2014 News and Brags!

December 24, 2014: Merry Christmas from our family to yours -- Hushy is waiting for Santa to come.

December 22, 2014: AVAILABLE DOGS!!!!!! A good friend of ours has a nice two year old, smooth tri colored, male Border Collie (a full sibling to our Siri) available to a working or performance home. Please contact us for more info. 

December 16, 2014: New pictures of Siri on her page as well as more updated information about our 2015 litter with her and TN Hooty. Siri goes in on Thursday for her OFA's and we hope to have her results back mid January and then we will meet up with Hooty and his owner. Stay tuned.....

December 14, 2014: Puppy picking is finished and all puppies have gone to their new homes. We will miss them but we are thrilled for those new families and can't wait to watch the puppies grow! Check out new pictures of Hush and his sister Skate, now 4 months old (and in the "ugly" stage). December is a slow month for us as far as competing and traveling goes, but the dogs enjoy the time off until we begin again mid-January. 

December 1, 2014: We had a great trip to Pendleton, SC for 3 days of agility. All of the dogs did great!! Stella got to play on Saturday only, and she took 3rd in Master 20" Standard! Not bad considering this girl is "retired"! I miss running my Stellabean. Remedy had her first trial back since she MACh'd last year and she took 1st and 3rd in Master 16" Standard. Player got another QQ on Friday and took 1st place in Master 20" Jumpers on Saturday, and 2nd in Master 20" Standard on Sunday. Dean and Tease did well, earning a Q in Open 20" Standard. Jenga!'s puppies are 7 weeks old now and loved meeting tons of new people and were expert little "campers". They start to head to their new homes later this week....where did the time go?  

November 26, 2014: 

November  22, 2014:
Jenga!'s puppies are almost 6 weeks old and the puppy picking process has started. Check out their litter page and stay tuned for updates on where these superstars are headed in just 14 more days! This will be our final litter until early 2016. There's also NEW INFO about our 2015 Skyhoundz Qualifier event in February. Check it out and we hope to see y'all there! 

November 15, 2014: This weekend was Dean's last Skyhoundz Frisbee weekend before he gets shoulder surgery next week. The girls did great -- Siri took 1st in Light Plastic XTreme Distance, Remedy took 1st in Micro XTreme, Stella took 2nd in Classic Xtreme, Limit and Tease placed 2nd and 3rd in Freestyle, and lots of other placements in the other games. Jenga!'s puppies are almost 5 weeks old......wow!

November 9, 2014: Player is qualified for the 2014 AKC Agility Nationals in Reno, NV with limited trialing. The Jenga! puppies got their first experiencing "camping" in the RV this weekend and they got to meet tons of new people. They are 4 weeks old tomorrow and are getting so big (and are getting FUN!). Maggie Fan got some great pictures of Remedy, Player, and Hush (our keeper from the RePlay litter). Thanks, Maggie!

October 30, 2014:
New pictures of Siri's beautiful and talented daughter, Flirt

October 27, 2014: It's been a quiet few weeks around here with no shows, but lots of needed TLC for the crew. Jenga!'s puppies are 2 weeks old today and almost all the eyes are opened. We won't know coat length or eye color until a few more weeks. 

October 13, 2014: Jenga!'s puppies have arrived effortlessly and safely -- 6 babies in two hours....we expected nothing less from our speed demon! We have 4 girls (two blue merles, one red merle, one traditional black/white) and two boys (both beautiful black tri colors). We will post pictures later today. Jenga! is being an amazing mama so far. We are so proud of  her!!!!   ***these puppies are all spoken for ***

October 13, 2014: We are on puppy watch! Jenga!'s temperature has dropped and we should be expecting puppies within the next 24 hours. Stay tuned!

October 5, 2014: We went to Dahlonega, GA for a Discdogathon with some of the dogs -- Remedy took 1st place in TimeTrial, earning a spot for the 2015 Skyhoundz World Finals. Tease took 1st place in Bullseye, also earning an invite to the 2015 Finals, and Limit took 1st in Pairs D/A with Dean and Mark Muir. The  Replay puppies had a blast socializing and tugging ringside -- new pictures of them at 6.5 weeks old!!!

