Here you will find information about grandkids and great grandkids to our Player (MACH2 Yosemite Hate The Game RN BCAT MXS MJB DMA DSX AMX PT, 2x Skyhoundz World Champion) from both our litters and outside litters. Any titles and OFA testing will be recorded as it is completed.

Groovy x Shamoo 4/17/22

This litter was bred by Wendy Jordan of Wescot Border Collies, co-bred by Chelsea Singer. There are 3 girls and 1 boy. The dam is "Groovy" Wescot's Heads Carolina, Tails California NAJ NF CGC co-owned with Chelsea Singer. Groovy is a littermate to our HotShot (NV/Sharpie, NV is Player/Puzzle 1.0). The sire is “Shamoo” CH Ariel Linwald lasc Dubh. 


  • Wescots Sugar High Wayside "Pixie" owned by Wendy Jordan, co-owned with Joan Lawson
  • Wescots Sweet & Salty "Confetti" owned by Chelsea Singer
  • Wescots TBA owned by Chelsea Singer
  • Wescots "Aurora" owned by Britani Marks



Vanquish x Grit 3/24/22

This litter was bred by Kelli Herbst of Orion Border Collies. There are 4 boys and 3 girls.  O'my! Play To Win BCAT DSA "Vanquish" is from our Player/Siri litter. The sire is PWRTRIPP Grit owned and bred by Kim Russell. 

  • Orion For The Win "Sweep", owned by Kelli H/Orion Border Collies
  • Orion Repeat That "Ozzy", owned by Lauralee in MD
  • Orion Commanding Perspective "Vantage" owned by Jessica in OH
  • Orion Raisin' The Bar "Zion" owned by Kelsey in OH
  • Orion Pedal To The Metal "Turbo" owned by Jennifer in CT
  • Orion Livin' The Dream "Livy" owned by Susan in DE
  • Orion Just Win It "Nike" owned by Elise F in GA 


Ditto x Hailey 11/X/21

This litter was bred by Wendy Jordan of Wescot Border Collies. Wescot's Carbon Copy "Ditto" owned by Wendy from Wescot's first breeding of Player/Puzzle, was bred to Ammardan Play To Win Wescot also owned by Wendy Jordan. This is a repeat breeding. 

  • Wescot's New Year Resolution "Fable" owned by Cheyanne Jade Green
  • Wescot's Wescot’s Champagne At Midnight "Toast" owned by Lois Mark
  • Wescot's Oh What a Night "Ziggy" owned by Heather Worman
  • Wescot TBA
  • Wescot TBA
  • Wescot TBA
  • Wescot TBA

HotShot x Wish 6/2/21