2017 News and Brags!

December Updates: All the Spryte/Dare puppies have gone to their new homes -- congrats to their new owners! In other news, up in Washington Fix (Remedy/Tex) earns her Novice and Intermediate Trick Dog titles!!! In Kentucky, Ditto (Player/Siri) earns her Cynosport Rally Obedience level 1 with all first places and earns an Award of Excellence!!! Leia (Siri/Hooty) gets a few legs in USDAA Agility up in Pennsylvania. In NC, Bliss (Player/Jenga!) earns her second leg towards her CDX with a first place! We welcomed two new additions; Creature and London from the Player/Myth litter. Down at the 2017 NADD National Championships, Tease takes 5th place in the competitive Masters Division (139 dogs competing!) with a 24'4" jump and Kitty (Player/Jenga!) takes 6th with a 24' jump and a new Personal Best!  Player places in the top 15 in the very competitive Master Air Retrieve Division. Our old girl Stella wins third place in the Veterans Master Division, and our dog training and boarding facility won the 2017 NADD Facility Of The Year!!! To wrap up the 2017 year, Siryn (Player/Jenga!)  earns her MAD title in USDAA agility. Echo (Remedy/Tex) and Story earn their Intermediate Trick Dog title! Wish earns her Novice title, and Hush earns his Advanced title! 

End of November Updates: Finn (Siri/Hap) earns his Novice Fast (NF) and Novice Agility Jumpers (NAJ) title. Tess (Remedy/Tex) earns her Open Standard (OA) agility title and is now competing in the Excellent level! Siryn (Player/Jenga!) earned her CGC, TKN (trick dog novice), TKI (intermediate), TKA (trick dog advanced) titles. Savvy (Siri/Player) got her TKA title, too. Bliss (Player/Jenga!) got a new personal best of 25'6" at a NADD event. Stella got to play at a college football game retrieving the kick off tee, and last week Dean and his girls did two halftime performances for Georgia Tech football and University of Georgia football! 

November 13, 2017: Skate (Player/Remedy) earns her Flyball Master Excellent (FMX) 10,000 points title with clean starts! Force (Siri/Hooty) had his frisbee debut and wins a qualifying spot in the Classic D/A to the 2018 Skyhoundz World Finals. Mama Siri won the division and also earned an invite. 

Updates: We've been busy with the puppies who are doing great! Dean has been traveling for demo's with the dogs and some half time performances. 

October 24, 2017: Spryte's puppies are born! 5 beautiful black/white girls..... girl power! Good luck to Rebecca and Siryn (Player/Jenga!) at Cynosports!!!! 

October 21-22, 2017: Shout! (Player/Siri) earns his Dock Junior title! Leia (Siri/Hooty) earns her Novice Agility (NA) title and is now in Open for all classes. At the USDDN Frisbee World Finals, Tease places 18th in Freestyle and Player comes in 8th place in Toss/Fetch!!! Stryker (Player/Siri) gets a new personal best in dock diving of 20'3 and a leg towards his Master title. 

October 14-15, 2017: Bliss (Player/Jenga!) earns her Master Standard agility title (MX). Leia (Hooty/Siri) earns another leg towards her Open Jumpers title. Juno (Player/Puzzle) earned two of three legs towards her SCN (Scentwork Container Novice), earned her SEN (Scentwork Exterior Novice), and her RA (Rally Advanced) title!

October 7-8, 2017: Savvy and Stryker (Player/Siri) finishes their Dock Senior title (DS) and Echo (Rem/Tex) earns his first title in dock diving, Dock Junior (DJ). Shout! (Player/Siri) earns some legs towards his Dock Junior title and Shazam (Player/Jenga!) earns more legs in Masters. In agility, Fancy (Player/Puzzle) earns QQ#4 and Leia (Hooty/Siri) earns her Novice Jumpers title (NAJ) and earns a leg towards her Open Jumpers title! 

September 30-October 2, 2017: Leia (Siri/Hooty) earns her Novice Fast (NF) title and earns legs in Novice Standard and Jumpers!! Bliss (Jenga!/Player) earns another leg towards her Master Standard (MX) title. Fancy (Player/Puzzle 1.0) earns QQ # 3 towards her MACh. Siryn (Jenga!/Player) played agility this weekend too and also earned more legs. Story was exposed to livestock and showed great promise, video has been uploaded on her page. 

