O'my! Miss Kitty DM AS FDX

Call Name: Kitty
DOB: 10/13/14

Color: red merle
Coat: rough

Height: 18.5"
Weight: 28 lbs

OFA Hips: Excellent

Kitty is owned by our good friend Babz Mahoney in Florida.
*Kitty is spayed.

Meet Kitty!

Kitty is a gorgeous red merle female from our Jenga! (Inferno's InIt2WinIt! AX AXJ, 2015 Skyhoundz World Champion in XTreme Distance) and our Player (MACh Yosemite'ts Hate The Game DM AMX MX MJX, Two Time World Champion in Disc) -- you can read more about this litter by clicking here.  This litter has talent and versatility in spades, with all 6 puppies having dog titles before they were a year old and several being National Championship Finalists in NADD, UAD, and DockDogs. 

Kitty is outgoing, friendly, intense, and has major hops for the disc and in frisbee. Her personal best in dock diving is 24', which she earned at the 2017 NADD National Championships earning her 5th place in a competitive Masters Division of 140 dogs. In 2017 she was also ranked as the #7 Border Collie in NADD for AR (daddy Player was #1 and brother Shazam #4). She has qualified for the 2016 and 2017 Skyhoundz World Finals in addition to UPDIFF. Kitty is a beautiful jumper in agility too and loves distance skills, just like her daddy. I'm excited to what she can do when she debuts!

Kitty recently started her training and career in flyball (after a handful of sessions). In her first tournament she was running 4.1's and we have no doubt she will hit sub 4's as she progresses! This girl is FAST.

Here is what Babz, Kitty's owner, has to say about her:

"Miss Kitty was born "Ready Ready." It was 5 months before I saw her sleeping. She would be standing in her crate staring at me every time I checked on her LOL. She was ready and willing to do Anything and still is. She puts 200 % into everything she does, including love. I swear her entire insides are nothing but heart. I am spoiled with how smart she is and how quick she masters anything with her intense focus and drive. I have so many memories in the 3 years that we have been competing, but one that comes to mind is the night of the Dueling Dogs World Finals. We were being filmed in an indoor auditorium. There were hundreds of spectators and when the spotlights came on and we were announced, I noticed that Miss Kitty was not only the only Border Collie in the group, but she was also half the size of her competitors (mainly Mal's and Labs). I was and still am so proud of my little wildcat!!! Everyday is an adventure and every night is a cuddle fest. She has brought more Joy in my life than I ever imagined having!!!"

We love our little Wildcat and look forward to watching her continue in dog sports. Babz also co-owns London with us, from the Player/Myth litter. 

2017 NADD Championships

2017 NADD Championships-

Agility Videos