2023 News & Brags

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December updates: 

Entered just 2 days at the Winter Wonderland Cluster in Perry, GA PreacherMan (ReCon/Shine) finishes his AKC Championship owner and co-breeder, Cindy, handled from the BBE class followed by a Bred By Group 4! Preacher's only day as a special (and last til he grows up!) and he gets BOB over specials, under judge Carolyn Herbal, for his first CH defeat towards his GCH! Shine (Dare/Spryte), only entered 2 days in conformation (and other days in rally) takes BOB over ranked Specials under esteemed judge Patricia Trotter (who awarded mama Spryte a major many moons ago) followed by an OH Group 4! She takes another BOB/BOBOH and OH Group 1 win under Mr. Neale.  Valor (Hops/Wish) gets his RATS title with a High In Class! Shine and Valor get QQQ's towards their RACH. Punch (Hops/Spryte) gets Qs towards his RATCH and earns his NW2!

Fable (Dare/Spryte) gets QQ#15 and 16 towards her MACH! River (Player/Lyric) gets 2QQs towards her MACH! Zing! (Player/Pixel) earns his AXJ followed by QQ#1 the next day. Skrrt (HotShot/Story) gets his OA title! The Force (Hooty/Siri) gets his AXP title! Caliente (Ryder/Spryte) earns her AXJ! Tally (Recon/Shine) gets her BCAT, CA, CGC, CGCA and CGCU!


November updates: 

Scandal (HotShot/Story) earns her AKC Championship in PA with her owner and co-breeder, Kelli, from the BBE class! Quench (Hops/Spryte) gets her CD in Obedience and her OAJ in Agility! Dream (Hops/Wish) gets her NW1 in Alabama, followed by QQ's #12 and #13 towards her MACH. Shout! (Player/Siri) wins Spot Landing and Freestyle at a DDAT, while Caliente (Ryder/Spryte) wins Pairs DA and The Force (Hooty/Siri) wins Time Trial - all earning invites to the 2024 Skyhoundz World Finals. 

HotShot (NV/Sharpie) gets QQ #10 towards his PACH! Force and Caliente gets Q's in their Excellent classes, Hitman (Ryder/Spryte) gets Master Q's. Punch (Hops/Spryte) and Tonic (Hops/Spryte) get their first Open JWW Q's. Glimmer (Dare/Spryte) gets QQ#2! 



October updates: 

At the 2023 Skyhoundz Discdogathon World Championships, Dream (Hops/Wish) takes 3rd place in Time Trial with an impressive 15.96 time (and 9th in Spot Landing)! Shout! (Player/Siri) takes 3rd place in Spot Landing and Open Freestyle! Glamour (Player/Puzzle) takes 2nd place in Microdog Freestyle, making her the Reserve World Champion! I am so proud of all the dogs who qualified for Worlds DDAT and had such a great showing - Triton (Reef/Spryte) (placed 10th in Time Trial), Atari (Ryder/Spryte), Cupcake (Hops/Spryte), The Force (Hooty/Siri), Caliente (Ryder/Spryte), Creature (Player/Myth) (placed 7th in MD Time TRial), Zing! (Player/Pixel) (placed 5th in Spot Landing), and Hitman (Ryder/Spryte)! 

At the 2023 Skyhoundz Classic World Championships, Creature (Player/Myth) places 3rd for Microdog Distance & Accuracy after 3 awesome rounds! Glamour (Player/Puzzle) becomes the Reserve World Champion, placing 2nd, in Microdog Freestyle after 2 rounds of FS and 1 round of DA!

Valor (Hops/Wish) finishes his Bronze Grand Championship and his first two QQQ's towards his RACH, taking High Triple and High Combined each time! Shine (Dare/Spryte) gets her first two QQQ's towards her RACH! Punch (Hops/Spryte) gets his first two QQQ's! Quench (Hops/Spryte) gets her Rally Advanced title! Vilya (Reef/Spryte) got a 66 in Updogs' Funkey this past weekend which is currently the 6th Highest Score in the World!

