Meet the Dogs

Our dogs are first and foremost members of our family --they are not just our passion, but our lives.

Here you will see the many faces of O'my! Border Collies (including our retired dogs, non breeding dogs, co-owned dogs, and rescued dogs). Not all of the dogs listed here live with us full time, but they are still so very special to us. The ones who do live with us reside in our home with us, travel with us, and the majority hog the bed at night! They receive lots of daily walks on our 9.5 acres, swimming, fetch, trick training, core conditioning, and playtime with each other in addition to their training in multiple dog sports. We are so proud of all of our dogs and their accomplishments they have earned in their journeys with us, but more importantly we value the time and memories together off the training field so much more. 

Do all the dogs participate in all the sports? Yes and no. You see, my heart lies with agility whereas my husband's passion is Frisbee. For this reason, we do have certain dogs trained to higher levels within each sport. All of our Border Collies learn agility, dock diving, frisbee, obedience, and get exposed to sheep to see where they truly excel (and see what THEY truly love). A few of my dogs have recently started competing in the conformation breed I guess you could say we have "his and hers" dogs. Between me and Dean's personal dogs, we have had three Master Agility Champions (MACh), eleven Skyhoundz World Champion titled Disc Dogs and one World Record holder in disc, and two breed champions (CH).

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