2018 News and Brags!

December 14-16, 2018: AKC Royal Canin/NADD National Championships recap: Friday in the breed ring, Wish made the cut along some of the best dogs in the nation. Thank you Ms. Beverly Capstick for recognizing this girl. Saturday at the NADD National Championships, Shazam (Player/Jenga!) earns 9th place amongst 170+ in the Master Division. Littermate Bliss places 25th in Elite. Siryn (Player/Jenga!), Kitty (Player/Jenga!) Wish, Echo (Tex/Remedy), and Savvy (Player/Siri) had some competitive jump distances but not quite enough to place them in finals. The Force (Hooty/Siri) was seeded first going into the Senior Finals but proceeded to beat his personal best and jump himself into the Master Division where he still placed in the top 20! Elsewhere, Torque (Player/Myth) earns his trick Dog Performer title AND his CGCU. 

December 8-9, 2018: Crush (Player/Puzzle 1.0) earns his Excellent Fast title! Sky (Player/Remedy) earned his second NW3 with a pronounced and first place finish!!! He smoked it with a total time of 6:26 for all four elements! 

Updates for end of Nov/early Dec: It's been a busy few weeks with the business so here is a catch up of some news on the dogs.

 HotShot (NV/Sharpie) earns his CGC, TKN, and TKI titles at just 4 months old! He is SUCH a smart and fun puppy. Finn (Siri/Hap) passes his Herding Instinct test. Torque (Player/Myth) earns both his barn hunt titles at his first show! Crush (Player/Puzzle 1.0 ) gets his AAD in USDAA and has won a few Steeplechases'. Trinket (Player/Puzzle 2.0) gets her Starters Gamblers title!  Ditto (Player/Siri) completes her Novice NADAC titles in Jumpers, Regular, Hoopers, Tunnelers, and Barrelers!! She is also qualified for UpDiff in 4 different events. Zenith (Spryte/Dare) earns her first leg towards her Dock Junior title in NADD, and sister Glimmer earns her CGCA. Sister Shine finished her Rally Intermediate title, got her 1st leg towards her Beginner Novice title in Competition Obedience, finished her Barn Hunt instinct test and her lure coursing ability title. Leia (Hooty/Siri) finishes her first toss/fetch league in PA, where she consistently scored/placed in the top of her division over tough competition (hundreds of other competitors)! Can't wait to see what she accomplishes in disc next season!

November 23-25, 2018: Raven (Player/Siri) earns her Novice Fast title and Q's in her other novice classes! Fresh earns his Open Fast title! 

November 16-18, 2018: Story earns 2 more points towards her CH! Hush (Player/Remedy) wins Bullseye and D/A at a Skyhoundz Qualifier, earning him two invites to compete at the 2019 Skyhoundz World Finals! 

November 10-11, 2018: At the UKI US Open, both Siryn (Player/Jenga!) and Savvy (Player/Siri) had some awesome runs on some tough courses. Si placed 9th in Power & Speed!! At an UpDog Challenge, Fresh (Player/Siri) wins 7Up while littermate Ditto wins 4WayPlay and is now qualified in several different events for UpDIFF Nationals. Creature (Player/Myth) played in her first UpDog Challenge and won Spaced Out! Hush (Player/Remedy) won FunKey with a new personal best, and is also qualified in a few events for UpDIFF. Echo (Tex/Remed) placed in a few events with his owner. In flyball, Kitty (Player/Jenga!) and her team win first place in Division 3! 

November 3-4, 2018: Siryn (Player/Jenga!) earns her USDAA Agility Dog Championship (ADCH)!!!! At the BC Nationals, Shine (Spryte/Dare) earns her Herding Instinct Certificate (HIC), earns her second Intermediate Rally leg,  and wins second place in the 12-18 month class!!!! Skate (Player/Remedy) gets her FMCh title in Flyball (15,000 points)!! She also received two multi breed titles, MBD and MBDX!

