Call Name: Siryn
DOB: 10/13/14

Color: blue merle
Coat: rough

Height: 18.5"
Weight: 28 lbs

Siryn is owned by Rebecca Schnulle in SC.
*Siryn is spayed.

Meet Siryn!

Siryn is a stunning blue merle female from our Jenga! (Inferno's InIt2WinIt! AX AXJ, 2015 Skyhoundz World Champion in XTreme Distance) and our Player (MACh Yosemite'ts Hate The Game DM AMX MX MJX, Two Time World Champion in Disc) -- you can read more about this litter by clicking here.  This litter has talent and versatility in spades, with all 6 puppies having dog titles before they were a year old and several being National Championship Finalists in NADD, UAD, and DockDogs. 

Siryn is friendly, outgoing, intense, and loves to work. She's a gorgeous jumper in agility and puts up very fast course times. In 2016, she qualified for Cynosports (USDAA Nationals). She has incredible ground speed and a lot of power in that little body. Siryn is super smart and is loaded with cool tricks. Siryn also loves to dock dive and was leaping off the dock well into the teens after her first official dock lesson! We lovingly refer to Siryn as "blue-Kitty" as she looks a lot like her red merle sister. In 2018, Siryn qualified for the EO Tryouts in AKC agility!! 

Here is what Rebecca has to say about Siryn:

"Siryn is an incredible partner. She is very driven, smart and biddable. Siryn loves to work! At 5 months of age, Siryn learned to stack rings and has now earned her Trick Dog Advanced. Siryn is also a Therapy Dog and performs her tricks weekly for the residents at the nursing home. She is a wonderful therapy dog and sticks her heads in between walkers so that the residents can pet her and loves to roll on her back for belly rubs.

Siryn is extremely talented on the agility field. She loves agility and is a force to be reckoned with. I am super excited about our future in agility! Siryn is a beautiful jumper at 20” and just recently has started training at 24”. Her next love would be swimming and dock diving. Her personal best is 19’0 and we hope to continue to improve during the 2018 dock diving season and make it to NADD Dock Diving Nationals in Orlando in December.

Off the field, Siryn is a wonderful companion and gets the paper everyday down our .20 mile driveway. She has a wonderful “off” switch and at night we share a pillow. I am extremely lucky to share my life with Siryn!"

Rebecca and Siryn are a great team and I'm really excited to see what this year brings for them in agility. 

USDAA Master Jumpers - Q

AKC Agility -- Master JWW Q/1st