O'my! Well Played RN DS CGCA TKA

Call Name: Zing!, ZingZing
DOB: 9/13/2021

Color: gold/white (genetically dilute of black, tested as non-merle through GenSolDX and Optimal Selection)
Coat: rough

Height: 21" (at 12 months)
Weight: 38# (at 12 months)

CEA/CH: Clear (tested via Optimal Selection)
TNS: Clear
CL: Clear
IGS: Clear
DM: Clear
MDR1: Clear
SN: Clear
DH/RS: Clear
AEOD: Clear
BCG: Clear (tested through GensolDX)

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OFA Hips: too young
OFA Elbows: too young
OFA Shoulders: to young
OFA Basic Cardiac: Normal

CAER/CERF: Normal 1/22/2022
BAER: Normal 2/18/2022

Meet Zing!

Bazinga! is a handsome gold/white (tested as non-merle both via Optimal Selection and GensolDX) singleton out of our co-owned Pixel (AKC CH O'my! Hidden Identity RE FDC NA NAJ OF FCAT SWA SCM SEM SIE DSA DDP CGCA CGCU TKP NW2, from Dare/Spryte) and our talented Player (MACH2 Yosemite Hate The Game RN BCAT MXS MJB MXP MJP DMA DSX AMX ASA PT, 2x Skyhoundz World Champion). Click here to read more about this breeding. 

Zing! is our long awaited Player son. We have not used Player in our own program since 2016 and we are so excited that this highly anticipated breeding gave us exactly what we were wanting -- a gold boy, marked just like his father, with personality in spades, and genetically not a merle. Zing! checked all the boxes and we are very excited for him to stay and for his future. 

Zing! is very much like his father. He is outgoing, charismatic, focused and driven while keeping his sire's signature playful "Gotcha!" attitude. He has incredible work ethic already at a young age and is very serious. He loves to learn and he is "freaky good" like his father, shaping new behaviors in just 2-3 attempts and watching your eyes. His verbal understanding of objects and commands are on point. He switches between toy and food drive with no issues and naturally is tracking and retrieving frisbee rollers and balls. At a few days shy of 14 weeks, Zing! earns his Trick Dog Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced titles! He is sharp as a tack when it comes to trick training. 

He is extremely friendly and people oriented and will also work and generalize for anyone. He has tremendous focus. He's such a neat puppy! 

We are really excited that Zing! is related to almost every dog in our home/program on both sides of his pedigree. He is also a 2nd generation O'my! bred puppy -- you can read more about his breeding and relations to the other dogs in our home/program by clicking here. We are just smitten with him and we are so excited for him to grow and eventually start his foundations in multiple dog sports. Stay tuned to watch Zing!'s future. 








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