October 26-28, 2018: Hush (Player/Remedy) earns another leg in Open Standard. Player earns QQ # 31, nine more to go until MACh 2 which will have to wait until the Spring. Wish earns her Open Standard title. Ditto, Raven, Fresh, and Shout! (all Player/Siri) all earn FAST Q's and legs in other classes. Tess (Tex/Remedy) earns her first QQ towards her MACh! Fancy (Player/Puzzle) earns her AKC Master Agility Championship (MACh)!!!

October 19-21, 2018: Siryn (Player/Jenga!) earns a QQ towards her MACh. Hush (Player/Remedy) earns a leg towards his Open Standard title, his first time in. Wish goes Best of Opposite and Owner Handler BOB for a 5 point major towards her GCH Bronze, and then gets a Q towards her Open Standard title.  Crush (Player/Puzzle) wins 22" Steeplechase! Shine (Dare/Spryte) gets her first leg in Intermediate Rally and a 2nd place with a score of 96! Bliss (Player/Jenga!) earns her Scentwork Novice (SWN) title, meaning she got three legs in buried, container, exterior and interior, all in just 3 trials, with no mistakes! On to advanced!

October 15, 2018: Shazam, Siryn, Bliss, and Kitty (all Player/Jenga!), Savvy and Shout (Player/Siri), Hush (Player/Remedy), Echo (Tex/Remedy), The Force (Hooty/Siri), Stella, and Wish all earn invites to compete at the 2018 NADD National Championships down in Orlando in December!!!!!!

October 13-14, 2018: Spryte earns legs towards her Senior Advanced title in dock diving and gets a new personal best of 19'3! In agility, Robin and Bliss (Player/Jenga!) earn a QQ towards their MACh. Half sister Savvy (Player/Siri) earns her Novice Jumpers title with an incredible 14.46 second run. Full sister Ditto earns her Novice Jumpers title in NADAC agility. 

October 6-7, 2018:  Shine (Spryte/Dare) makes her NADD debut and earns her Dock Senior title with a personal best of 19'6"! Tess (Tex/Remedy) earns her Dock Junior title! Shout! (Player/Siri) earns his Master Advanced title and a new personal best of 22'6"! Echo (Tex/Remedy) Hush (Player/Remedy), The Force (Hooty/Siri) and Stella finish the requirements to compete down in Orlando in December for the NADD Championships. Fancy (Player/Puzzle) earns double Q # 19 towards her MACh!!! 

September 29-30, 2018: Savvy (Player/Siri) makes her AKC agility debut and gets a Qs in Novice FAST and Jumpers with some impressive times! Fresh (Player/Siri) earns his Novice FAST (NF) title! Half sister Leia (Hooty/Siri) earns her Open Standard (OA) title with a smoking run up in PA. Shine (Spryte/Dare) earns her CGCA and TKP titles while sister Pixel earns more legs in NADD Dock Diving. 

September 22-23, 2018: Skyhoundz Classic World Finals: What an exciting but exhausting weekend at the 2018 Skyhoundz Classic World Finals -- two hot days competing against some of the best dog and handler teams in the sport. On Saturday, Siri tied for 1st place in the Microdog Sport Division and after the official tie breaker ended with a 2nd place win!!!! Glamour (Player/Puzzle) gave us her all despite being a little tired and finished with a competitive 8th place finish in Microdog Open Division and 7th place finish in Microdog Sport. And last but not least, Player put up some impressive scores in the Sport Division earning him a spot in the top 10 finals and ended up taking 6th place out of 100+ teams!! Congratulationsto all the winners and finalists and thank you to Skyhoundz for putting on another wonderful event. We hope to see everyone next year!!

