2021 News & Brags!



December updates:

Dream (Hops/Wish) qualified for the 2022 Skyhoundz DDAT World Finals in Time Trial and Pairs D/A. Hitman(Ryder[Player/Jenga!]\Spryte) qualified for 2022 Skyhoundz Classic World Finals in Sport! Atari (Ryder[Player/Jenga]\Spryte) wins Spot Landing and earns a Q for Worlds! Creature (Player/Myth) wins MicroDog Spot Landing and earns a Q for Worlds! 

Shine (Dare/Spryte) at the Winter Wonderland Cluster gets some nice BOS/SB placements, as well as an OH Group Placement. She'll be making her way to the 2021 AKC Invitational/Championships in Orlando, FL this month as she was ranked in the top 10 for Owner Handler Series! Valor (Hops/Wish) earned another title in barn hunt and earned a high in class!

Player gets QQ#7 towards his PACH! Cupcake (Hops/Spryte) makes her Jumpers debut and goes 2/2 getting her first Q's! Medley (Player/Lyric 2.0) gets her first Jumpers Q and finishes her NF title. River (Player/Lyric 1.0) gets a Master Standard Q and MACH points. Maverick (Player/Puzzle 2.0) gets two more QQ's towards his MACH and finishes his Master titles. Dream (Hops/Wish) gets her first Master Standard leg and MACH points. Tess (Tex/Remedy) gets QQ#17! Leia (Hooty/Siri) finishes her Excellent Jumpers title!

In Orlando, Shine (Dare/Spryte) has a great showing at the 2021 Royal Canin Pre-Shows, with a nice SB/OHBOB win and then making the cut and being awarded another OHBOB!  Then at the AKC National Championship presented by Royal Canin, Shine receives an Award Of Excellence after making a very competitive cut!! We are so proud of Cindy and Shine!

Zing! (Player/Pixel) gets his first titles at just 13.5 weeks old -- his TKN, TKI, and his TKA! Such a smartie pants!!!

At a Skyhoundz DDAT, Dream (Hops/Wish) qualifies in Time Trial for the World Finals! Shout! (Player/Siri) and Creature (Player/Myth) qualify in Pairs D/A, and Creature also qualifies in Freestyle. Quench (Hops/Spryte) gets her first National Qualifier in Spot Landing! Quench also goes 4/4 at her first Scentwork and earns high in class!! Sequel (HotShot/Wish) earns his Trick Dog Intermediate!

HUGE CONGRATS!!!!! to the following teams for qualifying for the 2022 AKC Agility National Championships in Ocala, Florida:

Dara and Fresh (Player/Siri)
Robin and Bliss (Player/Jenga!)
Hannh and Fancy (Player/Puzzle)
Kelly and Tess (Tex/Remedy)




November updates:

 Player gets 2 more QQ's towards his PACH! Fable (Dare/Spryte) earns more QQ's towards her MACH and earns 4 new NADAC titles! Tess (Tex/Remedy) gets QQ #16 towards her MACH! Medley (Player/Lyric 2.0) gets her first Q in Novice FAST and Q’s in NADAC. Valor (Hops/Wish) earns his Novice Standard title! Shine (Dare/Spryte) gets her first MACH points and finishes in the top 10 for the AKC National Owner Handler Series!

Creature (Player/Myth) wins and earns qualifying invites to the 2022 Skyhoundz DDAT World Finals in Spot Landing and Time Trial!

---> At the 2021 UKI US OPEN in FL<---

Savvy (Player/Siri) makes the 20” Speedstakes Finals and places 14th with a beautiful clean run! London (Player/Myth) makes the finals for 22” Speedstakes and places 5th! He then takes 2nd on the podium for the 22” US Open Master Finals, making him the Reserve National Champion! We are so proud of these teams and their owner/handlers on such a great showing!!


