Orion Werewolf In London FDCh

Call Name: London
DOB: 10/8/17

Color: Black/white, carries gold (E/e)
Coat: Bearded 

Height: 19.75"
Weight: 36# 

CEA/CH: Normal
TNS: Normal
CL: Normal
IGS: Normal
DM: Normal
MDR1: Normal

CERF: Normal (2017)
BAER: Normal

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OFA Hips: Excellent
OFA Elbows: summer 2020
OFA Shoulders: summer 2020

London is AKC/ABCA registered as he is a purebred Border Collie. 

Meet London!

London is from our good friend Kelli Herbst/Orion Border Collie's breeding of her Imported Myth to our Player. We love what this cross produced so we took two from this litter -- we own his full sister, Creature

London has a big personality, very much larger than life, much like his father Player. He loves everyone and knows no stranger. He has a silly and exuberant personality, but also loves to work and play. This guy is just so much fun!!!! Bouncy and outgoing, he should've been named "Tigger"! He loves Frisbee and is showing good progress there. He is a natural tracker and has nice “hops”. London has been training in agility and is a team player, good focus and drive, and a nice jumper. He should make his debut in 2020. In days class diving he is consistently hitting the top of the master division at only half dock! He recently made his flyball debut and ran a competitive time of 3.8 and set a new PB shortly after with a 3.78! He is showing tons of progress in multiple sporting venues and we are so excited to see what he can do in the future. 

London lives in Florida with our trusted friend Babz who also owns Kitty (Player/Jenga!). We are excited to watch him grow and advance in sports with Babz. Pending his performance (and his siblings performance) in sports and his health testing, London may be an addition to our breeding program. 

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