The highly anticipated Siri x Hooty litter was born in the early hours of May 28, 2016. This is our "Memorial" theme to honor the Holiday. The litter names were Freedom (Cadence), Honor (Henry), Glory (Pax), Brave (The Force), Truth (Ziva), and Faith (Leia). These puppies are doing great in their chosen venues of agility, herding, dock diving, and frisbee. Fast, hard working, lots of push, but still maintaining lovely level heads and thinking ability. You can click on the individual pictures below to be taken directly to their pages. 

No puppies produced from this cross were used in our breeding program. 

Force, Henry, Leia, Ziva, Cadence, and Pax (left/right)


2018 Family Reunion: Henry, The Force, mama Siri, Ziva, and Leia (missing Cadence and Pax, left/right)


O'my! Freedom Reigns

The Force

O'my! Rogue One DS NA NAJ