2016 News and Brags!

December 18, 2016: We had the North American Diving Dogs (NADD) Eukanuba National Championships down in Orlando this weekend. Tease and Stella placed 18th in the large Master class with 22' jumps. Player earns fourth place in a competitive Master Air Retrieve class, setting his new personal best of 21' (first through third places were also 21', but based on tie breakers Player earned 4th!). Raz (our rescue Pomeranian) became an official Champion as he won the Novice Lap Dog Division with a 5'3" jump! 

December 10-11, 2016: Siryn (Jenga!/Player) earns her Advanced Snooker title in USDAA agility and sister Bliss earns her Companion Dog (CD) title in AKC Obedience. Fancy (Player/Puzzle) went 2/4 in AKC agility and earned some legs in Excellent! Baby Wish got to meet the ducks and showed great interest! Pictures are on her page and new pictures of Cadence (Siri/Hooty). 

December 2-4, 2016: Siryn (Jenga!/Player)  earns her Starters Standard title, Started Snooker, and Agility Dog titles with USDAA! Her sister Bliss picked up a standard, jumpers and snooker leg. Skate (Remedy/Player) earns her Flyball Master achievement in flyball with 5,000 points! 

November 26, 2016: We had a disc competition here today (and another tomorrow, but none of our dogs are playing). Siri won Time Trial and Pairs Distance/Accuracy, and Remedy won Spot Landing and Rem earned an Invite for the 2017 Skyhoundz World Finals. Remedy's 9 month old son Echo (Remedy/Tex) qualified for the UpDog National Finals in two events! In agility, Shazam (Player/Jenga!) earns two T2B legs, his Novice Jumpers and Standard title, and earned a leg in Open Standard. Fancy (Player/Puzzle) earns her Open Jumpers title and Novice Standard title! 

November 20, 2016: Please welcome our newest addition, Wish! Siryn (Jenga!/Player) earn her Starters Gamblers title in USDAA, earned two starters standard legs, and one advanced gamblers leg. Way to go! 

November 12-13, 2016: In USDAA agility, Shazam (Player/Jenga!) earned his Advanced Gamblers title and moved into Masters. He also finished his Starters Jumpers title and earned another standard leg. Player, Tease, Stella, and Raz (our pom) all earn invites to compete at the 2016 Eukanuba North American Diving Dogs Championships in Orlando in December. Skate (Player/Remedy) had amazing start time splits and consistently ran 4.3's -- she is close to getting her FM (5,000 points) title!

November 4, 2016: Hush is OFA Good! Spryte is OFA Good, Elbows/Shoulders Normal! Woohoo!

October 29-30, 2016: Spryte is a new CHAMPION!!!! Stella and Raz get more legs in dock diving towards their advanced titles. 

October 22-23, 2016: Dean takes 7 of the dogs and heads to Florida for a Purina Pro Plan Performance Team event.....lovely cool weather (for Florida) and the dogs love the crowds. Sunday we hosted an UpDog "Fun Day" and we got to see baby Echo make some really nice high scores and I got to do demo's with Kitty. Babette and Shazam earned their ASCA Gamblers title and Rebecca with Siryn earned her AKC Novice Standard title and got a leg in Novice FAST!  

October 14, 2016: Great weather and competition at the USDDN World Finals. Remedy and Tease did great and played their best (and most importantly, had fun!). Robin and Bliss go 2/2 towards her CD title and Rebecca and Siryn had some lovely runs in agility. 

October 8-9, 2016: We had a big NADD event at the house this weekend -- Player won Air Retrieve with a 20' grab and that earned him is Master Air Retrieve title. Hush earned his last two legs needed for his Senior Dock title, and Tease took 2nd in the Master Finals with a 25' jump!! Stella got to play and earned her Dock Master title. Raz (our little Pom) earned his Dock Novice title and is now ranked the #1 Pomeranian in NADD! Fingers crossed he gets an invite to Eukanuna this year. Siri and Spryte also earned legs towards titles in the Senior division. Siri's new boyfriend, Hops, won the Master division with a few 25' jumps, too. 

September 25, 2016: Siri is a new WORLD CHAMPION in Distance/Accuracy (Microdog). WOOHOO!!!!!

September 21, 2016: At the 2016 Shyhoundz DDAT World Championship Finals, the dogs did great!!! Remedy is now a World Champion in Bullseye, putting down a dropless round with 59 points. This is her second World Champion title (last year she won in Pairs Distance/Accuracy). Player is now a World Champion in Time Trial with a blazing 16.46s run -- he also placed 2nd in Spot Landing and placed 5th in Pairs Distance/Accuracy. I am so proud of how all the dogs did in such hot temperatures. Now we have two days of rest before the Classic World Championship Finals over the weekend. 

