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Thank you for your interest in our dogs. Our lists are currently closed, however we may entertain a limited number of applications from seriously interested parties with a referral*** on a case by case basis for future plans for those looking for performance prospects. It's best to start communication sooner rather than later if you are interested in one of our dogs. 

If you would like additional information regarding our dogs or our raising/placing process, please contact me.  

***referrals: from a current O’my! family member or someone we personally know within the community 


Creature x Tag -- Spring 2022


We are planning a litter out of our little "Creature" (Player/Myth) at the end of 2021 or early 2022 (when she turns 4) to the versatile "Tag". Creature is OFA Excellent, DNA Normal for all testable genetic conditions including EAOD. Tag is OFA Excellent, DNA Normal for the BC Panel. Creature is 17" and showing lots of promise in freestyle disc and in agility. Tag is 19" and currently competes in flyball and has a personal best of 3.9 and he is also in training for agility and dock diving. Puppies should be all black/white and will be AKC registered show/performance cross with limited registration. You can find out more information on Creature and Tag by clicking on their names to be taken to their individual web pages. For more information, please feel free to contact me


We are very passionate about Border Collies and strive to produce versatile dogs for performance events that are structurally sound with a solid temperament and drive that are also easy to live with!  All of our dogs compete in dog sports -- it's important to us that our dogs get to train, compete, and do what they love first and foremost and because of that, we are never 100% sure if or when breedings will take place as we do our best to work around them. All of our puppies are reserved before a breeding has taken place or has been announced. Our interest in our puppies does not stop when they leave us; we are here for the LIFETIME of our puppies and take pride in our homes and our relationships with our puppy owners.

We love talking about Border Collies, so please contact us to find out more information about our dogs, upcoming potential litters, how we raise our puppies, or to be considered for a future puppy.  

All of our puppies are on limited registration (non-breeding).   
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