Below you will find puppies from our MACH2 PACH Player RN MXS MJB MXP2 MJP2 BCAT DMA DSX AMX ASA PT, 2 time World Champion in Skyhoundz both from our litters and from outside litters.  For an official AKC generated report updated as of June 2022, click here.


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Player x Pixel 9/13/21

A very special singleton boy was born 9/13/21 out of our co-owned Pixel (Dare/Spryte) and Player. He makes for the first grandson of our Spryte. We are very excited for this boy! 


  • O'my! Well Played RA AX AXJ DS DM CGCA TKA "Bazinga!", owned by us in GA | OFA Hips Excellent, Elbows/Shoulders Normal 




Player x Lyric 2.0 6/21/20

4 girls and 4 boys were born 6/21/20, bred and whelped by Brianne Farr of Trinity Border Collies in GA. More information to follow as they grow and make their way to their new homes....

  • Trinity's Proof of Life In The Shadows RN NF "Ember", owned by Brianne Farr in GA
  • Trinity's Can't Quit The Game OA OAJ CGC CGCA CGCU"Habit" owned by Nisa Semione in NY, co-owned
  • Trinity's Ready Player One CGC TKN "Sega" owned by Cassie Dillard in SC, co-owned, OFA Prelim "Good"
  • Trinity's Let The Music Play AX AXJ OF DS "Medley" owned by Lauren Fortenberry in OK
  • Trinity's Hero of Hyrule "Link" owned by Jess Canter in TN
  • Trinity's Lyric's Playbook MX MXJ MXF TKI  "Meric" owned by Sue Singer in PA
  • Trinity's Play It By Ear TKI "Hayden" owned by Autumn Clarke in FL
  • Trinity's Never Play It Safe RN BCAT SWN SIA SEA SBA CGC “Risk” owned by Andrea Galloway

*no puppies from this cross are being used in our program




Player x Lyric 1.0 3/2/19

7 girls born 3/2/19 bred and whelped by Brianne Farr of Trinity Border Collies in GA. Click here to go to their litter page or click each puppies name to go directly to their own pages with additional photos and videos..

  • UKC/AKC CH Trinity's Perfect Game RN MX MXJ OF DCAT CA DM DSA FDC SWN CGCA CGCU  "River" owned by Tracy C  / OFA Good, Shoulders/Elbows Normal
  • Trinity's Power Play RN BCAT DJ CGC “Luna” owned by E. Fan in HI / OFA Hips Good, Shoulders Normal
  • Trinity's Play Like a Girl CGC "Moxie" owned by Donnette D 
  • Trinity's Music of the Night CGC "Melody" owned by Tina
  • Trinity's Pharaoh Plays The Music NA NAJ NF "Hattie" owned by Holley C.
  • Trinity's Song of the Sea "Electra" owned by Kaila C. 
  • Trinity's A Song Thats Flawless NF DJ BCAT "Tempo" owned by Beth Farr

*Update 2021: We (O'my! Border Collies) will not be moving forward in our program with any puppies resulting from this cross or the repeat litter due the recent developement of epilepsy (dx May 2021) in a litter produced by Lyric's mother (MACH RACH RNC Powerhouse Happily Ever After “Aurora” ) with 3 affected puppies, but they are absolutely amazing nonetheless and we are so proud of all they are accomplishing with their owners.   Please note that the first litter as well as the repeat litter of Player/Lyric was produced well before epilepsy popped up from grandmother Aurora's litter. In January 2023, Electra (1.0) had a single cluster seizure and since then has thankfully been seizure free as of February 2024.