September 19, 2018: Skyhoundz DDAT World Finals: Player wins a 4th place in Time Trial (with me)!!!! Just a few tenths of a second off the podium — Love my best boy ? He took 7th place with Dean in Time Trial and 10th in Spot Landing.  Remedy took second place in Spot Landing, one of her most fav games and at 8 years old is still such a speed demon. Love this girl to the moon and back! Hush (Player/Remedy) got 7th place in Bullseye with a new personal best of 53 points!!  Our heart gives us so much of his! He loves being fast like a ?.  Little bitty Siri brought her A-game out in sooo many events and become another World Champion in Microdog Xtreme Distance (Women) with her new friend Aura!! She took 3rd place in Microdog XD with Mark! She also took 4th place in Spot Landing and took 6th place in Time Trial! I am so proud of her for giving us her all every time she stepped to the line ?

September 14-16, 2018: Glamour (Player/Puzzle), Wish, Siri, and Limit have fun doing frisbee demos in Alabama. They LOVE crowds!!! Shout! (Player/Siri) earns his Novice Standard title (NA) in AKC. Crush (Player/Puzzle) earns his Starters Standard title in USDAA. Savvy (Player/Siri) gets first place in Frizgility at an UpDog Challenge in NC. Super exciting news in PA, Story goes Winners Bitch for her first 2 points towards her AKC Championship! In TN, Shine (Spryte/Dare) goes Reserve to the 5 point major!! 

September 7-9, 2018: Shout! (Player/Siri) earns his Novice Fast (NF) and Novice Jumpers(NAJ) title!!! Brother  Fresh earns his Novice JWW title and a Q in FAST at his AKC debut! Sister  Raven makes her AKC debut and earn Q's in Fast and Jumpers. Other sister Vanquish earns a Master leg at a NADD event with a new personal best of 20'2"!!! Cadence (Hooty/Siri) finished her Open title in Barn Hunt, and sister Leia had some amazing runs in USDAA and got an Advanced Gamblers Q and Advanced Jumpers Q!! Tempo (Player/Puzzle 2.0) finished his Novice Standard title and got another Jumpers Q!

September 5, 2018: Video of Siryn (Player/Jenga!) from her EO Camp has been added to her page, or can be found by clicking here

August 31-Sept 1, 2018: Pixel (Spryte/Dare) earns her Dock Senior title and a new Personal best of 18'2"!!!! Shout! (Player/Siri) gets an invite to compete at the 2018 NADD National Championship in Air Retrieve! Sister Savvy also earns an Invite to compete in the Open Division. In frisbee, Limit and Glamour (Player/Puzzle) qualify for the 2019 Skyhoundz World Finals in the Classic. Siri wins Spot Landing and Remedy wins Time Trial and Distance/Accuracy and earns an invite to the 2019 Skyhoundz World Championships. Stryker (Player/Siri) wins 7Up and gets 3rd in Spaced out at an UpDog event. In agility, Raven (Player/Siri) makes her USDAA debut and earns Q's in her Starters classes!! 

August 24 - 26, 2018: In conformation, Spryte shows for the first time in over a year (and since she had pups) and goes Best of Opposite for her first competition win and a 4 point major towards her Grand Champion! Daughter Shine (Spryte/Dare) goes Reserve Winners to the major one day and then goes Best of Opposite for a 5 point major win, her first major and points towards her Championship at just 10 months old!!!!! Wish gets another competition win and points towards her Grand Championship and then takes Best of Breed for her final competition win, earning her Grand Championship at not yet 2 years of age!!!!! In dock diving, Pixel (Spryte/Dare) makes her NADD debut and earns legs towards her Junior and Senior title!! Fancy  (Player/Puzzle 1.0) gets QQ #16 and #17, closing in on that MACh! 

August 17-19, 2018: Boy it was a busy weekend!!! Shout! (Player/Siri) gets legs towards his NADD Air Retrieve title and more legs towards his Master title. Brother Stryker also earns more legs towards his Senior and Master title and their sister Vanquish got her Dock Senior title with a new personal best of 19'11"!! Shazam (Player/Jenga!) earns his invite to compete at the NADD National Championships in the Master Division and earns his Master Advanced title. Tess (Remedy/Tex) makes her dock debut and gets two legs towards her Junior title. Brother Echo earns a few more Junior leg and earns a 3rd place in the Junior finals!!!! Glimmer (Spryte/Dare) earns her Dock Junior title at just 9 months of age, with a new personal best of 14'11"! 

