GCH CH Harbormist Dare To Dream RN OA OAJ NF DS DJ CGC TKN


AKC MJR PTD Wescot's How Do You Like Me Now RE AX AXJ MXP MJP OF BCAT CA SCN DSA CGC, Certified SAR K9

About This Breeding:

These beautiful puppies were born on June 1st, 2021 and are both HotShot and Wish's second litter of puppies before both were altered (HotShot has been frozen for the future). There are three girls and one boy. We expect nothing but incredible things from these pups, as both HotShot and Wish are extremely versatile in multiple venues across the board. 

No puppies produced from this cross have been used in our breeding program. We hope that Sequel and/or Extra! will be able to contribute to our program in the far future, pending everyones health testing and performance ability.


AKC PTD O'my! Take Another Shot RE CDX NA NAJ BCAT CA TKN CGC *co-owned


O'my! Hot and Spicy ORT