2015 News and Brags!

December 25, 2015: Happy Holidays to all of our friends, family, and students. We are looking forward to 2016 -- exciting things to come, stay tuned! 

December 16, 2015: Please bear with us as we mourn the loss of our Daisy -- "if love could've saved you, you would've lived forever." Hug your babies tonight. 

November 30, 2015: Our frisbee event was a huge success and we want to thank everyone for their help and support. We had almost 70 teams in each event and the Pot Luck was delicious -- smoked pork, fried turkey, bacon wrapped asparagus, tons of fresh desserts....you guys rock! Our dogs had a wonderful time playing -- Remedy WON Spot Landing (60 points, new personal best for her!) and Bullseye, Limit won and earned an Invite for Freestyle, and Tease won and earned an invite for Pairs D/A with Mark Muir. In extreme distance, Player Q'd in Light Plastic and he took 3rd in Time Trial (15.69 seconds). 

November 20, 2015: ONLINE REGISTRATION is now available for our disc event! See the events tab for more info.

November 11-15, 2015: Remedy heads to the U.S Open (UKI National Finals) in Perry, GA and is having a blast. On Thursday, she got 3rd in the National Championship Round 1 Jumpers ( 16”s ) and Q’d in Snooker (gets to advanced to Round 2 Gamblers on Saturday). On Friday, she Q’d in Round 1 Speedstakes which advanced her to Round 2 Finals but unfortunately she got knocked bar. She also placed 4th in the National Championship Round 2 Agility which advances her to the Final Round on Sunday! Remedy did really well in these tough courses and we are so proud of her (and our friend, Carol, for taking Rem!). Down in Florida,  Remedy's daughter, Skate, earns her FLYBALL CHAMPIONSHIP title at not yet 15 months of age. Wow, we are so so proud of this young team! Video to come shortly of Skate's flyball runs. 

November 1, 2015: Player earns a Q in Spot Landing while Limit earns a Q in Unlimited Plastic XTreme Distance for next years Skyhoundz World Finals. Remedy also gets another QQ in agility! 

October 16-18, 2015: Remedy heads to Pendleton, SC  for an AKC agility show (her first AKC show since she earned her MACh in 2013) and earned a QQ on Friday and Saturday towards her MACh2! Dean and I packed up the rest of the crew and headed to Dahlonega, GA for the first official 2016 Discdogathon Qualifier. Limit placed and earned an invite for Spot Landing and Pairs D/A. Player came second in Pairs and in Time Trial, and Tease won Bullseye. 

September 23, 2015:  Wow, wow, WOW! That's all I can say about this years 2015 Skyhoundz World Finals (Discdogathon). I am so proud! 

First up, Dean and Limit take 1st place in Freestyle! This makes them a new WORLD CHAMPION! Next, Dean and Mark Muir take first place with Remedy in Pairs Distance and Accuracy, also making her a new WORLD CHAMPION. Remedy also snagged a 3rd place spot in TimeTrial! Jenga! and Mike Hammock won 1st place in Xtreme Distance Unlimited, again making her another WORLD CHAMPION! 

Player, Siri, and Tease all placed competitively in the top 10 in their events too. We are so honored and blessed to take the field with these incredible dogs who give us100%. We are also thankful for those who have helped and encouraged us along the way. 


September 19, 2015: Dean and I are in the process of moving -- if you have emailed us within the last 5-6 days please try again if you haven't heard back from me. It seems some things may have gotten lost in the move. Thanks!

September 12-13, 2015: Spryte has her first Conformation show in Chattanooga,TN at not yet 11 months old. In her first time in the ring, she went Winners Bitch (WB) for 2 points towards her CH! On the second day she won a 3 point Major under Pat Hastings, a well respected judge. Congrats to Spryte and her co-owners! Also in Tennessee, Remedy competed in UKI agility and earned 4 Qs and many first places.

September 7, 2015: Her first time back in the ring in almost 2 years since she finished her Master Agility Championship -- Remedy goes to her first UKI trial and runs clean in both Master Series Agility and Master Series Jumping. She won first place and a Bye into the Finals round of MS Jupming at the US Open to be held in November!! Big thanks to her handler, Carol, for running our Remedy! 