On the agility front, littermates Fresh and Savvy (Player/Siri) head to a UKI trial where Fresh earns his Beginner Speedstakes title with two first places! Savvy was entered "for fun" and she had some awesome runs. Tempo (Player/Puzzle 2.0) made his agility debut with his junior handler and got their first ever Q in AKC Novice!!! Littermate Trinket makes her debut in USDAA agility and gets two Q's in starters gamblers and a 1st and Q in starters jumpers!

Fable (Spryte/Dare)gets her Novice and Intermediate Trick Dog titles! Last but not least, Fix (Remedy/Tex) gets an invite to the 2019 Skyhoundz World Championships in Classic, by winning both Freestyle and D/A rounds. Wow!!!

August 10-11, 2018: Fancy (Player/Puzzle) gets Premier Q's in AKC agility. Leia (Siri/Hooty) get's Q's in UKI agility with some super runs. Fresh (Player/Siri) learns a bunch at a seminar, video here. Savvy (Player/Siri) gets her Dock Master title in NADD and Bliss (Player/Jenga!) gets a few more Elite legs. Bliss also makes her debut in AKC Scentwork and earns qualifying legs towards her titles. Stryker (Player/Siri) has a great showing in UpDog, getting 1st in FunKey and 2nd in 4WayPlay!  Hush (Player/Remedy) is now qualified in a few things for UPDIFF and also won 4WayPlay! 

August 3-5, 2018: Bad footing in TN cut our agility weekend short, but Wish got her first Open Standard Q with a first place on Friday before we pulled for the weekend. Shout! (Player/Siri) gets a new personal best in dock diving with a 22"2 jump! Bliss (Player/Jenga!) earns an invite to compete at the 2018 NADD National Championships. Limit wins Pairs D/A at a Skyhoudz Qualifier, Hush (Player/Remedy) comes in 2nd in Spot Landing, and Glamour (Player/Puzzle) won Micro Freestyle! Fancy (Player/Puzzle) gets QQ's # 14 and 15 towards her MACh!!

July 27-29, 2018: In Greenville, SC Wish went into the conformation ring for her first real competition as a Special and gets three majors, 14 points (out of the 25 needed) and one major competition win towards her Grand Championship! She is also CERF (now CAER) Normal. Shine (Spryte/Dare) stepped into the ring and took first in her 9-12 puppy class! Savvy (Player/Siri) made her debut in Fetch It (UAD) and got a new personal best of 15'. Sister Vanquish got some legs in USDAA Starters in PA. Leia (Hooty/Siri) also had some smoking fast runs and Q's! Robin and Bliss (Player/Jenga!) have qualified for the AKC Obedience Classic in December in the Open class!!!! 

July 21-22, 2018: New video on Creature (Player/Myth), Shine (Spryte/Dare), Savvy (Player/Siri), and Glimmer (Spryte/Dare) pages. New pictures on Fresh, Shout! (Player/Siri), and Siryn (Player/Jenga!) page. Savvy wins Frizgility in NC with a score of 140! Remedy earns and invite to the 2018 USDDN World Qualifier in D/A. 

July 12-15, 2018: Ran down to Perry, GA to run a few dogs in agility for the first time in 3 months; Player gets two more QQ's towards MACh2. The Force (Siri/Hooty) finishes his Novice Fast (NF) title, and Wish gets her second and third leg in Open Jumpers, earning her title (OAJ). Tess (Remedy/Tex) finishes her Excellent Standard (AX) title and Siryn (Player/Jenga!) lays down an awesome run in 24C Master Standard and gets another Premier Q, qualifying her for the European Open Tryouts!!! Pixel (Spryte/Dare) earns her CGC and Novice Trick Dog (NTD) title at 8.5 months old! In Skyhoundz frisbee, Limit wins Spot Landing and Glamour (Player/Puzzle) wins Time Trial, both earning Q spots for Worlds. In NADD, Bliss (Player/Jenga!) earns a new personal best on the dock with a 27'4" Elite jump!!!! 

