RATCH O'my! Freedom Reigns

Call Name: Cadence
DOB: 5/28/16

Color: black/white with ticking
Coat: smooth

Height: 17.5" 
Weight: 28#

Cadence is owned by Malee in WA. Cadence is spayed. 

Meet Cadence!

Cadence is a unique black/white female from our only breeding of our “Siri” and Norma Stewart's "Hooty" - you can click here to read about this breeding. 

Cadence has been on stock and showed great promise -- she is loaded with power, has a good natural feel for balance and rating her stock, in addition to having nice scope and distance on her stock. We definitely see a lot of her daddy Hooty! She excels at barn hunt as well and quickly earned her RATCH. She is a very sweet dog, with lots of personality and drive. 

Unfortunately Cadence was diagnosed with Spinal Stenosis, a congenital defect, as well as OCD, and had surgery in 2018. While the surgery was overall a success, Cadence still has flair ups and set backs from compensation. Cadence's owner has gone above and beyond for her girl. We have not moved forward with any relations to Cadence in our program. 

Here is what Cadence's owner, Malee, has to say about her:

"Cadence's personality is as distinct and special as all the speckles that cover her face! This girl is stable, caring, determined, extremely athletic, intense, amiable and adaptable. When somebody asks me about Cadence, I always say she is the dog I wanted, but didn't know I needed. She is extremely easy to live with, ready to play at the drop of a hat and ready to relax whenever I have to tend to other work. She is extremely in tune with my physical health and will not leave my side if she suspects I'm not feeling well for any reason.

As a worker, Cadence is very serious and 100-percent devoted to the task at hand. She is currently in foundation training for agility and has done a little bit of herding. When she's in with the sheep working with the instructor, I do not exist! She has a job to do no matter what. In our agility foundation, we've worked a lot on integrating teamwork & play into these early stages of training. She loves the little bit of equipment she has experienced and catches on very quickly. This little powerhouse will do any job with utter determination, which includes toy play. She is a ball/tug/frisbee fiend.

Even with that love for work, she can be so calm ringside and while we're out in public. She is very outgoing and sweet with any person she meets. During most outings, she actually accumulates a line or crowd of people waiting to pet her! Many people comment on how it feels like they are in therapy when they are with her. She gently leans against their legs, looks into their eyes & grins. She'll stay leaned against them as long as they need. I'm forever indebted to Katy for sharing this precious firecracker with me and I can't wait to see what adventures come or way as she continues to grow!"