September 16-19, 2016: Player earns another QQ towards his MACh 2. Jenga! earns her last two legs needed for her Excellent Jumpers (AXJ) title. Siri earns two leg in Excellent Jumpers towards her Excellent title -- new videos on both of their pages. Shazam gets his first AKC Novice Standard leg! In NC, Robin and Bliss earn their new personal best in Dock Diving at 23'6"!! Bliss also received an invite to compete at the NADD Championships at Eukabuna in December. Wow!!! Juno earns her Master Barn Hunt title (RATM) and her Rally Novice title (RN). 

September 9-11, 2016: Our first agility trial back since Player earned his MACh in April and he gets a QQ on Friday and Saturday and qualified for AKC Nationals! Siri had her first trial back since February and got two Q's in Open Jumpers, earning her OAJ title. Baby Shazam earned a Novice Jumpers Q and a 1st place! We also hosted a Skyhoundz event at the house this weekend (can we say multitasking!? LOL) and at the first Skyhoundz XTreme Distance competition for the new qualifying year, Siri WON the Unlimited Plastic division with an amazing 243' and change (81 YARDS!!!) catch.

September 3-4, 2016: Shazam and Siryn (both Player/Jenga!) had a great day at a USDAA trial -- Shazam earned his Starters Gamblers title and needs one more Q to finish his Starters Standard title. Shazam and Siryn both Q'd in Pairs. Player and Tease had fun in North Carolina playing Dock Diving -- both got a few more legs in the Masters division and Player earned 3 legs in Air Retrieve (and got his new personal best in that game at 20'!). Kitty (Player/Jenga!) won a medal and some $$ at DockDogs. Now we switch gears and get ready for two weekends of agility, followed by Skyhoundz World Finals in Chattanooga. 

August 28, 2016: Spryte and I entered a conformation show in Atlanta and earned another point towards her breed championship title. We now only need 2 points to finish, which we hope to do in October. There are two new videos on her page. Dean went to Florida and put on a few shows representing the Purina Pro Plan Performance team....the dogs always have fun showing off their frisbee skills in front of the crowd! 

August 20-21, 2016: Dean took some of the girls to the last DDAT of the season before World Finals to get a few more Qualifying spots for World Finals.  Siri won Time Trial with 15.9seconds! Remedy won Bullseye with 54 points, and Glamour took 3rd in Time Trial.  Kitty took 3rd in Pairs D/A. Bliss earned her Dock Master title with a new personal best of 21'6"! So proud of them all! ❤️

August 18, 2016: Siryn earns another dock diving title (DS) and a new personal best of 18'4"! Juno earns three 1st Places, one 2nd Place, and two High In Class at her Barn Hunt competition and now is only only leg away from her RATM title. From there, she will work towards her Champion title. Crush earns his Advanced Trick Dog (ATD) title. 

August 6-7, 2016: Just got word the Juno (Player/Puzzle) is invited to Barn Hunt Nationals and she also got her first two leg towards her Rally Novice Title! Wow! Dyna got her 2nd Open Jumpers leg (Siri/Hap) Finn (Siri/Hap) earns his Dock Junior title with a new personal best of 15'! Siryn (Player/Jenga!) made her NADD dock diving debut and earned her Dock Junior title and set a new personal best of 15'9"!!  (after only seeing a full size competition dock the day before!). Player earns his Dock Master title with all jumps over 20', and Kitty (Player/Jenga!) at Dock Dogs got 1st place masters big air, 1st place speed retrieve express, 1st place masters big air, 1st place masters finals, 3rd place cadet extreme vertical, 2nd Iron Dog warrior at the Regional Championships and earned her SECOND invite to Worlds!!! So proud of all of my babies this weekend, they sure rocked the dock!!!! 

July 30, 2016: Kitty (Jenga!/Player) qualifies for Worlds in dock diving!! Also, new video of Siryn (Jenga!/Player) doing agility: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldQTeETwJCA&feature=share

July 28, 2016: Spryte and I head to Greenville, SC to show in conformation on Thursday, we go Winners Bitch (WB), Best of Winners (BOW), Best of Opposite (BOS), and Owner-Handler Best of Breed (OHBOB!) for one more point towards her Conformation Champion title....now we just need 3 more points to finish, but that'll have to wait until the Fall.   

July 23, 2016: New pictures of Glamour are up on her page....she is turning into a frisbee superstar!!!!!! 