September 27, 2017: New pictures of Story on her page and new video of Savvy (Player/Siri) and Cadence (Hooty/Siri) on their page. 

September 19-24, 2017: We loaded up the dogs and headed to Chattanooga, TN for the 2017 Skyhoundz Discdogathon (Wednesday) and Classic (Sat/Sun) World Finals. I am so proud of how all the dogs played and placed this week despite the hot temps and long days. On Wednesday at the Discdogathon, Glamour (Player/Puzzle) finished 6th in Freestyle. Remedy finished in 3rd place for Bullseye with 61 points and she became a two time WORLD CHAMPION, this year in Time Trial with 15.9 seconds (last year Player won this event). Siri came in 3rd place in Time Trial with16.5 seconds and she finished 4th in Pairs D/A. On Saturday at the Classic, Glamour won the Microdog Distance/Accuracy Division (Siri won this last year) to become a new WORLD CHAMPION. On Sunday, Remedy and Siri finish in the top 10 in the Open Sport Distance/Accuracy division, and Glamour brings home another new WORLD CHAMPION title, this time in Microdog Freestyle -- this makes her the third dog in Skyhoundz history to win both the Sport and Open Microdog Divisions in the same calendar year. I think there will be big things to come from Glamour in the future, as she seems to possess that natural teamwork that her daddy Player had and showcased at such a young age. Now the dogs will get a much needed break before they start to qualify for next years World Finals. Video and pics will be loaded on their pages in the next few weeks....

September 16-17, 2017: Congrats to Tess (Rem/Tex) on her Novice Standard (NA) agility title! Finn (Siri/Hap) got a few legs this weekend going 3/4 in his runs and earned his NAJ. Ditto (Siri/Player) made her Cynosport Rally debut and earned two legs, one with a perfect score of 210/210 and two first places! Skate (Rem/Player) played flyball this weekend and earned a ton of points -- she is now only 269 points away from her FMX! Now we change gears and prepare for the 2017 Skyhoundz World Championship's this week......Player, Siri, Tease, Limit, Glamour (Player/Puzzle), Jenga!, Remedy, Hush (Player/Remedy), Kitty (Player/Jenga!), and Echo (Remedy/Tex) are all competing. 

September 9-10, 2017: Savvy (Player/Siri) earns a new Personal Best in Dock Diving with a 17' jump! Wish and I went to Border Collie Nationals and in a line up of 64 Specials (finished Champions and Grand Champions), she made the first, second, and third cut and earned an Award of Merit and in invite to compete at Crufts over in England!! She also took first place in her Futurity 9-12 Month class. 

September 2-4, 2017: It was a busy weekend for everyone! Shazam (Player/Jenga!) earns an invite to the NADD Championships for winning Air Retrieve (20')! Stryker (Player/Siri) earns a new personal best of 18'3" and The Force (Hooty/Siri) makes his dock diving debut, earning his Dock Junior and Dock Senior titles with a new personal best of 18'5"! Shazam also earned more legs to qualify in Cynosports and finished his first Master Tournament title! Siryn (Player/Jenga!) also got her Tournament Masters title and is qualified for Grand Prix, Steeplechase, and Team for Cynosports to be held late October. Leia (Hooty/Siri) had her AKC agility debut and earned legs in Novice Jumpers and FAST with first places, with official VMO measurement of 17.5". 

