O'my! Unstoppable

Limit learning to fly in the summer of 2013!

Call Name: Limit
DOB: 12/09/2011

Color: Black tri with ticking
Coat: Smooth

Height: 18"
Weight: 28#
CEA/CH: Normal via parentage 

*Limit is spayed. 

About Limit

Limit is our high flying, dock jumping, speed racer! She is a very talented disc dog who loves to get big air! She loves to work and play and gives it her all every time she steps on to the field. Limit is a little piece of dynamite! She is friendly, outgoing, biddable, a tad pushy, and extremely people oriented. She loves showing off and being in a crowd. Her big air, natural athleticism, and "woo woo woo"'s make her a crowd favorite! She naturally has a fast retrieve and she just lives to play the game of frisbee. 

Limit made her Freestyle Disc debut in the Summer of 2014 and she took off with a bang, quickly earning a spot to compete at the USDDN and Skyhoundz World Finals in 2015 for Freestyle. In September of 2015, Limit became the 2015 Skyhoundz World Champion (discdogathon) in Freestyle. We are over the moon with excitement to watch her future with Dean in Freestyle Flying Disc. 

Limit is half-sister to our little powerhouse, Siri. On stock, Limit has a beautiful naturally wide outruns and great feel and balance. She is pressure sensitive and looser eyed when working.

Limit has been retired from disc competition and performances as of 2018, but still occasionally did demos up until the spring of 2019. December 2019, Limit went to a retirement home local to us where she is an only dog and gets all the attention to herself. She still actively swims, hikes, and plays frisbee for fun but most importantly is a bed warmer and couch buddy. Unfortunately Limit passed away in Dec 2022 shortly after her 11th birthday from cancer. She will be missed greatly by all who knew her. 




*2014 Skyhoundz World Finalist for XTreme Distance, placed 7th in Unlimited*
*2014 USDDN World Finalist*
*2015 Skyhoundz World Finalist for Disdogathon and Classic*
*2015 USDDN World Finalist*
*2015 Skyhoundz Discdogathon World Finals, new WORLD CHAMPION in Freestyle*
*2016 Skyhoundz Classic/DDAT Finalist in Freestyle*
*2017 Qualified for Skyhoundz DDAT in Freestyle*


2015 Skyhoundz (discdogathon) Freestyle World Champion