October 3, 2014: Puppy placing has begun for our Replay litter, however they aren't ready to go to new homes just yet.....please welcome our newest addition, Hush (was Wiccan). We look forward to watching all of these puppies grow....I'm so excited for the new families! 

September 28, 2014: Big weekend to end September....first up, Player and I had our first AKC agility trial of the season (and our first trial since March with minimal training as we take the summers off), and he went 4/4, earning 3 first place BLUE ribbons and 1 second place. He has earned his Masters Agility title (MX) and also earned two more QQ's towards his Master Agility Champion (MACh) title. Yeah Playboy! 

**At the 2014 Skyhoundz Classic World Frisbee Finals, our baby girl Siri took 2nd in the WORLD FINALS for Distance and Accuracy Sport division with our good friend, Mark Muir (of Georgia Irish Disc Dogs). This dog has so much heart and no limits!!!!! Thanks for playing such a great round with our girl, Mark! Here is a picture of Siri will all of her hardware from the weeks event! 

**New pictures of the Replay puppies at just over 5 weeks old -- they were once again superstar travelers this weekend and had a blast hanging out in their xpen in the van and meeting lots of fun people! 

September 26, 2014: Another Skyhoundz Discdogathon World Frisbee Finals in the books -- the dogs did great and were real troopers throughout the long day. The biggest news is that our little Siri took 2nd in the WORLD FINALS for TIMETRIAL with an incredible time of 16.12 seconds -- wowza! What a girl!!!!! Here are the rest of the WORLD FINAL results and placements of the dogs who played (not every dog did every game/division)/:

  EVENT  SpotLanding Bullseye TimeTrial XTreme Light XTreme Classic XTreme Unlimited
Tease   - - 15th 6th - 5th
Limit   - - - - - 7th
Siri   - - 2nd - - 8th
Player   23rd 23rd - - 8th -
Stella   - - 4th - - -
Remedy   4th 17th - - - -
The Replay puppies also did great visiting and greeting new people -- they are super travelers. They will be 5 weeks old tomorrow and pictures will be updated over the weekend. It was great to see everyone and we can't wait to be back next year for the 2015 World Finals!

September 23, 2014: We have a bunch of last minute packing and practicing with the dogs before we head to Chattanooga early Wednesday morning for the 2014 Skyhoundz World Frisbee Finals for the Discdogathon and XTreme Distance. This will be Limit, Siri, and Raz's first World Finals, and everyone else's 2nd time. The Replay puppies will be coming along to cheer on their mama Remedy and daddy Player. Good luck to all of our friends competing this week, too -- see y'all soon! Sadly, Jenga! has to sit this year out as she is now 40 days along in her pregnancy (pictured below at 39 days). She has gained 6 pounds already! Holy mama! 

September 19, 2014: Dean is heading to AL for a frisbee demo on Saturday, then he is headed to Forsyth County for another show with the dogs, while I hold down the fort before we head to Chattanooga, TN on Wednesday for the 2014 Skyhoundz World Finals! New pictures of the Replay puppies at 28 days (4 weeks) old. They are SO much fun! 

September 13, 2014: New pictures of our Replay puppies at 21 days (3 weeks old). 

September 10, 2014: Jenga! has been confirmed pregnant! She is due around October 15th. 

September 7, 2014: New 16 day old pictures of the RePlay puppies are posted. Check out their Puppy Page

August 28, 2014: Happy 1 week birthday to the RePlay puppies. Dean and I are headed on a short vacation and we can't wait to see how BIG these puppies are when we get back!! New pictures are on their page, and the next batch will be posted once their eyes are open (around 14 days old). Jenga!'s ultrasound has been scheduled for 9/10!

August 23-24, 2014: Dean went to Harriman, TN for our 2015 Skyhoundz Classic and Discdogathon World Qualifier -- he took the majority of the dogs with him to play so I could concentrate on the new arrival of Remedy's puppies -- so far all are gaining weight and settling into a routine. 