July 7-8, 2018: In dock diving news, Kitty (Player/Jenga!) earns a new personal best in Air Retrieve with a 19' grab! Reign (Player/Puzzle) earns his first dock diving title! Stryker (Player/Siri) wins the Senior Elite finals at a UAD qualifier!

Up north, Leia (Siri/Hooty) earns her Excellent FAST (XF) title. In Skyhoundz frisbee, Player wins earns another invite to the 2018 Skyhoundz World Finals in Bullseye. Siri gets 2nd in D/A and earns an invite in Microdog D/A (she won this division at the World Finals in 2016). Limit qualifies for Open Freestyle. Wish gets a two way tie in Spot Landing and after the tie breaker, just barely pushes a World Invite from our grasp by 2 points! In UpDog frisbee, Stryker (Player/Siri)  wins Frizgility! 

June 31-July 1, 2018: Fancy (Player/Puzzle) earns QQ # 12 and 13 towards her MACh this weekend with Hannah. Shine (Spryte/Dare) earns a Group 2 and a Group 1 in an IABCA dog show, as well as wins Best In Show Puppy!!!!! Wish wins Best of Breed in her shows along with a Group 3, two Group 2's, and a Group 1 placement! She also earns her International Championship! Kitty (Player/Jenga!) earns another fly ball title! 

June 23-24, 2018Remedy earns another invite to the 2018 Skyhoundz World Finals AND sets a new personal best in Time Trial with a 15.57 second run, not bad considering she will be 8 in a few weeks! Siri earned an invite in Spot Landing. Hushy (Remedy/Player) got 2nd in Distance/Accuarcy with me and Dean....2 points away from getting an invite!!! The Force (Siri/Hooty) and I got 3rd in another game. Fix (Remedy/Tex) places in Frizgility at an UpDog challenge!! 

Fancy (Player/Puzzle) earns QQ # 10 and 11 towards her MACh and is now qualified for the 2019 AKC National Championships!! Brother Ditto earns his Coursing Ability title (CA). Zenith (Spryte/Dare) makes her debut in Rally and earns all three legs, getting her Rally Novice (RN) title!

June 17-18, 2018: In frisbee, Player wins qualifies for the 2018 Skyhoundz World Championships in Time Trial (with Dean) and daughter Glamour (Player/Puzzle) wins and qualifies in Bullseye! New pictures were added to Fable (Spryte/Dare), Stryker (Player/Siri), The Force (Siri/Hooty) and Ryder's (Player/Jenga!) page. In UKI agility, Siryn (Player/Jenga!) earns a title and also a Bye into the Master Series! In USDAA agility, Leia (Siri/Hooty) finishes her Starters Standard title and earns her AD! 

June 9-11, 2018: At the NADD qualifier, Wish, The Force (Siri/Hooty), and Hush (Remedy/Player) qualify for the 2018 National Championships in their divisions! Ryder (Jenga!/Player) earns a new personal best in Air Retrieve with a 20' grab while littermate Bliss sets another personal best of 26'3 in the Open division. Siryn (Jenga!/Player) earns a new personal best as well with 20'8"! Echo (Remedy/Tex) also qualified for the National Championships and set a new personal best. Shout! (Siri/Player) got several master legs and sister Vanquish made her debut and got several high senior legs!!! Up north, Leia (Siri/Hooty) gets her trick dog titles and some legs in AKC agility. Fancy (Puzzle/Player) gets QQ #9 towards her MACh! Skate (Remedy/Player) and Kitty (Jenga!/Player) ran in flyball and earns points on their teams towards their titles. Kitty earns her FDX!

