Trinity's And The Story Unfolds PCD BN RE OA NAJ NF AD ASA TKN CGCA


MACH2 PACH Yosemite's Hate The Game RN MXS MJB MXP2 MJP2 BCAT DMA DSX AMX ASA PT, 2 time World Champion in Skyhoundz

About this 1.0 Breeding:

The 1.0 litter was bred and whelped on March 2, 2019 by Brianne Farr of Trinity Border Collies. There are 7 puppies, all girls in the first litter!!!  

We have known Lyric from the day she was born and have loved watching her grow and mature right in front of our eyes. Lyric has a stellar temperament and great work ethic, much like her parents who are extremely versatile in multiple performance sports. Lyric was bred by Brianne and is out of her dogs: RACH CH Powerhouse Cash It All In UDX ODX BN GN GO RAE RMX HSAs AX AXJ OF AD AS SSA SJ DJ CA CGCA "Dare" and MACH RACH RNC Powerhouse Happily Ever After CDX PCD BN GN RE RAX PT MX MXJ XF AAD ASA SPJ DJ TT TKA  CGCA "Aurora". In 2018 at the AKC Obedience Classic, Aurora took 5th place in Open and Dare 9th place in Utility! Aurora also took 5th place the the 2018 AKC Rally National Championship. In 2020, Aurora WON the Rally National Championship!

Update 2021: We (O'my! Border Collies) will not be moving forward in our program with any puppies resulting from this cross or the repeat litter due the recent developement of epilepsy (dx May 2021) in a litter produced by Lyric's mother (MACH RACH RNC Powerhouse Happily Ever After “Aurora” ) with 3 affected puppies, but they are absolutely amazing nonetheless and we are so proud of all they are accomplishing with their owners.   Please note that the first breeding of Player/Lyric as well as the repeat litter was produced well before epilepsy popped up from grandmother Aurora's litter. In January 2023, Electra (1.0) had a single cluster seizure and since then has thankfully been seizure free as of February 2024. 





left/right 1.0 pups: Tempo, River, Revolution, Melody, Electra, Hattie, and Moxie (pups 8 weeks)



left/right above 1.0 pups: Daddy Player, Revolution, River, Moxie, Hattie, Tempo and mama Lyric (pups 7 months)


Trinity's Perfect Game *co-owned

River is a gorgeous traditional black/white female who stands 20" tall and weighs 35#. She is from the 1.0 breeding. She has tremendous focus and drive, already showing promise in her foundations for frisbee, dock diving, obedience, and agility. River finished her breed championship in UKC and IABCA before she was a year old and titled in Rally when she was just 6 months. River has both her majors towards her AKC CH over lovely competition, leaving her with just a few points left to finish in which she finished in June 2023 with WD/BOW/BOS over Specials! River lives in GA with Tracy but is co-owned with us. River is Tracy's first ever agility dog (and border collie!). You can click here to learn more about her. River is OFA Hips Good, Elbows/Shoulders Normal.  River will not be ulitized in our program and is now spayed. 




Revolution RN BCAT DJ CGC