Dream (Hops/Wish) gets her MJB in AKC Agility and QQ#11. River (Player/Lyric) gets her MXJ! Caliente (Ryder/Spryte) earns her AX title. HotShot (Sharpie/NV) gets QQ9 towards his PACH. Zing! (Player/Pixel) earns two Q's in his Excellent classes, and finishes his AX title. Sequel (HotShot/Wish) gets his first Excellent Qs! Skrrt (HotShot/Story) gets Q's in his Open classes! Cherry (Hops/Spryte) gets her AX! Moxie (Player/Lyric) earns placements at her first UpDog Challenge! 

Cupcake (Hops/Spryte) finishes her Excellent Interior and Exterior titles in AKC Scent Work. River (Player/Lyric) finishes her 4 Novice element titles! Quench (Hops/Spryte) gets her Advanced Buried title! Cherry (Hops/Spryte) and Echo (Tex/Remedy) go 4/4 in their classes! Punch (Hops/Spryte) gets Q's in his Excellent classes and earns his Master title in Barn Hunt and his Crazy8's title. 

Maverick (Player/Puzzle) gets QQ11 towards his MACH2. Vanquish (Player/Siri) gets her AKC Started Herding A Course Duck title! Extra! (Hotshot/Wish) gets Q's in her Novice agility debut! 


September updates:

Dream (Hops/Wish) gets her Excellent FAST title. Tonic (Hops/Spryte) gets his Novice FAST title. Cupcake (Hops/Spryte) gets her NW1 title with 3 Pronounced searches in NACSW! 

Fable (Dare/Spryte) earns some masters Qs in AKC Agility and some Qs in UKI. She made the podium placing as the Reserve Champion for the Speedstakes Challenge in 16” Select at the UKI Southwest Cup!! She also was 3rd and on the podium for Masters Series for 16” Select!! Fresh (Player/Siri) gets more QQ's towards his MACH and legs in his NW3!

Envy (Hops/Wish) finishes her AKC Championship, getting BOS/BOW for a 3 point major! Preacher (ReCon/Shine) gets WD, leaving him one single point shy of his CH and not yet a year old!

Hush (Player/Remedy) earns his Dock Junior Excellent II title! Player earns his final title in his ‘retirement’ ,Dock Senior Excellent II! Caliente (Ryder/Spryte), River (Player/Lyric) and Punch (Hops/Spryte) earns their Dock Senior Excellent titles! Atari (Ryder/Spryte) gets a new personal best in AR of 19'! 

Cupcake (Hops/Spryte) finishes her AKC Scent Work Buried Excellent title! Dream (Hops/Wish) earns her AKC Scent Work Buried Novice title and her Advanced Container titles! Punch (Hops/Spryte) earns his AKC Scent Work Advanced Container title! River (Player/Lyric) earns Q's and a High In Trial at her Novice Scent work Debut! Tonic (Hops/Spryte) gets Q's in his Advanced classes! Fable (Dare/Spryte) gets Q's in her Novice SW classes!  Siryn (Player/Jenga!) goes 3/3 in Master Interior to earn her title in a clean sweep, with Q's in Master Buried and Master Exterior!

Tempo (Player/Puzzle) got both his Excellent Jumpers and Excellent Agility titles in AKC Agility! Leia (Hooty/Siri) gets her FCAT3 and Q's in her Master classes in AKC Agility. Risk (Player/Lyric) earns his BCAT! Tally (ReCon/Shine) and Pixel (Dare/Spryte) qualify for UPDIFF! Quiz (ReCon/Shine) gets his ORT in NACSW! 