June 2, 2018: It's our reunion weekend!!! Thank you to everyone who made their way to GA to make this day so very special. It was great to see everyone and for the dogs to get together. New dates for next years reunion to be announced soon.....

May 26-27, 2018: Player and Remedy both earn invites to the 2018 World Finals (and took 1st and 2nd) at a Skyhoundz Classic Qualifier in D/A. Siri earns an invite to compete in Bullseye and Player gets another invite to compete in Spot Landing! Bliss (Player/Jenga!) earns another QQ towards her MACh, new video on her page. Fancy (Player/Puzzle 1.0) earn's QQ's 7 and 8 towards her MACh, you can click here to watch her runs. Pixel (Spryte/Dare) has a new dock foundations video on her page and her sister Glimmer earned her CGC!  Siryn (Player/Jenga!) gets a Q in 24" Premier Jumpers, you can see video by clicking here

May 18-20, 2018: Shout! (Player/Siri) earns a new personal best in dock diving with 18'0" and earned his Dock Senior (DS) title. Littermate Stryker finished his Dock Master (DM) title. Wish earned her Dock Junior (DJ) title with a new personal best of 15'2" and earning a few legs towards her Senior title! The Force (Hooty/Siri) made his debut in Air Retrieve and got a 16' grab. He also got a new personal best of 19'6" using half dock. Echo (Remedy/Tex) got a few more legs in the junior division towards his Advanced title and got 2nd place in the Junior finals. Player and Stella got legs towards their Advanced and Excellent title in Masters. 

May 12-13, 2018: Shine (Spryte/Dare) at 6.5 months old gets her Rally Novice title with placements and scores of 98, 99, and 98! Savvy (Siri/Player) gets a new Personal Best in dock diving of 20'7"! 

May 5-6, 2018: The dogs had fun performing at Star 94.1's Woofstock -- this is our third year doing the frisbee and agility demonstrations and the dogs love the crowd!  In other news, Stryker (Siri/Player) gets a new personal best in dock diving with a 22' jump! Echo (Remedy/Tex) gets his Achiever Dog certificate. Littermate Tess gets her Excellent Agility Jumpers title (AXJ). Vanquish (Siri/Player)  makes her AKC agility debut in FAST and gets 2 Q's!

Apri 28-29, 2018: Siryn (Player/Jenga!) gets Q's towards her MX and MXJ agility titles. In UpDog (frisbee), Echo (Remedy/Tex) wins Frizgility and 4 Way Play with some impressive scores against 70 other dogs! 

April 26, 2018: Siryn (Player/Jenga!) gets her Excellent FAST and Excellent Jumpers title (AXJ)!!! 

April 21-22, 2018: Shout! (Player/Siri) makes his agility debut and gets his first Q's in Novice Jumpers, Novice Standard, and Novice FAST! Siryn (Player/Jenga!) earns a few more Q's in USDAA agility and is now only 2 Q's away from her ADCH!  Glamour (Player/Puzzle) wins freestyle at the 2018 SKyhoundz DDAT and got an invite to Worlds!! The Force (Siri/Hooty) wins Time Trial with a 17.06 second run and gets his second invite to Worlds. 

April 11-15, 2018: At the Peach Blossom Cluster in Perry, GA, Tess (Remedy/Tex) earns her Open Jumpers title and then got her first Q in Excellent Jumpers! Wish and Hush (Remedy/Player) earn their Novice Standard title. Hush also gets to try FCAT (lure coursing) and gets 26mph!  The Force (Siri/Hooty) makes his debut and goes 3/3 in both Jumpers and Standard and earns his Novice titles on Friday, then gets his first Q's in the Open classes. Player gets QQ # 8. Siryn (Jenga!/Player) lays down some awesome runs and gets legs towards her Excellent Jumpers title. Story played around in the show ring on Saturday only and we Reserve to the Major. Kitty (Jenga!/Player) gets more legs in NADD (dock diving) in Masters! London and Creature (Myth/Player) got to play around on the ramp and swim.

