Call Name: Wish
DOB: 9/19/2016

Color: black/white, carries for gold (E/e), red (B/b), and dilute (D/d)
Coat: rough

Height: 17.75"
Weight: 30.8 # 

CEA/CH: Clear (tested through Optimal Selection)
TNS: Clear
CL: Clear
IGS: Clear
DM: Clear
MDR1: Clear
SN: Clear
DH/RS: Clear
AEOD: Carrier 

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OFA Hips: Good
OFA Elbows: Normal
OFA Shoulders: Normal

BAER: Normal
CAER: Normal 

Wish has been retired from breeding and has been spayed.


Meet Wish!

Wish is an outgoing, fun and sweet dog. She has a natural desire for tug, retrieving, and swimming.  She is very biddable and willing to please.  Her foundation training came along along very easily. In agility, she's a lovely and efficient jumper, very bendy and finds her lines. She's a team player and very level headed. 

Wish was confidently jumping off a competition dock into the water for her toy and earned her Novice Dock title at just 7.5 months of age and earned an invite to the 2017 NADD Eukanuba Champsionship at 8.5 months of age.....she's a total fish just like her Aunt Spryte. In 2018 she ended the NADD season the #1 ranked dog in the Junior Division.  She had an impressive show career early on, earning her breed CH in just four shows with major wins over Specials, two Owner-Handler group placements and an Award Of Merit (AOM) at the National Specialty, all before a year of age. She went on to finish her Grand Championship in just two weekends before she was two years old. 

At 6.5 months old, Wish made her debut in the breed ring and goes Winners Bitch for her first point! Another day she goes Winners Bitch, Best of Winners, Best of Opposite, and Best of Breed Owner-Handler earning her first 3-point Major Win over Specials under respected Judge James Noe (pictured on left).

At 7.5 months old at her second time out, Wish goes Winners Bitch and Owner-Handler Best of Breed for her second 3-point major win under respected judge Polly Smith (pictured on right, who also awarded me and Spryte a 3-point major win May 2016, as well as Wish's grandma Fly a 5-point major win in 2009 at the Border Collie National) and she took Group 2 in the Owner-Handler Group!!!!! She now has both major wins under her belt and 7 points towards her breed championship!

At 10.5 months and her third show, Wish goes Winners Bitch, Best of Winners, Best of Opposite Sex, and Owner Handler Best of Breed for a 4-point major win over Specials under judge Linda Robey (pictured below on left). At the same show, Wish got an Owner-Handler Group 2 under highly respected judge Pat Hastings (pictured below on right). Wow, wow, wow! Wish now has three major wins, two owner-handler Group 2 wins, and 11 points! She was now ranked # 12 in the Owner/Handler Series for the breed in 2017 with minimal showing. 











At her fourth show weekend and just 11 months of age, Wish goes Winners Bitch for another 4 point major win under judge Walter Sommefelt to finish her breed Championship. We are so proud of Wish and are thankful to the judges who recognized her quality and potential. 


In September 2017 we went to the Border Collie National Specialty in Gray Summit, MO. This was Wish's fifth show (and first show as a Special/finished Champion), she was given an Award Of Merit over 64 seasoned Specials. She also won first place in her 9-12 Futurity Class.  We are so very proud of her and honored that she received this award at the young age of 11 months. 


In 2018, Wish earned her Grand Championship in just two shows with competition wins all owner handled. She won with a Best of Breed and 5 point Major at 23 months of age!!!!

From the moment we set eyes on this girl we knew she was destined to be here with us and we are thankful her breeder, Dori/Harbormist, let this wonderful girl come to Georgia. Wish has had two lovely and versatile litters before retiring -- these puppies are doing amazing things in agility, dock diving, and disc with a few very close to finishing their AKC breed Championship and one nationally certified as a SAR dog! Pending their health clearances and continued success in performance, we hope a few may be utilized in our program in a few years. 





*First 3 point major win towards AKC CH at 6.5 months of age*
*Second 3 point major win towards AKC CH at 7.5 months of age*
*2017 wins Owner-Handler Group 2 under Polly Smith, ranked #16 in O/H Border Collies at 7.5 months of age*
*2017 Qualified for the NADD Eukanuba Championship Finals to be held in December*

*Third 4 point major win towards AKC CH at 10.5 months of age*
*2017 wins Owner-Handler Group 2 under Pat Hastings, ranked #12 in O/H Border Collies at 10.5 months of age*

*Fourth 4 point major win, finishing her breed AKC Championship title at 11 months of age*
*2017 BCSA National Specialty, given an Award Of Merit (AOM) at 11 months of age*
*2018 Qualified for the NADD Eukanuba Championship Finals to be held in December 2018*
*2018 wins Best of Breed, finishing her AKC Grand Championship in 2 shows at 23 months of age*

AKC Agility -- Novice FAST Q/1st

AKC Agility -- Novice Jumpers "Q"