Call Name: Raven
DOB: 12/28/2016

Color: black tricolor
Coat: smooth

Height: 18" 
Weight: 28 #

Raven is owned by Lisa Meehan in GA. Raven is spayed.

Meet Raven

Raven is a beautiful black tricolor female from the only breeding between our talented little Siri (O'my! Know-It-All OA OAJ 2016 Skyhoundz World Champion in D/A) and our versatile Player (MACh Yosemite's Hate The Game MX MXJ DM AMX, 2 Time World Champion in Disc). You can find out more about this litter by clicking here

Raven is a driven and sweet girl. She loves to work! We are looking forward to seeing how Raven progresses in her dog sport training -- she is sure to turn heads! In agility, she is a lovely jumper and a little rocket! She is responsive and level headed when working and loves distance. We are so excited for Lisa and Raven and their career in agility!

Here is what Lisa has to say about Raven:

"Raven is my first border collie and O'my! what an experience.  I have always owned dogs and have been doing agility for the last 5 years.  I got a border collie because I wanted to dabble in other sports, dock diving and Up Dog Frisbee just to name a few and my other dogs are  just not built for it.  Raven loves to work/play or is it play/work.  Her favorite toys are her ball, frisbee and tug toys.  She loves loves loves to tug.  Did I say she loves to tug?  She will tug with anything a bone, a ball, a frisbee you name it she will bring it to you and want to tug.

She is a quick study, smart, playful, fun loving and just wants to "please".  She has an off switch and will lay around and cuddle with you as well.  She is a "Thinker".  She is so smart she can open doors (lever type handles) whether she pushes and/or pulls it open.  

I would not have wished for a better companion/team mate.  I can't wait to see where the future takes us, the sky is the limit and we have so many possibilities."


Check back for updates as Raven grows and starts her adventures with her owner, Lisa.