Trinket (Player/Puzzle 1.0) earns her AX title. Extra! (Hotshot/Wish) does AKC Beginner Puppy and takes BOB with a Herding Group 1 win! Leia (Hooty/Siri) gets more points towards her FCAT and takes 3rd in Frizgility at an UpDog event. Siryn (Player/Jenga!) earned her Advanced Buried title, Novice Exterior title , Novice Interior title, 2 legs in Advanced Exterior and her overall Novice title in AKC Scentwork!

Punch (Hops/Spryte) won First Place at an UpDog Challenge in Throw N Go! Caliente (Ryder/Spryte) won first place in Spaced Out and third place in Time Warp. She also earned enough points in Frizgility and Throw N Go to qualify her for UPDIF 2022. She's now qualified in Frizgility, TNG, Time Warp, and Greedy.

Player goes 6/6 with triple QQ's towards his PACH and wins Highest Scoring Preferred Dog at the trial! Dream (Hops/Wish) earns an AXJ leg and her AX title. Fresh (Player/Siri), Bliss (Player/Jenga!), and Tess (Tex/Remedy) earn Master Q's. Breeze (Reef/Spryte) earns her ACT1 agility title and qualifies for 2 events for the Skyhoundz DDAT World Finals. Only entered one day, Shine (Dare/Spryte) goes Best of Breed in a large line up of Specials and gets a Group 2 Placement!



October updates:

Raven (Player/Siri) earns her AXJ in agility. Hattie (Player/Lyric) earns legs in her Novice agility classes! Savvy (Player/Siri) earns an AKC Jumpers Q! 


Player becomes a 2x WORLD CHAMPION in Time Trial (Open) with an incredible 15.3s run! Glamour (Player/Puzzle) becomes a WORLD CHAMPION in Spot Landing (Micro Dog) and places 2nd in Time Trial (Micro Dog). Creature (Player/Myth) snags a 3rd place podium in Spot Landing (Micro Dog). Style (Hops/Vanquish[Player/Puzzle]) becomes a WORLD CHAMPION in Bullseye (Open)! At the Classic, Shout! (Player/Siri) places 7th in the competitive Open Expert Division!


Envy (Hops/Wish) and Stryker (Player/Siri) make their Rally Obedience debut with high scores and placement Q's! Stryker also earns his RATN with a High in Class! Risk (Player/Lyric 2.0) earns his Advanced Buried title in AKC Scentwork. Tempo (Player/Lyric 1.0) earns her NF title in agility. Raven (Player/Siri) earns her AXJ and Master Relay titles in agility. Fable (Dare/Spryte) gets her first QQ's towards her MACH!! Glimmer (Dare/Spryte) gets her Rally Excellent title and earned her SWA and SIE titles in Scentwork!


---> At the 2021 NADAC & CYNOSPORTS National Championship <---

Ditto (Player/Siri) has a great showing at NADAC National Championships, earning a 3rd podium place finish in her very competitive class! Later that month, Ditto, Crush (Player/Puzzle 1.0), and London (Player/Myth) get many placements at USDAA Cynosports in their classes! Ditto and Crush both made finals for Grand Prix! London placed 2nd in Biathlon Jumpers! We are so proud of these teams! 


Extra! (HotShot/Wish) gets her CGC and TKI titles, with a Group 3 placement at her first IABCA puppy show! Trinket (Player/Puzzle 2.0) got her Rally Advanced and Excellent FAST titles. Tess (Tex/Remedy) got QQ # 15!! Leia (Hooty/Siri) earns Q's in her classes in AKC in Jumpers and T2B. Hitman (Ryder[Player/Jenga!]/Spryte) earned his NAJ title. Dream (Hops/Wish), River (Player/Lyric 1.0), and Tonic (Hops/Spryte) earned their FDC.

Punch (Hops/Spryte) earned his HIT Herding Instinct Title at Woods End Farm. Maverick (Player/Puzzle 2.0) earned 2 QQ’s this weekend towards his MACH. Siryn (Player/Jenga!) made her CPE Scentwork Debut and went 8/8 with 7 first places and 4 new titles!!! Vanquish (Player/Siri) and London (Player/Myth) earn Q's in AKC agility. 