August 30, 2015: Remedy, Limit, and Tease all qualified for the USDDN Frisbee World Finals in Toss & Fetch. These finals will be held in October! 

August 29, 2015: Skate goes herding! Check out the video on her page! 

August 23, 2015: Ryder earns his DM (Master Dock Diving) title and his littermate, Shazam, also earns his DS (Senior Dock Diving) title. Way to go boys (from our Jenga!/Player litter) -- big things in store for these boys at just 10 months of age!!!! Video can be found on their litter page!!! Also, new video of Skate and her flyball foundations can be found on her page. 

August 22, 2015: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our sweetest Hushpuppy and his litter mates. 

August 16, 2015: Baby Bliss (Jenga!/Player) had her dock diving debut this weekend. She got lots of legs towards a few dock titles and had a new personal best of 19'3"! Not too bad for this 10 month old pup who had never been on a competition dock before. Way to go Bliss!!! You may look like your mama, but you fly like your daddy!! 

August 12, 2015: We are excited to introduce our newest addition.....GLAMOUR! She is Player's daughter from one of our friends litters. Stay tuned to watch her grow!

July 31-August 1, 2015: We had a great weekend down in Hilliard, FL for an Xtreme Distance and Discdogathon Qualifer....the last of the year before Worlds in September!!!! Jenga! snagged another spot in Xtreme Distance Unlimited and Kixx qualified for his first time EVER (and at 9 months!) in Microdog Extreme Distance. Remedy got a Invite in Bullseye and Limit had her best ever round of freestyle, which earned them an invite. What an awesome weekend!!! Mojo (Remedy x Player), Kitty (Jenga! x Player) and Flirt (Siri x Hap) had some great scores and placements, too!!!

July 25-26, 2015: Dean and Stella qualify in Time Trial in Banner Elk, NC and Limit gets 1st place in Pairs D/A. Three of Jenga!/Player's puppies made their Dock Diving debut and Miss Kitty earned her Master Dock Diving title!!! YEAH! Shazam and Ryder had some good jumps in the low 20's and earned some legs towards their titles....not bad for 9 month old puppies. They definitely are following daddy Player in the dock world. Good job, pups!! 


Ryder, Kitty, and Shazam


July 18-19, 2015: Jenga! and Dean set a new personal best in Light Plastic Xtreme distance with a 258' throw and catch! This means Jenga! earned an invite to compete at Worlds for this event. Tease also got a Qualifying spot in Xtreme Unlimited Distance with a 230' throw and catch. On Sundays' Discdogathon, Remedy earns an invite in Spot Landing while Limit earns a Q in Time Trial! In Pairs D/A, Dean and Mark took first place with Siri (but they had already qualified). It was a hot weekend but we had a huge turn out -- almost 70 dogs entered in the majority of the games. Thanks to everyone who helped out with this event and for those who came to support us!

July 9 - 12, 2015: We are having a great week(end) in Perry, GA doing agility. Siri went 3/3 in Open Standard, earning her OA title with all first places. Jenga! got two legs towards her Excellent titles, both with first place ribbons. Tease had some awesome runs with great times, and got a leg towards her Excellent Standard title. Player earned two more QQ's towards his MACh with several first places.  VIDEO TO COME. Now we will switch gears and get ready for our 2rd Annual Catch for a Cure event in Jefferson, GA scheduled for next weekend. 

June 27, 2015: Dean and Limit qualify for the 2015 Skyhoundz World Finals Classic for Freestyle and Distance and Accuracy. They had two great rounds of freestyle and D/A .... probably the best rounds they've had yet as a team! 

June 21, 2015: Great 3 days at agility for Jenga! and Player. This was Jenga!'s first trial back since she had her litter in October, and she got her Open Standard title and a leg towards her Excellent Standard title. Player Q'd and placed in multiple Master runs with nice placements!! A short video is posted on each of their pages! 

June 13, 2015: Happy 8 month Birthday to the Jenga! x Player litter -- several of the puppies celebrated at their first seminar (Karen Holick) while others got to swim!! Miss Kitty made her UAD Dock Diving debut and got an amazing 17'8"! Click here to see the video of Miss Kitty!! 