July 16-17, 2016: We had a fun weekend dock diving at our NADD event! Player won Air Retrieve on Friday night, Hush got his new personal best of 18'8" on Saturday, and Tease placed 2nd in the Master Finals with a jump of 23'11"! Shazam (Player/Jenga!) set a new personal best of 24'4" and Finn (Siri/Hap) placed 3rd in the Junior Finals with a jump of 14'2" at his first ever dock event. The Siri/Hooty puppies start to head to their new homes next weekend....what a bittersweet time!

July 4, 2016: We've had a few relaxing weekends at home gearing up for our big three day Skyhoundz qualifier at our house. It was so nice to see everyone and we were thrilled with the support from our community. The dogs had a great time despite the 95 degree temps. Jenga! qualified for the 2016 Skyhoundz World Finals in Classic D/A and in Unlimited Xtreme Distance with a catch of 223'! Last year she was the World Champion in the Unlimited division so I'm thrilled she gets to return this year to defend that title. Mojo (Remedy/Player) also qualified in Classic Xtreme Distance with a huge 232' catch. This will be his first time playing at the World Finals and we are so excited for his family.

June 4, 2016: Sky (Remedy/Player) went to his first Nosework trial and earned his NW1 title this weekend. Great job, Sky! Bliss (Jenga!/Player) earns her Dock Senior (DS) title!

May 28-29, 2016: The highly anticipated Siri/Hooty puppies are here!!! Pictures are on their page..all of these puppies are spoken for. In Alabama, Dean and Remedy qualify for the 2016 Skyhoundz Classic in D/A.  Jenga! qualifies for the 2016 Skyhoundz Discdogathon World Finals in Time Trial (16.2 seconds!) and in Pairs D/A. Glamour places in both Time Trial and Bullseye! In NC, Robin and Bliss (Jenga!/Player) earn her Novice Jumpers (NAJ) and Novice Standard (NA) title with two stellar runs.

May 21-22, 2016: What a beautiful weekend in Evensville, TN for our Skyhoundz Classic Qualifier and Skyhoundz Discdogathon Qualifier! It was super windy both days but the dogs did well and everyone had fun. Stella is now Q'd for the 2016 Skyhoundz Classic World Finals in Distance/Accuracy and so is my heart dog, Hush. I am so proud of him for qualifying for his first World Final at not yet 2 years of age. In the discdogathon, Remedy qualified and earned an invite for Pairs Distance/Accuracy. Glamour had another smoking run in Time Trial and she won second place in Micrdog Distance/Accuracy. We hope to see everyone at our next event which will be held at our house in July -- details to come shortly. 

May 12-14, 2016: We went to Perry, GA this weekend for conformation and dock diving -- Spryte and I go Winners Bitch, Best of Winners, Best of Opposite, and Owner-Handler Best of Breed under judge Pat Trotter on Thursday and Winners Bitch, Best of Opposite, and Owner-Handler Best of Breed under judge Judith Brown on Friday. Spryte now only needs 4 points to finish her CH! She also tried her hand at dock diving and at her first competition, earned her Senior Dock diving title and has a new personal best of 16'9"! Now we will take a break for a bit as we have frisbee the next two weekends and then Siri puppies will be due around June 1st. 

May 8, 2016: Spryte and I step into the conformation ring and get Winners Bitch, Best of Winners, and Best of Opposite for a 3-point major. This is her second major and now she only needs 7 more points to finish her CH. Very proud of her!

May 3, 2016: New video of Spryte on her page -- she has been visiting us for a few weeks for some dock diving training and conformation training. She's a super cool girl. Thank you to her co-owner, Tiffany, for letting her spend some time with us. 

May 1, 2016: We took the crew down to Florida for a Skyhoundz Classic Qualifier on Saturday and a Discdogathon Qualifier on Sunday -- boy it was HOT but the dogs did great. On Saturday, Dean took 1st and 2nd in Freestyle with Limit and Tease, earning two World invites for the 2016 Skyhoundz World Finals in Classic. On Sunday, Player won Time Trial (16.6 seconds) and Pairs D/A, while daughter Glamour (at her first ever disc event at 10 months old) took 3rd in Time Trial with a 17.3 second run (hot on  her daddys heels!!!!) and son Hush put up some great scores and came in second place in Bullseye. For this 3rd disc event, he sure is showing us how consistent and competitive he will be! Here is a PICTURE FROM THE EVENT! 

April 27, 2016: Siri has been confirmed pregnant! Puppies are due around June 1st. 