End of August/Summer Updates:  Ryder (Player/Jenga!) earns his Dock Elite title with a new personal best of 24'11". Bliss (Player/Jenga!) earns her Elite title with a new personal best of 24'6"! Player earns his Excellent Master Air Retrieve title, and Tease earns her Dock Elite title as well!  Stryker and littermate Savvy (Player/Siri) make their debut in Dock diving and are jumping 14-16'! Stryker earns his CGCA, Junior Dock title, and Trick title titles. Up North, Leia (Siri/Hooty)makes her NADD debut and earns a few legs in the Junior division!  In frisbee, Glamour (Player/Puzzle) wins Bullseye and is now qualified for the Skyhoundz 2017 World Finals that will take place next month. Tease won freestyle, and Player qualified in D/A. This last weekend, Wish goes WB for a 4-point major win to finish her breed CHAMPIONSHIP title at barely 11 months of age! We head to Border Collie Nationals next week...... fingers crossed!  In agility, Dynamic (Siri/Hap) finished her AX AXJ and AAD so she is now running in Masters in both AKC and USDAA! Littermate Finn earned a few titles too: CGC, TKN, SJ, SG, SS, and DJ titles with two legs toward his Advanced Snooker title and his HIC (herding instinct). Glamour, Trinket and NZ (Player/Puzzle) all got trick dog titles!

August 10, 2017: Spryte is in season and will be bred. Stay tuned.....

August 5-6, 2017: Shazam (Player/Jenga!) earns a few Elite legs with jumps over 24' in NADD Dock Diving in addition to a new personal best in Air Retrieve with a 19' snag. He also qualifies for the NADD Performance Games to be held late September.  Glamour (Player/Puzzle) wins Freestyle at an UpDog Challenge, new video on her page!

July 29-30, 2017: Wish and I headed to SC for conformation and she gets a 4-point major win and then we took an Owner Handler group 2 win under Pat Hastings!!!!! Spryte earns more points towards her Grand Championship handled by her co-owner, Tiffany. Siryn (Jenga!/Player) earns a Grand Prix bye in USDAA agility. Bliss (Jenga!/Player) earns her new personal best in dock diving with a 24' jump!!! 

July Updates: Summer months are slower for us competition wise while we focus on the business (boarding, training, and dog sports). The dogs are conditioning and training to be ready for frisbee World Finals in September and again in October, then we will switch gears and focus on dock diving to get ready for the NADD World Finals in December. 

July 1-2, 2017: Bliss (Player/Jenga!) earns a MX leg and earns her AXJ. Player qualifies in another event for the 2017 Skyhoundz World Finals, as does Tease

June 17, 2017: We had an awesome time at our O'my! Border Collie Family reunion. It was so nice to be able to see almost all of our puppies and their humans. Dean and I are so lucky to have some of the best puppy owners. The food was delicious, the games were fun, and seeing the puppies meet each other again was priceless. Pictures will be posted soon.

June 9-11, 2017: What a great weekend! Player wins Air Retrieve with a snag of 21', keeping his invite for the 2017 NADD Eukanuba Championships in Orlando, FL later this year. Ryder earned his first master leg in AR with an 18' snag, and Kitty won the senior division with a 16' snag and earning an invite to the Championship (both Jenga!/Player pups). Tease earned her Dock Master Advanced title (30 jumps) and earns her invite to Eukanuba. Ryder, Stella and baby Wish won their divisions this weekend in the Qualifier and will be going to Eukanuba, too! Ryder got his new personal best on the dock with a 24'11" jump! New pictures on Wish and Ryder's page. 

May 20-21, 2017: Jenga! wins Freestyle at the Triad Games in NC and Glamour gets her first WORLD INVITE for Freestyle (J was already qualified). J's daughter, Bliss, came to hang out and do some dock diving. She earned a few legs and was consistently jumping in Masters. Littermates Savvy and Shout! got to hang out, play some puppy frisbee, and swim in a new pool. 

May 11-13, 2017: Thursday, Wish goes Winners Bitch and Owner-Handler Best of Breed for her second 3-point major win under respected judge Polly Smith (who also awarded me and Spryte a 3-point major win last May, as well as Wish's grandma Fly a 5-point major win in 2009 at the Border Collie National). In the Owner-Handler Herding Group, she received a Group 2 placement!!!!!! Hush got to try Air Retrieve for the first time and got a leg in the Senior division! On Friday and Saturday, Spryte goes Select Bitch for more points towards her Grand Champion and Best of Breed (Owner Hanlder)  while Wish goes Reserve to the Major. Spryte then earned a few legs towards her Advanced Senior Dock title, and Wish jumped off the dock for the first time and earned her Novice Dock title! Siryn (Player/Jenga!) gets her Novice Jumpers title in AKC agility. 