---> At the 2021 NADD NATIONAL SHOWCASE in MO <---

Player becomes the 2021 Reserve National Champion in Veteran Senior Distance! Hush (Player/Remedy) takes 5th in Open Junior Distance, Caliente (Ryder[Player/Jenga!]/Spryte) takes 4th in Open Senior Distance, and Shine (Dare/Spryte) becomes the 2021 Reserve National Champion in Junior Air Retrieve! From our friend Kelli's breeding of our Vanquish (Player/Siri) to Hops, Bounce is the 2021 National Champion in Open Distance and Page places 3rd in Open Master Distance with an unofficial new PB of 27'9". Dream (Hops/Wish), Shout! (Player/Siri), Valor (Hops/Wish), The Force (Hooty/Siri) and River (Player/Lyric 1.0) all had great showings and jumps in their divisions, too. 


Valor is OFA Excellent Hips, Elbows/Shoulders Normal! 



September updates:

 Fable (Dare/Spryte) earns her AXJ and XF agility titles! River (Player/Lyric) earns her Dock Master title. Siryn (Player/Jenga!) gets two perfect Master runs in Barn Hunt and wins a High In Class, she also earns her Crazy 8’s Platinum (CZ8P) title! 

***Player earns his Master Agility Champion 2 (MACH2)! *** He finished his qualifications for AKC Nationals and then he then earns QQ #41 towards MACH3, which at 9.5 years old we won't be working towards. We will be having fun dropping down to 16"P for future trials/nationals!

Valor (Hops/Wish) and Hitman (Ryder[Player/Jenga!]/Spryte) make their AKC agility debut and earn Q's in their Novice classes! Shine (Dare/Spryte) earns her AX title! River (Player/Lyric 1.0) earns her first Master Standard Q and MACH points! Tess (Tex/Remedy) earns more QQ's towards her MACH. 

In the 2021 K9 Frisbee Toss & Fetch World Championship, Atari (Ryder[Player/Jenga!]/Spryte) takes second place OVERALL! Dream (Hops/Wish) takes 1st place in the Master Division! 


CONGRATS to the amazing O'my! Family who have won their divisions or placed in the top 25% who have now been invited to the 2021 NADD National Showcase!!!!

Player (Distance + AR), Hush (Player/Remedy, Distance), River (Player/Lyric, Distance), Shout! (Player/Siri, Distance), Vanquish (Player/Siri, Distance) two of V's kids from Hops, Victory and Page (Distance), Atari (Ryder[Player/Jenga!]/Spryte, Distance), Caliente (Ryder[Player/Jenga!]/Spryte, Distance), Dream (Hops/Wish, Distance), Valor (Hops/Wish, Distance + AR), Shine (Dare/Spryte, Distance + AR), The Force (Hooty/Siri, Distance + AR). What fun we are going to have!!!!!!! 


Valor (Hops/Wish) is a new AKC CHAMPION! He went WD/BOW in TN to finish his CH! Scandal (HotShot/Story) gets her first points towards her CH! Envy (Hops/Wish) gets her first major win towards her CH and her CGCA! Shine (Dare/Spryte) wins Best Of Breed and gets a Group 2 and Group 3!

Caliente and Atari finish their Dock Master title! Dream (Hops/Wish) earns her Dock Elite title! Fable (Dare/Spryte) and Medley (Player/Lyric 2.0) both passed all their odors for their NACSW ORTs! Leia (Hooty/Siri) got her DCAT. 



August updates:

Maverick (Player/Puzzle 2.0) finishes his SEA (Exterior Advanced Scentwork title) with placements! Caliente (Ryder[Player/Jenga!]/Spryte) earns her Dock Senior Advanced title and her invite to the 2021 NADD Regional Championship! Triton (Reef/Spryte) earns his Dock Master Advanced title and his invite to the NADD Regional Championship! 