Up north, Leia (Siri/Hooty) gets her first Q in Excellent FAST and got her Open Jumpers title (OAJ). Over in WA, Cadence (Siri/Hooty) made her debut in Barn Hunt and got 2 placements towards her first level title. Limit (half sibling to Leia, Cadence, and Force) got 2nd place at the USDDN Freestyle Qualifier and earned an invite to the 2018 USDDN World Finals. 

April 6-7, 2018: Siryn gets her Master Relay title in USDAA agility and sister Bliss (both Player/Jenga!) gets a few more legs in AKC agility. Crush (Player/Puzzle 1.0) gets some legs in CPE agility. Shine (Spryte/Dare) earns her Advanced Trick Dog title! Dyna (Siri/Hap) earns her MXJ! Torque (Myth/Player) earns his CGC at just 6 months old!

March 30-April 1, 2018: Sky (Remedy/Player) gets his NW3 title and 1st place overall!!! Siryn (Jenga!/Player) earns a "bye" in UKI. Hush (Remedy/Player) earns his Open Jumpers title, his first leg in his Novice Standard debut, and his first leg in Excellent Jumpers! Wish earns her Novice FAST and Novice Jumpers title. She also got her first Q in her Standard Debut and her first leg her first time in Open Jumpers. Tess and Echo (Remedy/Tex) earns their Novice FAST title! Echo also got an Open Standard leg. Shine (Spryte/Dare) got her CGC and Novice Trick Dog title!  Fancy (Player/Puzzle 1.0) gets QQ # 5 and 6 towards her MACh 1 and her MXJ title. 


March 22, 2018: Reunion info has been updated and an RSVP form is now available. Password is located at the pinned post in the private FB group!.


March 16-18, 2018: At the Alpharetta, GA AKC agility trial, Player gets QQ #7 towards MACh 2, Hush (Player/Remedy) gets his first two Q's in Open Jumpers and one Q in Novice FAST, Wish gets her second Q in Novice FAST and her first two Q's in Novice Jumpers, and Siryn (Player/Jenga!)  earns her Open Jumpers (OAJ) title and gets her first leg in Excellent Jumpers! Up North, Leia (Siri/Hooty) gets her Open FAST title, a T2B Q, a Q in Open Jumpers, and two Open Standard Q's!!! Video was added to Siryn, Wish, and Hush's page for agility and videos were added to Fable, Shine, and Glimmer's page (all Spryte/Dare) as well as Creature and London's page (both Player/Myth).

At UPDIF (UpDog World Finals) Kitty (Player/Jenga!) sets a new World Record in Far Out with Gary Duke with a catch of 112 yards and earning her 2nd place! Glamour (Player/Puzzle 1.0) gets 2nd place in FunKey and 3rd place in Spaced Out!!! 

March 10-12, 2018: At the Skyhoundz World Qualifier, Remedy and Dean earn an invite to the 2018 World Finals with a score of 51 in Bullseye! Player and I earn an invite to the 2018 World Finals in TimeTrial with a score of 17.20 seconds! In agility, Siryn (Player/Jenga!) earns another Master Standard Q in USDAA. New video of Shout!, Raven, and Stryker (all Player/Siri) on their page from their agility foundations class. Littermate Fresh earns his CGC -- new pictures on his page!


March 2-4, 2018: At the Conyers, GA AKC agility trial: Hush (Remedy/Player) earns his Novice Jumpers agility title! Wish earns her first Q and a first place at her debut in Novice FAST! Echo (Remedy/Tex) earns his Novice Jumpers title, Novice Standard title, and got 2 Q's towards his FAST title! Finn (Siri/Hap) gets a Q/1st in Open Jumpers and Tess (Remedy/Tex) earns a Q/2nd in Open Jumpers. Player gets another Q in Master Standard and wins Master Standard on Saturday. Up in PA for USDAA agility, Leia (Siri/Hooty) earns her Starters Gamblers title, her Starters Jumpers title, her Starters Pairs title, and a first place Q in Starters Standard. 