June 8, 2015: New video of Siri on her page! 

June 5, 2015: PLAYER HAS BEEN INVITED TO COMPETE IN THE 2015 PURINA INCREDIBLE DOG CHALLENGE (Eastern Regional)! While we are extremely honored and excited for this opportunity, Boston, MA is just a little too far for us to travel. We are thrilled for the invite none the less and hope Player will take the stage next year at the Eastern Regional when it comes a little further South.

May 31, 2015: What a great disc dogging weekend at the Muir's house! On Saturday we had the Classic Qualifier and both Player and Tease took qualifying spots in Distance and Accuracy! On Sunday at the Discdogathon, Siri qualified in Pairs D/A with Dean and Mark! Awesome!

May 16, 2015: Dean went to Clemmons, NC for a one day disc event. Jenga! is now Qualified for FREESTYLE World Finals, taking a first place spot with Tease hot on her heels in second place. Remedy won TimeTrial and Bullseye, with Limit taking first place in Spot Landing. What a fabulous weekend! 

May 15, 2015: Video from the Ultimate Air Dog Regional Qualifer are up on Tease's page and on Player's page. Player's son, Ryder, has just started his dock diving training and is doing really well (new video on his page, too!)

May 10, 2015: Happy Mother's Day! Dean took the girls to Alabama for a weekend of Disc Dogging. Tease qualified in Classic Freestyle and took 3rd the following day in the Discdogathon F/S. This means she has qualified in Freestyle for USDDN, Skyhoundz Discdogathon AND now Skyhoundz Classic.  Jenga! qualified in TimeTrial and won the State Championship in Distance and Accuracy! Remedy took 3rd in TimeTrial and 1st in Pairs D/A! Siri took 1st place in Spot Landing and Limit took 3rd in Pairs D/A. All in all, what a fabulous weekend for the girls!!!! 

May 3, 2015: This weekend we participated in the first Dock Diving event (for us) of the year -- the Ultimate Air Dogs (UAD) Spring Regional Qualifier. Our dogs haven't done much jumping since the pool has been opened (just swimming) so we were just hoping to have a fun weekend doing something "different". WOW!!!! Did Player and Tease blow us away this weekend. Tease set a new Personal Best of 25'6", putting her in the top height division jumping against a lot of BIG jumping dogs. She held her own, and placed 5th with a 24' jump. Player pulled out a 24'11" jump in one of the roads, also tossing him into that highest jump group -- he exceeded our expectations and WON the whole event with an amazing 25'8" jump -- he has now Qualified for the 2015 Ultimate Air Dog Nationals....wow, wow, wow!  ***pictures and video to be uploaded throughout the week!!**

April 24, 2015: New pictures of our stunning Ryder -- he is 6.5 months old and just starting his foundations in frisbee and dock diving!

April 19, 2015: There is a short video of Hooty that is now live on our website -- you can find this on his page.

April 11, 2015: Dean and Tease Qualify for the 2015 USDDN Frisbee Finals in freestyle -- check out their video by clicking here. Siri also qualifies for the 2015 USDDN Finals for SuperPro Toss & Fetch. The Finals will be held in Cartersville, GA in October. 

April 9, 2015: Baby Hush earns his CGC!!!!!! Wow, what a good baby! :) Player wins Time2Beat and a very competitive 20" Jumpers class in Perry. 

March 28, 2015: Dean and I went to visit Norma and Tony today to get pictures and video of Hooty (the sire to our Spring 2016 litter) What an amazing dog -- now we are even MORE excited than we were before to meet these spectacular puppies. More info on his page including a video which will be uploaded as soon as I got through all the footage. 

March 22, 2015: REMEDY TAKES ON NEW YORK CITY!!!!! Thanks so much for Got Pet-ential! and Trisha Siedfried for letting us be apart of this huge production event. We can't wait to see the finished product! 


Times Square!

Behind the scenes with her new friend!










































March 15, 2015: At the AKC agility show this weekend, Tease finished her Open Standard (OA) title and Siri finished her Novice Jumpers (NAJ) title. Player got another QQ towards his MACh. HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY TO PLAYER!!! 
March 10, 2015:
BIG NEWS!! We are now an official Dealer of VICTOR PREMIUM DOG FOOD -- check out our new Info Page regarding the food. For those interested in placing an order, please contact me directly. A new order will be placed on 3/16. Thanks!