August updates: 

Sequel (HotShot/Wish) is OFA Hips Excellent, Shoulders/Elbows Normal and qualifies for the AKC Obedience Classic in Orlando, FL in the Open class. Quench (Hops/Spryte) also qualifies for the AKC Obedience Classic in P.Novice! Caliente (Ryder/Spryte) gets 2 Senior level Q's in Barn Hunt, with a HIC! Punch (Hops/Spryte) gets a Master Q!  Dream (Hops/Wish) and Tonic (Hops/Spryte) earn their NACSW ORT! 

Buzz (ReCon/Shine) earns his Dock Master title with NADD and a Personal Best of 23'1"! Firefly (ReCon/Shine) gets more legs towards her DSA and gets a new personal best of 19'10"! Preacher (ReCon/Shine) earns his Dock Senior title with a Personal Best of 19'11"! So excited for these 10 month old pups!

Ditto (Player/Siri) ears her Agility Dog Championship (ADCH) with USDAA!! Congrats to Kris and her super awesome girl!!!

At the 2023 NADD Southeast Regional Championship, Atari (Ryder/Spryte) becomes the Regional Champion in Senior Air Retrieve with brother Hitman hot on her heels earning Reserve Champion to Atari after a series of tie breakers as they both had clean rounds! Hitman becomes the Regional Championship in Master Distance with an impressive 24'6" jump! Hush (Player/Remedy) becomes the Reserve Champion in V. Junior Air Retrieve with a clean round! 



July updates:

Atari (Ryder/Spryte) wins an invite to Regionals in AR by going clean to 17'! River (Player/Lyric) hot on her heels, qualifies for AR! Dream (Hops/Wish) gets her AR Senior Excellent title! Fable (Dare/Spryte)  went 4/4 Qs in her first scent work trial with placements! Medley (Player/Lyric) gets her DJ title! Risk (Player/Lyric) earns his RATCHX2!! Pixel (Dare/Spryte) gets her XF title in agility and QQQ#16 and 17, and then #18 and 19 towards her Rally Championship! Sequel (HotShot/Wish) earned his FDCh-S flyball title. HotShot (Sharpie/NV) earned his FDCh-G flyball title.

Hitman (Ryder/Spryte) earned another Q for Skyhoundz DDAT World Championships in TT. It was an O’my! Family clean sweep, with Cupcake (Hops/Spryte) 1st, Hitman (Ryder/Spryte) 2nd and Dream (Hops/Wish) 3rd! 

Firefly (ReCon/Shine) finishes her AKC Championship in style at just 9 months of age, with back to back FIVE POINT MAJORS in Greenville, SC! Preacher (ReCon/Shine) makes his debut and gets his first five point major as well as a 4 point major!! Cupcake (Hops/Spryte) shows one day and gets Select, finishing her Grand Championship with limited showing!!


June updates:

At the Honeysuckle Cluster in Perry, GA 7 month old Firefly (ReCon/Shine) goes WB/BOW for her first 2 points towards her CH, shown from the bred-by puppy class on the first day she showed followed by a WB/BOW for a 3 point major on the second day she showed!!! River (Player/Lyric) goes WB/BOW/BOS over Specials to finish her AKC Championship in style! Valor (Hops/Wish) gets an OH Group 4!

Dream (Hops/Wish) wins D/A at a Skyhoundz Classic and Hitman (Ryder/Spryte) takes third, earning them both a spot to compete at the Skyhoundz Classic World Finals! Sequel (HotShot/Wish) gets QQQ#6 towards his RACH with a High Triple! HotShot (Sharpie/NV) gets QQQ#8 towards his RACH! Shine (Dare/Spryte) gets some Rally Master legs, while son Preacher (ReCon/Shine) earns his Rally Intermediate title!

Firefly (ReCon/Shine) gets her CGC, TKN, and DS title with a personal best! Quiz (ReCon/Shine) gets his CGCA and CGCU! Glimmer (Dare/Spryte) gets her Dock Senior Excellent 2 title! Atari (Ryder/Spryte) gets her Dock Master Advanced title and her Dock Senior title. Hitman (Ryder/Spryte) gets his Dock Elite title with a new personal best of 24'11! Caliente (Ryder/Spryte) gets her Dock Master Advanced! The Force (Hooty/Siri) gets his Dock Senior Excellent title!