Our little Pomeranian, Raz, earned his first World Invite for MicroDog FREESTYLE for 2015. Wowza! What an amazing little pommie. Limit and Siri had some nice placements in both the Classic Qualifier and the Discdogathon. New daddy, Player, got TWO World Invites for 2015 in TimeTrial (beating Siri by .04s!!) and in Bullseye. Tease qualified for Pairs D/A with Mark Muir. Jenga! and Stella, along with the golden oldies (Annie and Daisy) got to stay home with me.

I can say with confidence that everyone is thoroughly exhausted from this week/ends events. Now for some much needed TLC....

August 22, 2014: Remedy's puppies are here!!!! Please welcome our Black Magic litter, named after Remedy's registered name. We have 3 boys (Wiccan, Hex, and VooDoo) and one girl (Charm). We love our little REPLAYS!

August 16, 2014: Jenga! has been bred..... please click here for more information regarding this exciting litter. Also, REGISTRATION is now CLOSED for our 2015 Skyhoundz Classic and Discdogathon Qualifier held in Harriman, TN August 23-24. I've updated the event page with the schedule of events. See y'all there!

August 7-8, 2014: Happy 2nd Birthday to Tease and Happy 4th Birthday to our princess, Remedy!

August 3, 2014: A rare two upcoming weekends at home. YEAH! This means some much needed play time, swim time, training time, and relaxin' time. Raz got to work on some of his disc foundations -- he is nailing his back stall! He loves to play disc....he sure has a fun future ahead of him! 

August 1, 2014: Jenga! is in season. Stay tuned for updates....

July 30, 2014: Happy 1st Birthday to Maggie and Hope, the two awesome little girls from Remedy's first litter in 2013. We can't wait to see what's in store for you THIS year!  

July 27, 2014: Happy 1st Birthday to Raz!!!!!

July 26, 2014: Today is the last qualifier of the 2014 Skyhoundz Classic qualifier (for freestyle and D/A), and Dean and Mark drove up late Friday to play with the dogs. Dean made the top 10 cut with Tease for D/A, while Mark Muir (of Georgia Irish Disc Dogs) made the top ten with our sisters, Siri and Limit. They both put in a great effort amongst a pretty tough group of competition, and Mark and Siri ended up 4th overall in D/A. I'm so proud of all of them! Now we can enjoy a few weekends of rest before Dean's 2015 Skyhoundz World Qualifier event for Classic and Discdogathon on August 23-24 in Harriman, TN. Check it out on our events page....this event requires pre-registration!!!!!

July 19-20, 2014: Dean and his friend Steve Mize, of K9 Sports Konnection,  held their 2nd Annual "Catch For a Cure" Discdogathon and Xtreme Distance event this eekend in Jefferson, GA. It was rainy, cold, windy....but we are so happy with the turnout and everyone had fun with their dogs. Thank you to everyone who helped judge and make the event run smoothly.

The "sistah's", Limit and Siri, were on FIRE! Little Bitty Siri took 1st place in Time Trial and in Pairs Distance and Accuracy (paired with Mark Muir of Georgia Irish Disc Dogs, thanks Mark!) which means she gets two invites to the 2014 Skyhoundz World Finals. What a good girl! Not to be outdone by her sister, Limit and Dean took 1st place in Freestyle (WOAH!!!), which means they also get to play in Chattanooga in September.

However, the real show stopper was our little rescue Pomeranian, Raz, as he and Dean punched their first ever ticket for Men's Microdog Xtreme Distance with a catch of ~ 37'! We are so proud of Raz, who will be a year old next week. He has so much heart, drive, and love for playing with us. We are so lucky to have this blue devil.

July 18, 2014:
 WOOHOOOOOO! Remedy has been confirmed pregnant by our reproduction vet, Dr. Rebecca Kestle, at Cliffwood Animal Hospital. We have scheduled her x-ray for August 20 to confirm the exact amount of puppies, but she counted approximately 4 (+/-). We are beyond excited (and grateful to HBC's for the opportunity to have Remedy for her last litter). What a special bunch of puppies these will be!!!! Click here to go to the puppy page.

