2013 News and Brags!

2013/2014: Happy Holidays and a Happy Near Year from me, Dean, and all the dogs!

December 14-15, 2013: After a long break from trials, Dean and I went up to Chattanooga, TN for a two day indoor agility trial at PDX. This was Remedy's first trial since she earned her MACh, and she went 3/4 earning another QQ towards MACh 2! Good girl Remy-D! Player had a tough time with the rubber surface, but on the second day he went 2/2 in his Excellent class. Tease made her debut and also had some trouble with the surface, but earned her first Q in Novice Standard!

October 25-27, 2013: Drumroll please.....introducing, MACh Remedy! After a 4 month break for whelping and raising a litter of pups, Remedy gets her last QQ for her Master Agility Champion (she also went and got QQ #1 towards MACh 2). Go mama!

October 19, 2013: Dean and I headed to Rick Neilson, of Dahlonega Action Dogs, Frisbee event in Dahlonega, GA. Crisp weekend, but the dogs played well. Remedy took 2nd in Time Trial and the other dogs placed well in some of the games, too.

October 5-6, 2013:  GREAT Disc Doggin' weekend at Mark Muir's. This weekend was the start of the new 2014 qualifying period for Skyhoundz! Player won Novice D/A with Katy, 2nd in Spot Landing, 3rd in TimeTrials, and 3rd in Pairs D/A with Richie Mohr. Remedy won Expert D/A, 1st in Bullseye (World Qualifier for 2014!), 3rd in Spot Landing, 2nd in TimeTrial. Tease  won Novice Freestyle and 3rd place in Bulleye. Jenga!  tried hard and caught a few throws. And Raz .....should I say more? Thanks Mark and Stacey for your hospitality!

September 30, 2013:  We are pleased to announce our newest addition, all the way from Recycled Pom Rescue in Texas, RAZ!!!! We are so excited to have him here!!!

September 24-26, 2013: What a week at the 2013 Skyhoundz World Frisbee Finals in Chattanooga, TN! This is our first Frisbee Finals for Skyhoundz, and we are so excited to be able to play with the dogs! We came up Tuesday for the "Last Chance" qualifier to see if we could get Remedy qualified for a few games, as she has been with her co-owner for her first litter (her puppies are now 8 weeks old). Remedy was on FIRE!!!!! She earned several spots for the Finals in Time Trial, Bullseye, Spot Landing, and one of the Xtreme Distances. I guess she missed playing!

RESULTS: Jenga! and Player place 4th and 5th in one of the Xtreme Distance Events, Tease placed 6th in another! Remedy took 4th in Bullseye and Time Trial. Not bad, kids!!!! We are thrilled with how everyone played, and we can't wait for next year.

August 10, 2013: A little brag on Player from this weekends Skyhoundz Frisbee event -- he took 1st in Spot Landing, setting a new world high record of 53 points! He also took 1st in Xtreme Distance Unlimited with a catch of 231'4"!

August 7-8, 2013: Happy 1st Birthday to Tease and Happy 3rd Birthday to Remedy (we miss you!).

July 30, 2013: Remedy has her puppies by CH Holther's Shake Down the Thunder -- welcome Hope and Maggie! Thank for Holther Border Collies for taking such good care of her for her first litter. We are excited to watch these two girls grow (and even more excited to see Remedy in a few weeks).

July 13, 2013: Happy 1st Birthday, Jenga!

July 7-13 2013: Player and I headed to Nashville, TN for his AKC agility debut. Baby boy went 9/10, all blue ribbons!!! What an incredible boy.....I am blessed to have him. (VIDEO CAN BE FOUND HERE!!!)