Vanquish (Player/Siri) gets her Herding Started A Course title!! Cupcake (Hops/Spryte) finishes her Scent Work Container Advanced title, earning her overall Advanced title as well as her first Q's in her Excellent classes! Dream (Hops/Wish) gets Q's in her classes and earns her Advanced Interior/Exterior titles! Tonic (Hops/Spryte) gets Q's his first time in Advanced! 

Congrats to Hannah and Fancy (Player/Puzzle) on their MACH3! Fable (Dare/Spryte) gets QQ#13!  Player and Dream win an invite to Regionals for Air Retrieve! 


May updates: 

Valor (Hops/Wish) is a new Grand Champion! Zing! (Player/Pixel) qualifies for the 2023 NADD Regional Championship in Masters Distance, with a new Personal Best of 23'4"! Hitman (Ryder/Spryte) qualifies for the 2023 NADD Regional Championship in Elite Distance, with a new Personal Best of 24'11" and qualifies for Air Retrieve in Senior Division. Punch (Hops/Spryte) qualifies for Regional in Senior Distance, and Essence (Hops/Spryte) qualifies in Junior Distance!

Dream (Hops/Wish) finishes her AKC Breed Championship by going WB/BOW for a 5 point major from the bred by class! She also finishes her BN and ATT. Cupcake (Hops/Spryte) gets points towards her Crazy 8's title, earns her Advanced Coursing (CAA) title, and goes BOS all 3 days for majors towards her Grand Championship, leaving her 2 points shy of her GCH. Quench (Hops/Spryte) gets her RATS title. Fresh (Player/Siri) gets master Q's in Barn Hunt towards his RATCH, and gets 2 QQ's towards his MACH. Preacher (ReCon/Shine) makes his rally debut and has a clean sweep with placements, earning his RN at 7 months old!

Breeze (Reef/Spryte) earns her Farm Dog title! Bliss (Player/Jenga!) earns her AKC Scentwork Detective title!!! This is the highest level of SW in AKC! Sequel (HotShot/Wish) gets more points towards his AKC Championship, as well as earned QQQ 4 and 5 towards his RACH, and high triple! HotShot (Sharpie/NV) got QQ 8 towards his PACH and QQQ 6 and 7 towards his RACH with several perfect 100 scores.

Hush (Player/Remedy) earns his Advanced Coursing (CAA) title, and Cupcake earns her DCAT! Cherry (Hops/Spryte) earns her DCAT, and Quench (Hops/Spryte) finishes her FCAT! River (Player/Lyric) gets her Dock Master Advanced, Hush gets his Air Retrieve Junior Advanced title. Both are now qualified for the 2023 SE Regionals! Raven (Player/Siri) got her DS Senior dock title!

Dream (Hops/Wish) gets another QQ towards her MACH, and is now qualified for the National Agility Championships! Hitman (Ryder/Spryte) earns more legs towards his Master titles. Glimmer (Dare/Spryte) earns her Excellent Jumpers (AXJ) title, as well as her first QQ towards her MACH! Essence (Hops/Spryte) gets a Open JWW leg. Fable (Dare/Spryte) gets QQ#12, her MXB, and qualifies for AKC Nationals! Pixel (Dare/Spryte) in AKC scentwork, she earned her first master interior and first detective legs! In agility, she gets an Excellent FAST leg. Medley (Player/Lyric 2.0) earned two master JWW Qs and a T2B first place!



April updates: 

Skrrt (Hotshot/Story) earns his BCAT! Hush (Player/Remedy), River (Player/Lyric), Quench (Hops/Spryte), Tonic (Hops/Spryte), Cupcake (Hops/Spryte) all earn Fast CAT legs towards their next titles! 