July 16, 2014: Dean and Limit had a great freestyle practice tonight (click for video). They are quickly becoming a great team -- Limit is looking sharp for her first official disc dogging season coming up this fall!!!

July 13, 2014: Jenga! and I went to Perry, GA for 2 days of agility. No Q's for us, but we had some great teamwork and any mistakes were handler disconnect areas. She enjoyed the one on one time and swimming every day. Also....HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENGA!!!!!!!  I scheduled Remedy's ultrasound for 7/18 -- fingers crossed!!!

July 6, 2014: We had a nice quiet weekend at home.....rare for us!!!!! With the cooler temps, I was able to bring the sheep out and let some of the girls work. I've added videos to Siri's page and to Limit's page.

July 4th, 2014: Happy 4th from our family, to yours! Left to right -- Jenga!, Raz, Tease, Limit, Siri, Stella, Remedy, and Player.  The golden oldies (Daisy/Annie) were too busy chasing rabbits!!!!

June 28-29, 2914: Dean made the long trip up to Roanake Rapids, NC for the Skyhoundz Classic and Discdogathon event. The dogs placed fairly well at this big event with a lot of fantastic teams! Tease was on fire, and earned a beautiful ribbon along with the Mad Dog Disc Club's "Grand Champion" for overall number of points within their club for season. What an awesome and supportive club they are with a very well run event. Tease also took 3rd in Spot Landing and 3rd in Bullseye. Siri (picture on left) made the cut on Saturday for the top 10 dogs in the D/A qualifier and was sitting in 1st place, but in the second round the wind took a few of her throws. Great effort by our baby dog though!!! Dean and his girls are exhausted and are looking forward to a weekend OFF from competition!

June 21-22, 2014: Great discdogging weekend! Dean and Tease took 2nd in Freestyle and Dean and Limit took 3rd in Freestyle -- way to go girlies!  Tease also snags a spot or the World Finals in XTreme Distance Unlimited with a catch of 227'! Raz had his disc "debut" and caught a few throws and had great focus and speed -- he also took 2nd in Xtreme Distance Micro! What a guy!!! Also, Siri got 2nd in Xtreme Distance Classic and 2nd place in Spot Landing.

**** Remedy has been bred to Player with puppies (hopefully) expected around August 23! More information can be found on their litter page.

June 14, 2014: Raz got to go to his first agility seminar! He rocked every sequence, generalized in a new location, gave me great distance (for a 6# Pomeranian!!!) and best of all....he had a blast! Karen Holick gave us some great stuff to work on, and we are excited for next years training camp.

June 10, 2014: Remedy is in season (a month early!). Please check here for upcoming litters.

June 8, 2014: Some of the girls got to go to Ohio this weekend to play at the Skyhoundz Xtreme Distance ualifier. The grass was super thick and the winds were tough, but Dean and Limit  (right) earned two qualifying spots in Xtreme Light Plastic and Xtreme Unlimited Plastic!  What a good girl, and a great start to her frisbee career. Stella earned 3rd place in Light Plastic, and Limit's baby half sister, Siri, snagged 4th.


May 24-25, 2014: Dean and I packed up the BCs and headed to Pooler, GA for a Skyhoundz Discdogathon and Xtreme Distance qualifier. We had a ton of fun, dispite the hot conditions, and the dogs had some nice placements in all of the games.Tease got another invite for Xtreme Light Plastic, Player took 1st/Q in Xtreme Classic (and Dean got a new personal throwing best of 240'!!!!!!!!!), and our little Siri got her first EVER invite for Xtreme Unlimited.  What a long wayshe has come in just 3 months! (picture left)

Also, Jenga! got to play with junior handler, Richie, and they took 2nd place in XTreme Light Plastic with a throw/catch of 211'! Wow!!

May 10-11, 2014: Dean went to Blacksburg, VA for Skyhoundz Discdogathon and Xtreme Distance. Remedy snagged qualifying spot in Bullseye and Xtreme, Tease qualified in Time Trial, and Limit qualified in Pairs D/A with Micheal Childress. What a great weekend!!!