March 8, 2015: Siri makes her agility debut and goes 5/6, earning her Novice Agility Standard (NA) title. Player gets his Master Agility Jumpers (MXJ) title, and Tease had some fast times in Open Standard. 

March 4, 2015: I have updated the Puppy Plans as well as the Events pages. New pictures of Skate on her page.










































Player sets a new WORLD RECORD!!!!

March 2, 2015:

What a fun weekend we had at our Annual Relay for Life Skyhoundz Disc Competition! Thanks to all who came to help, compete, and support ourevent!!! The dogs had tons of fun even though the weather was pretty darn cold. Saturday was the DiscdogThon and Player snagged another qualifying spot for Worlds in Spot Landing and also set a new WORLD RECORD in Pairs D/A with Dean and Mark Muir. What an awesome team they make -- I am so proud. Tease Qualified and took 1st in Freestyle with Jenga! and Limit hot on her heels!! Hart made his discdog debut and put down a smoking 19 second run in Time Trial and held his own in Pairs and in Bullseye....this was his first time playing somewhere different and with distraction and he was so focused!! What a good boy. Sunday brought Extreme Distance -- Remedy  qualified and took 1st in Microdog with Stacey Muir and Jenga! qualified and took first in Unlimited with Mike Hammack. We are so proud of them all!! Flirt also took second in Classic with Mike and Remedy's daughter Hope (Remedy x Thunder '13) qualified in her first ever two Extreme distance events with catches of 172'!!!! Incredible!!! 

February 26, 2015: SNOW DAY!! We got about 6" of snow overnight and the dogs have had a blast running, playing, and eating the snow. Here's the pack (minus the old dogs, who were too busy shoveling the snow into their mouths). Brrrrr! Tonight we pack up the RV and head to Douglasville for our 2nd Annual Relay for Life Skyhoundz Discodgathon and XTreme Distance. The dogs can't wait to play!


February 21, 2015: Hush gets to see sheep for the first time -- new pictures on his page. He is now 6 months old!

February 14, 2015: Happy Valentine's Day! It looks like Siri has come in season early -- we will be breeding her in the Fall after Skyhoundz World Finals (end of September). We are accepting a waiting list at this time. 

February 10, 2015: Our e-mail seems to be back up and running (finally) though unfortunately any e-mails sent before February 1st can not be salvaged....please re-send any e-mails. Thanks! 

February 1, 2015: It's training time before the Disc Dog season starts at the end of this month. Siri is scheduled for her first agility competitions in March and we are so excited to have her start her career. **For those who have been sending e-mails, our e-mail service provider has been down but they assure us it will be back up soon. We will respond ASAP. Thank you for your patience and understanding.**

January 18, 2015:
Player and I got another QQ towards his MACh down in Perry, GA then we headed to the beach in FL for a few days of fun (pictured below). Up in Maryland, Dean places 1st place with Remedy in Spot Landing and he took 1st place in Time Trial with Siri (who took 2nd last year at the 2014 Skyhoundz World Finals!). This earns both of those girls a World Invite to the 2015 Skyhoundz World Finals in Chattanooga, TN in September! 

January 13, 2015: We got Siri's results back and she is OFA Good, Elbows Normal, Shoulders Normal, and Patellas Normal! YEAH! 

January 11, 2015: Hush has started his foundation in Competition Obedience and is doing so well. He is such a fun puppy. There's new pictures and a video on his page. His sister, Skate, has just started her puppy flyball class and I can't wait to show you all video -- she's going to be wicked fast!!! Now we have a bunch of packing to do as Dean is heading to MD for Skyhoundz with Siri, Limit, Remedy, Tease, and Raz while I head to Perry, GA for two days of agility with Player. 

January 2, 2015: Happy New Year! It's time for a new chapter in our NEWS AND BRAGS section. All 2014 info can be found by scrolling down.....meanwhile, there's a new video on Siri's page. We have sent off her OFA's and are just waiting for the results!