Cupcake (Hops/Spryte) 2nd and 3rd show day out as a Special since she finished her CH in Ocotober, and she goes BOS each day to complete the CH-defeats needed to complete a GCH, and is halfway there with points! River (Player/Lyric) goes WB one day leaving her 3 singles shy of finising her CH. Dream (Hops/Wish) gets WB/BOW for her 2nd major, leaving her also 3 points shy of finishing her CH! Valor (Hops/Wish) gets his first BOB win over specials and an OH Group 2 placement. He needs one more CH-defeat for his GCH! Valor also picks up an OH Group 1!

Pixel (Dare/Spryte) picked up QQQs 12 and 13 for her RACH.  Sequel (HotShot/Wish) gets his Open Agiltiy titles and QQQ 3 towards his RACH. HotShot (Sharpie/NV) gets QQ7 towards his PACH and QQQ 5 towards his RACH! Fable (Dare/Spryte) earns QQ #11 towards her MACH! Dream (Hops/Wish) gets QQ 10 towards her MACH. 

Siryn (Player/Jenga!) earned her Excellent Exterior title, Excellent Interior title (SIE) with a 4th place and her overall Excellent title (SWE). Dream (Hops/Wish) earns her Novice Interior, Exterior, and Container titles! Tonic (Hops/Spryte) earns his Novice Interior, Exterior, and Container titles! Cupcake (Hops/Spryte) finishes her Novice Buried title for her overall Novice title, as well as her Advanced Interior, Adv Exterior, and Adv. Buried titles. Quench (Hops/Spryte) finished her Novice Buried (SBN), overall Novice Scent Work (SWN), Advanced Interior (SIA), Advanced Exterior (SEA) and Advanced Container(SCA).

Sequel (HotShot/Wish) earned his flyball dog champion (FDCh) title. Skate (Player/Remedy) earned her Flyball Grand Champion 40k! Raven (Player/Siri) had a awesome day BRAC USDAA/UKI this weekend. Day 1 uSDAA Gamblers Q #22, Day 3 UKI Master Series Agility Q, 1st Place and a BYE US Open Finals2023. Ditto (Player/Siri) finished qualifying for NADAC champs, USDAA Cynosport, and won a masters bye to the UKI US Open!!

Maverick (Player/Puzzle 2.0) gets QQ's 5 & 6 towards his MACH 2 and finishes his NW1!



March updates: 

Quench (Hops/Spryte) gets her BN title in Obedience and PCD, with High In Trials! Punch (Hops/Spryte) earns his NW1 with NACSW with two Pronounced! searches and he earns his BN title as well. Cherry (Hops/Spryte) gets her 2nd Excellent STD Q and first Excellent JWW Q. Hitman (Ryder/Spryte) gets his AX title and second MXJ leg. Dream (Hops/Wish) gets QQ#9 towards her MACH! Sequel (HotShot/Wish) earns his NAJ and first Open JWW leg. Fable (Dare/Spryte) gets QQ#10 towards her MACH! HotShot (Sharpie/NV) gets his Master Standard Preferred, Master Jumpers Preferred title and QQ#5 towards his PACH.

Extra! (HotShot/Wish) makes her AKC Conformation debut at the Tarheel Cluster in Raleigh, NC and earns 3 back-to-back-to-back 5 point major wins to earn her AKC Championship!!!

Quench, Skrrt (HotShot/Story), Sequel and Essence get legs in their Open classes in AKC agility, Zing! (Player/Pixel) finishes his Open Standard title. Caliente (Ryder/Spryte) finishes her Open Jumpers title and gets her first Excellent STD Q. HotShot gets QQ#6! Glimmer (Dare/Spryte) gets her Excellent Standard title! Hitman and Dream get a few Master Q's. Player finishes his PACH at a few days after his 11th birthday. How lucky am I that we got to run together for an entire decade? Happy retirement, Mr. Perfect! 