April 29-30, 2017: In agility, Siryn (Player/Jenga!) earns her Open Standard title and another leg in Novice Jumpers! In disc, Limit wins Freestyle and earns a qualifying spot to the 2017 Skyhoundz World Finals. Echo (Remedy/Tex) wins Frizgility and earns a qualifying spot to the 2017 Skyhoundz World Finals for Time Trial with a 16.72s winning round!

April 12-14, 2017: On the first day at the big Peach Blossom Dog Show Cluster, Player gets a QQ towards MACh 2 and earns another leg towards his Advanced title and wins Air Retrieve with a 20' snag. Baby dog Wish and I showed in the breed ring for the first time and she went Winners Bitch (WB) and Owner-Handler Best Of Breed for her first point towards her AKC CH! Spryte showed well and went Best of Opposite, her first time showing as a Special (a finished Champion) and earning points towards her Grand Champion title. On the second day, Player earns another QQ, Wish goes Reserve Winners Bitch, and Spryte goes Best Of Opposite again for more points towards her GCH.  On our final day that we entered, Wish out does herself again..... Winners Bitch, Best of Winners, Best of Opposite Sex and Owner-Handler Best of Breed....earning her first 3-point MAJOR WIN over Specials under respected judge, James Noe. 

April 8-9, 2017: Shazam (Player/Jenga!) is now all in the Master classes for USDAA (agility) after finishing two titles with some impressive times. Dean and Tease win the Atlanta Dogwood Festivals USDDN (frisbee) in Freestyle, earning an invite to the 2017 USDDN World Finals to be held in the Fall of this year. There is new Frisbee videos of Tease, Jenga!, and Glamour on their pages. 

March 25-26, 2017: WOW, what a weekend! Player and I went to the AKC Agility National Championships this weekend and we went clean for THREE ROUNDS and cumulatively placed 10th/300+ dogs in the 20" class!!!!! This earned us a spot in the finals! Unfortunately we had a bar in the final round but I am so proud of our teamwork!!! Love this boy to the moon and back. Video will be posted on his page over the next few weeks....

March 18-19, 2017: Skate (Remedy/Player) gets two perfect starts (0.00) in Flyball this weekend! Finn (Siri 1.0) gets Q's in AKC agility. Shazam  (Player/Jenga!) earns his Open Standard title (OA) and earns another Jumpers leg towards his OAJ.  Player earns two legs towards his Advanced Air Retrieve title and earns some of the qualifications needed for Eukanuba. 

March 12, 2017: More Q's towards Cynosports and USDAA titles for both Siryn and Shazam (Jenga!/Player), while in NC sister Bliss earns legs in AKC Obedience in Open A and gets her AX title in agility.

February 27, 2017: We've been having technical difficulties on our end both with the website and our e-mail -- if you have reached out to us in the last 6 weeks or so, please consider contacting us again. 

Lots of Q's in agility for Shazam and Siryn, and a World Invite in Dock Dogs for Kitty and brother Ryder (all Player/Jenga!). Jenga! received two World Invites in Freestyle for the 2017 Skyhoundz World Finals to be held later this year. Limit earns a Q spot in Spot Landing, Siri earns an invite in Distance/Accuracy (which she won last year at the 2016 World Finals), and Remedy earns an invite for D/A, too. Echo (Remedy/Tex) earns his first World Invite at 10 months old to the 2017 Skyhoundz World Finals in Time Trial, this puppy is FAST!!!! We will be updating the website in the next few weeks as we have had new additions and past litters to add. 

December 31 - January 3, 2017: Happy New Year!! Siryn (Jenga!/Player), Shazam (Jenga!/Player), and Finn (Siri 1.0) have a great USDAA agility trial in Perry, GA. Siryn earned her AAD and a few other Qs, and Shazam earns his Jumpers title and gets a Steeplechase Q. Finn got several placements and Q's in Starters!! Down in Florida, Kitty (Jenga!/Player) qualifies for the 2017 UAD Games in Fetch-It! A few weekends ago Sky (Remedy/Player) earns his NW2 title, and up in Chattanooga Skate (Remedy/Player) has an awesome flyball weekend.