April 22-24: Player and I head into the 3 day agility weekend and we start of by getting QQ#19 on Friday. On Saturday, we earn QQ #20 getting our Master Agility Champion (MACh) title. YEAH! On Sunday, we got QQ #21 so it's on to MACh2 for us. Jenga! earned her AX title with Destiny, and Siryn (Jenga!/Player) earned another Novice Fast leg. 

April 17, 2016: Player and I get QQ #18 in Perry, GA. Tease earned her Open Jumpers title and Hush gets his Novice Dock title. Spryte and I tried our hand in the conformation ring and won our 12-18 month class on Friday. 

April 7-9, 2016: Sweet Siryn (Jenga!/Player) has her agility debut with Rebecca in SC -- she earned a novice standard Q and a FAST Q! (more results to come) . Dean qualifies for the USDDN World Finals in Freestyle with Tease.  Dyna (Siri/Hap) earned her Novice Standard (NA) title! 

April 2, 2016: Bliss (Jenga!/Player) earns her first title -- Beginner Novice (BN) in obedience. Way to go! 

April 1, 2016: Dean and Limit qualified for the Purina Dog Challenge in freestyle flying disc! 

March 31, 2016: Spryte and Glamour earn their CGC today!!!! 

March 28, 2016: New pictures of the Remedy/Tex puppies are up on their page!

March 26, 2016: We took a break from agility and Dean took Player and Tease to a Skyhoundz Discdogathon.  Player earns a World Invite in Spot Landing and wins Time Trial. Tease earns one in Bullseye. Also, Siri has been bred to Hooty. Pregnancy will hopefully be confirmed at the end of April -- this litter list is currently full. 

March 18-20, 2016: We have another 3 day agility weekend. Player gets 3 more QQ towards his MACh (only 3 more to go!). Tease earns two Open Jumper Q's and a Time2Beat Q.  Down in Florida, Skate (Rem/Player) had a great flyball weekend and earned her FDCh-Silver! Up north, Reign and Crush (Player's sons from Puzzle) made their conformation debuts and did really well -- Reign won the class on Friday and Crush won the class on Saturday and Sunday. 

March 17, 2016: Siri is in season, stay tuned for updates....

March 11-13, 2016: Player has a perfect weekend, going 6/6 and earning 3 more QQ's towards his MACh. Siri snags an Open Jumpers Q and an Excellent Standard Q with Dara. 

March 7, 2016: Our little rescue dog, "Hollie", has been adopted! We are so happy for her! Baby Bliss (Player/Jenga!) made her AKC agility debut and earned two legs towards her Beginner Novice title. Way to go, Bliss and Robin! Remedy and her puppies are doing well and getting so big....they will be a week old tomorrow!

March 5, 2016: Little Siryn from our Jenga!/Player litter came back OFA Good! 

March 1, 2016: The Remedy x Tex puppies are here -- we have two gorgeous girls and one handsome boy. These puppies are currently spoken for. 

February 29, 2016: We are on puppy watch with Remedy/Tex puppies! 

February 27, 2016: Dean took a few of the dogs down to Savannah for a Skyhoundz Discdogathon and then to Florida for a Skyhoundz Classic -- Player won Spot Landing and Tease earned a qualifying spot for the 2016 World Finals in Freestyle! On Sunday, Dean qualified with both Player and Tease in the Classic D/A!! Siri went to Alabama with Dara for agility and had some smoking runs (video soon). Her daughter, Dyna (Siri/Hap) made her AKC agility debut and qualified in in a few of her Novice runs. Wow!

February 8, 2016: We have a sweet little rescue Border Collie available for adoption....please check out our Available section on our website! 

February 7, 2016: Glamour went to a conformation show in Atlanta this weekend and won her class each day. We got some great pictures of her and our wonderful friend, Anita, who is showing Glamour for us. They both enjoy working together and we are so thankful Anita agreed to show our little blond bombshell. Check out the new pictures on her page

January 28, 2016: I ran down to Perry for a quick run with Player and he gets another QQ towards his MACh...we are almost there! 

January 26, 2016: Remedy has been confirmed pregnant!! Puppies should be here the first week of March. Siri will be in season at the end of March and will be bred. We are so excited for Spring/Summer!!!! 

January 9, 2016: Online Registration is now open for the Skyhoundz Discdogathon and XTreme Distance event in Savannah, GA at the end of February. We hope you will join us! Please see the events tab for more information as well as the online registration forms. 

January 1, 2016: Happy New Year to all of our friends and family! We are excited to announce that Remedy has been bred to Tex -- more updates to follow at the end of the month. New video of Siryn (Player/Jenga!): click here to watch this amazing baby (14 months old) working on some handling skills.