Switching gears, Shout! (Siri/Player) earns his second Q towards his title in Rally Novice for AKC.  Bliss (Jenga!/Player) got her 4th Q in Open A AKC Obedience with a score of 196.5. Spryte earns her CGCA and CGCU!  Ditto (Siri/Player) over in KY got three QQ and 172 points towards her World Cynosport Rally championship title with scores all above 205!  She also got her level 2 title and a level 2 Award of Excellence. 


February 24-25, 2018: Siryn (Player/Jenga!) earns 2 legs in Excellent Standard to earn her AX title! Leia (Siri/Hooty) earns some Q's in UKI agility. In Frisbee, Limit (Devi/Hooty) won Sport D/A and Glamour (Player/Puzzle) won Microdog Freestyle both earning spots to compete at the 2018 Skyhoundz World Finals later this year. Kitty (Player/Jenga!) got 1st Place in Masters and 3rd place in Speed Retrieve at the Dock Dogs Wildcard World Qualifier in Florida! 


February 17-18, 2018:  Hush, Story, and Shout! make their AKC Rally Obedience debut -- on Saturday, Hush (Player/Remedy) goes 2/2 with both scores of 98 earning 2 legs towards his Novice title. Story goes 2/2 with an 87 and a 98 earning two legs towards her Novice title, video on both of their pages. Shouty (Player/Siri) earns a 91 and a 4th place for his first leg towards his Novice title! In agility, Bliss (Player/Jenga!) earns another Master Standard Q. On Sunday, both Hush and Story earn their last legs towards their Rally Novice (RN) title, with Hush scoring a perfect 100 with a first place and Story earning a 98 with a second place. In our first time in the Intermediate class, both dogs scored a 97 for their first legs towards that title, this time Story with the first place ribbon as she had a slightly faster time putting Hush in second. Shine (Spryte/Dare) had her first puppy show and got four Best of Breed puppy and two group wins (second and third place) at the International All Breed Dog show. Sky (Player/Remedy) got his Nosework 3 (NW3) exterior element title!


February 9-11, 2018: In Pendleton, SC Hush (Player/Remedy) has his agility debut in Jumpers on Fri/Sat and earns two Q/1st places towards his Novice Jumpers title! Player earns a Master Jumpers Q. Echo (Remedy/Tex) had his debut on Sunday and earns a Q/1st in Novice Jumpers and a Q/2nd in Novice Standard! In North Carolina, Bliss (Player/Jenga!) earns two legs in Master Jumpers towards her Master title. New video of Wish and Force (Hooty/Siri) training this week on their pages. 


February 1, 2018 : Bliss (Player/Jenga!) earns her CDX in AKC Obedience!! 


January Updates: At our first Skyhoundz 2018 World Qualifier, Remedy scores a qualifying spot in Spot Landing and Player wins Time Trial (he won this event last year at the World Finals, making him a World Champion). Echo (Remedy/Tex) came in 2nd for Time Trial! In agility, Siryn (Player/Jenga!) earns her Master Standard title in USDAA.  Ditto (Player/Siri) earns two qualifying scores on Level 2 Rally (USDAA)! Fancy (Player/Puzzle 1.0) earns her Master Standard (MX) title in AKC agility and QQ #5 towards her MACh. Player gets two more Master Standard legs and points towards his MACh 2. ****All of our dogs and puppies have individual pages now, so moving forward in February 2018 each brag will link directly to their individual pages***


Happy New Year to all of our friends and family! We have some exciting things planned for this year with the dogs and I am so excited for them. Thank you to all of you in our family who made 2017 such a success......we love and appreciate each and every one of you.