O'my! As the Story Goes AX MXJ XF DN DJ TKI

Call name: Fable
DOB: 10/24/17

Color: Black/white
Coat: Rough 

Height: 18" 
Weight: 30#

Fable is owned by Lauren Fortenberry in OK, co-owned with us.

Meet Fable!

Fable is a traditional black/white female from our only breeding of our "Spryte" to Brianne "Dare". This was our all girl Disney Fairy litter and you can read about this litter by clicking here

Fable is an outgoing, confident, friendly, and sassy puppy. She's extremely talkative, much like her mama Spryte. She has a big personality and I am excited to see what she accomplishes with her owner, Lauren, in dog sports. Fable has been exposed to livestock and showed good interest. 

Fable is a niece to our Wish (AKC GCH CH HarborMist Dare to Dream OA OAJ NF DS TKN CGC) who received an Award of Merit at the 2017 Border Collie National Specialty at just 11 months of age against 60+ Specials. She is also a niece to our Story (AKC CH- pointed HarborMist Ever After RN TKI CGC) who is showing tons of promise in herding and agility. 

Here is what Lauren has to say about her girl:

"Where to even begin! Fable is my first border collie and what an experience it has been! I’ve admired the breed for many years and Fable has been the perfect introduction to this amazing breed. Fable is sweet and kind and funny and loud. She has an infectious, outgoing personality and is extremely social with people and dogs. She loves to play no matter what we are doing and has taken right to agility, flyball, and rally training. Not much phases her- she takes everything in stride with confidence and full of sass. Oh yes- she has a lot of opinions on things! Fable is so much fun to train and picks things up incredibly quickly! She is also extremely easy to motivate and always game to play.

At home Fable is a joy to have around. She is extremely easy to live with (my biggest concern venturing into my first border collie!). She could go all day or sleep and cuddle all day. She sleeps on my bed every night and gets along beautifully with all my other dogs. I have often said Fable fits my life like a glove- it’s like she’s always been here and I can’t imagine life without her! Katy did a fantastic job with her and has been so supportive for us both. Fable gets lots of compliments wherever we go be that dog sports or just out to the store. People tell me she is beautiful and tell me how sweet she is. I am so proud of this little girl and can hardly believe she’s mine!”

Check back for updates as Fable grows and continues her foundations in dog sports! 

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