets a Q in Spot Landing, and Siri got to debut at her first ever Skyhoundz event. She actually caught a few throws!!!!

February 5, 2014
: Meet Siri, our newest addition! Siri is half sister to our Limit, and we are so excited that Vickey let her come and live with us. She's a love bug and so far is very interested in frisbee rollers! She's got a great personality and is teeny tiny!!!!!!!! We just had to have her.

January 23-25, 2014: I head to Nashville, TN for 3 days of AKC agility with Player and Jenga!.  Player earns his AX title and has some great runs in Excellent Jumpers -- he hit his first run at 7.2 YPS! He is such a good boy. Jenga! gets her NAJ title and another NA leg. She also snags a leg in Open Jumpers.

January 16-18, 2014: The dogs and I hit the road to Perry, GA for 3 days of AKC agility with Player, Remedy, and Jenga!. Remedy had a few nice runs with placements in a competitive 16" class, but she wasn't feeling 100% after coming out  of season so we took it easy. Player had his first runs in Excellent STD/JWW and did awesome, earning a 1st place Q in a very large 20" class. Jenga! made her AKC debut and got several placements in both Novice Standard and Jumpers. Way to go baby dog!  Dean joined us a few days later with Tease, and she snagged a Q in Fast and Standard!

2013: News and Brags!

2013/2014: Happy Holidays and a Happy Near Year from me, Dean, and all the dogs!

December 14-15, 2013: After a long break from trials, Dean and I went up to Chattanooga, TN for a two day indoor agility trial at PDX. This was Remedy's first trial since she earned her MACh, and she went 3/4 earning another QQ towards MACh 2! Good girl Remy-D! Player had a tough time with the rubber surface, but on the second day he went 2/2 in his Excellent class. Tease made her debut and also had some trouble with the surface, but earned her first Q in Novice Standard!

October 25-27, 2013: Drumroll please.....introducing, MACh Remedy! After a 4 month break for whelping and raising a litter of pups, Remedy gets her last QQ for her Master Agility Champion (she also went and got QQ #1 towards MACh 2). Go mama!

October 19, 2013: Dean and I headed to Rick Neilson, of Dahlonega Action Dogs, Frisbee event in Dahlonega, GA. Crisp weekend, but the dogs played well. Remedy took 2nd in Time Trial and the other dogs placed well in some of the games, too.

October 5-6, 2013:
  GREAT Disc Doggin' weekend at Mark Muir's. This weekend was the start of the new 2014 qualifying period for Skyhoundz! Player won Novice D/A with Katy, 2nd in Spot Landing, 3rd in TimeTrials, and 3rd in Pairs D/A with Richie Mohr. Remedy won Expert D/A, 1st in Bullseye (World Qualifier for 2014!), 3rd in Spot Landing, 2nd in TimeTrial. Tease  won Novice Freestyle and 3rd place in Bulleye. Jenga!  tried hard and caught a few throws. And Raz .....should I say more? Thanks Mark and Stacey for your hospitality!

September 30, 2013:  We are pleased to announce our newest addition, all the way from Recycled Pom Rescue in Texas, RAZ!!!! We are so excited to have him here!!!

September 24-26, 2013: What a week at the 2013 Skyhoundz World Frisbee Finals in Chattanooga, TN! This is our first Frisbee Finals for Skyhoundz, and we are so excited to be able to play with the dogs! We came up Tuesday for the "Last Chance" qualifier to see if we could get Remedy qualified for a few games, as she has been with her co-owner for her first litter (her puppies are now 8 weeks old). Remedy was on FIRE!!!!! She earned several spots for the Finals in Time Trial, Bullseye, Spot Landing, and one of the Xtreme Distances. I guess she missed playing!

RESULTS: Jenga! and Player place 4th and 5th in one of the Xtreme Distance Events, Tease placed 6th in another! Remedy took 4th in Bullseye and Time Trial. Not bad, kids!!!! We are thrilled with how everyone played, and we can't wait for next year.

August 10, 2013: A little brag on Player from this weekends Skyhoundz Frisbee event -- he took 1st in Spot Landing, setting a new world high record of 53 points! He also took 1st in Xtreme Distance Unlimited with a catch of 231'4"!

August 7-8, 2013: Happy 1st Birthday to Tease and Happy 3rd Birthday to Remedy (we miss you!).

July 30, 2013: Remedy has her puppies by CH Holther's Shake Down the Thunder -- welcome Hope and Maggie! Thank for Holther Border Collies for taking such good care of her for her first litter. We are excited to watch these two girls grow (and even more excited to see Remedy in a few weeks).

July 13, 2013: Happy 1st Birthday, Jenga!

July 7-13 2013: Player and I headed to Nashville, TN for his AKC agility debut. Baby boy went 9/10, all blue ribbons!!! What an incredible boy.....I am blessed to have him. (VIDEO CAN BE FOUND HERE!!!)