Atari (Ryder/Spryte), Glamour (Player/Puzzle), and Dream get Q's for Worlds at a Skyhoundz Classic and DDAT in Savannah, GA! Maverick (Player/Puzzle) gets QQ's towards his MACH2.


February updates: 

Crush (Player/Puzzle 1.0) gets his ADCH in USDAA agility! Hush (Player/Remedy) gets his Excellent Jumpers title in AKC agility. Zing! (Player/Pixel) finishes his Open Jumpers title! Valor (Hops/Wish) gets a major win and points towards his AKC Grand Championship, littermate Envy gets another point towards her AKC CH. 

Dream (Hops/Wish) gets QQ #8 towards her MACH and gets her MXB title! Tonic (Hops/Spryte) gets his Novice JWW and STD titles. Caliente (Ryder/Spryte) finishes her Open Standard title and gets her 2nd Open JWW leg. Zing! (Player/Pixel) gets his first Open Standard Q.  Skate (Player/Remedy) participated in her second UFLI Flyball tournament and got her Top Flight I and Top flight II titles. 

Congrats to the following teams for qualifying for the 2023 Rally National Championship!!!: Punch (Hops/Spryte), Sequel (HotShot/Wish), Ember (Player/Lyric), Glimmer(Dare/Spryte) and Pixel (Dare/Spryte)!

Skkrt (Hotshot/Story) gets his Rally Advanced title. Essence (Hops/Spryte) gets her Open Barn Hunt title and Novice FAST title. 

Sequel (HotShot/Wish) passed his annual SAR certification for scent specific area search with NOCSAR. HotShot (Sharpie/NV) became a nationally certified SAR K9 in scent specific area search with NOCSAR! 

January updates:

Cupcake (Hops/Spryte) goes 7/8 at an AKC Scentwork trial with placements, earning her SEN title and her first legs in Advanced. She is also OFA Excellent! Dream (Hops/Wish) gets her first Q's and legs in Novice Interior/Extenior with placements and she is OFA Good! ! Fresh (Player/Siri) also gets his first legs with placements in his Novice classes. Echo (Tex/Remedy) earns his SIN title! Tonic (Hops/Spryte) is OFA Excellent! 

Punch (Hops/Spryte) passes Anise to complete his ORT! Dream gets QQ#6, Hitman (Ryder/Spryte) gets 2/3 legs for his AX and AXJ! Cupcake gets MX leg #6. Zing! (Player/Pixel) goes 4/5 at his agility debut, earning his NAJ! Hush (Player/Remedy) gets his Novice FAST title and gets his 2nd Excellent JWW leg!

Sequel (Hotshot/Wish) finishes his CDX and gets his first QQQ towards his RACH! Quench (Hops/Spryte) gets her first two legs towards her BN and finishes her RI! Cupcake (Hops/Spryte) wins Spot Landing and earns a Q for Skyhoundz Worlds followed by completing her ORT in a clean sweep in FL. Caliente (Ryder/Spryte) earns a Q for Skyhoundz Worlds in Bullseye! Maverick (Player/Puzzle) gets his MACH! Skate (Player/Remedy) earned her first UFLI Flyball title, Top Flight. HotShot (Sharpie/NV) gets QQQ's towarsd his RACH, earning a High Combined and a High Triple!

Cherry! (Hops/Spryte) finishes her Open Jumpers title! Quench (Hops/Spryte) and Caliente (Ryder/Spryte) get their first legs in Open. Hitman (Ryder/Spryte) gets his Excellent JWW title! Skrrt (HotShot/Story) gets his Novice Standard title! HotShot (Sharpie/NV) earns QQ's towards his PACH. Player, just entered one day, gets QQ#19 towards his PACH. Zing! (Player/Pixel) goes 4/4, earning his first two Open JWW Q's and his Nov Standard title.