May 3-4, 2014Tease gets a Q/1st in Starters Standard at the Run Spot Jump USDAA trial!

April 26-27, 2014: At almost fourteen years old, Daisy and Dean entered their first Barn Hunt trial. Daisy goes 3/4, earning her Novice title! She also gets to start Barn Hunt group classes.....love her!

April 18-20, 2014: Player goes 4/6 at a local AKC show, earning QQ # 4! He needs a few more points to qualify for AKC Nationals in Reno. Stella had her first trial in almost 2 years, and she did fabulous! She earned a few Q's and had some nice times. I was so happy to be able to run her again!! Tease got to play AKC and earned her last leg in Novice Jumpers for her NA title.

April 12-13, 2014: Dean heads to Piedmont Park for USDDN frisbee. Tease qualifies for the 2014 USDDN Frisbee World Finals in Cartersville, GA for freestyle. What a great job Dean has done with her, and she's just 18 months! The dogs placed well and it was a gorgeous weekend. Also, Happy Anniversary to Dean and myself!

April 4-9, 2014: Player and Jenga! went to Perry, GA for 3 days of agility. Jenga! now only needs one more leg in Open Standard for her title, and she had some great runs for her first time in Excellent Jumpers! Player got QQ # 2 and 3!!!

March 29-30, 2014: Dean and I head to Statesboro, GA for Skyhoundz! Remedy earns a Q in Bullseye, Tease takes 3rd in Freestyle, Player Q's in Bullseye, and Siri and I took 2nd in Time Trial and 1st in Novice D/A. What a great weekend despite the 20+ MPH winds!

March 22, 2014: It's the annual Cherry Blossom Festival and we are playing USDDN Frisbee. Siri had her debut, and she and I took 2nd in Novice! Dean and Tease took 3rd in her first USDDN freestyle debut. Wow!!!!!

March 15, 2014: Happy Birthday to our Playboy! He turns two today.

March 7-9, 2014: What a great weekend at AKC agility at Wills Park in Alpharetta, GA! It was a babydog weekend, and our Player gets his AXJ and QQ #1! He had a gorgeous Master Jumpers run, and averaged 7.1 YPS. This boy is flying!!! Jenga! got her OAJ title, her NA title, and got a leg in Open Standard. She had fun running for our friend, Jenna Herran, in her first ever Excellent Jumpers run......no Q, but boy where those two having fun. Tease also gets her NA title with Dean, with a 1st place ribbon.  Way to go, guys!!!!

February 22-23, 2014: It's one of the first Skyhoundz events of the season, and Stella earns a Qualifying spot in Time Trial (Jenga! took 2nd), Tease qualifies in Pairs D/A with Derrick McDonald, Player gets a Q in Spot Landing, and Siri got to debut at her first ever Skyhoundz event. She actually caught a few throws!!!!

February 5, 2014
: Meet Siri, our newest addition! Siri is half sister to our Limit, and we are so excited that Vickey let her come and live with us. She's a love bug and so far is very interested in frisbee rollers! She's got a great personality and is teeny tiny!!!!!!!! We just had to have her.

January 23-25, 2014: I head to Nashville, TN for 3 days of AKC agility with Player and Jenga!.  Player earns his AX title and has some great runs in Excellent Jumpers -- he hit his first run at 7.2 YPS! He is such a good boy. Jenga! gets her NAJ title and another NA leg. She also snags a leg in Open Jumpers.

January 16-18, 2014: The dogs and I hit the road to Perry, GA for 3 days of AKC agility with Player, Remedy, and Jenga!. Remedy had a few nice runs with placements in a competitive 16" class, but she wasn't feeling 100% after coming out  of season so we took it easy. Player had his first runs in Excellent STD/JWW and did awesome, earning a 1st place Q in a very large 20" class. Jenga! made her AKC debut and got several placements in both Novice Standard and Jumpers. Way to go baby dog!  Dean joined us a few days later with Tease, and she snagged a Q in Fast and Standard!