Dream (Hops/Wish) gets her first BN leg in AKC Obedience with a 1st place! Zenith (Dare/Spryte) earns QQQ#4 towards her RACH! Ember (Player/Lyric 2.0) makes her Rally Novice debut and gets a 99 and her first RN leg.  Sequel (HotShot/Wish) earns his CGC and TKN at just 10 weeks old! Pixel (Dare/Spryte) earns the prestigious NW2 title in NACSW, with a 3rd place in Vehicles with a "P"/Pronounced!!

Vanquish (Player/Siri) gets a new PB in dock diving and baby Scandal (HotShot/Story) makes her NADD debut at 7 months old with a personal best of 15'6"!  Ryder (Player/Jenga!) wins a qualifying spot at a Skyhoundz Classic and gets an invite to the 2021 Skyhoundz World Championships in October! 

Cupcake (Hops/Spryte) and Hitman (Ryder[Player/Jenga!]/Spryte) earn their Rally Advanced AND Rally Excellent title! Cake also earns her CGCA. 

River (Player/Lyric) hits a new personal best in dock diving with a 22'6" jump and earns her CGCA. . Dream (Hops/Wish) has a new personal best in dock diving with a 24'5" jump and earned her CGCA. Caliente (Ryder[Player/Jenga!]/Spryte) gets a new personal best with a 21'6" jump, and Glimmer (Dare/Spryte) gets a new personal best of 19'10"!  Fable (Dare/Spryte) earned her AX in agility. Punch (Hops/Spryte) earns his Dock Senior title!

Dream and Valor (Hops/Wish) earn more points towards their AKC CH, and littermate Envy gets her first points towards her CH!

At NADD SE Regionals, Player WINS the Veteran Senior Distance division for the 2nd year in the row. River WINS the Open Senior Distance division and Shout! (Player/Siri) comes in 2nd place in the Open Senior Distance division. This secures their invites to the 2021 NADD National Showcase. Hush (Player/Remedy) and Shine (Dare/Spryte) also secure their invite to the Showcase. Dream (Hops/Wish) earns her Dock Master Advanced title.



July updates:

 Player gets QQ#39 towards MACH2. Dream (Hops/Wish) earns her OAJ title. River (Player/Lyric) earns her AX title. Tess (Tex/Remedy) gets QQ#13 towards her MACH. Shine (Dare/Spryte) earns legs towards her AX and AXJ titles. Dyna (Hap/Siri) earns her MACH! 

Hayden (Player/Lyric) earn her Intermediate Trick Dog title! Envy (Hops/Wish) qualifies for NADD Regionals and earns her DM title. Fable (Dare/Spryte) earns Q's towards her AKC agility Excellent titles. Triton (Reef/Spryte) qualifies for UFO Disc World Finals!

Ditto (Player/Siri) gets her NATCH2! Vanquish (Player/Siri) earns her DSX in NADD. 

Cupcake (Hops/Spryte) gets a Reserve Best In Show (Bred-By Puppy) at an IABCA show! Atari (Ryder[Player/Jenga!]/Spryte) gets an OFA Hips Excellent (prelim) rating and Revolution (Player/Lyric) comes back OFA Good! Revolution also qualifies in Spot Landing for the Skyhoundz DDAT World Finals. Shout! (Player/Siri) qualifies in Pairs. Hitman (Ryder[Player/Jenga!]/Spryte) qualifies for the DDAT World Finals in Time Trial! Glimmer (Dare/Spryte) qualifies for the DDAT World Finals and the Classic!

Medley (Player/Lyric 2.0) debuts in dock diving and earns her Dock Senior title. Fable (Dare/Spryte) earns her Dock Junior title. 

Dream (Hops/Wish) gets her first Major Win towards her AKC CH! Littermate Valor accumulates 3 Majors and is now at 11 points towards his CH. Shine (Dare/Spryte) gets some nice BOS/BOBOH wins towards her Silver GCH. 


June updates:

Tonic (Hops/Spryte) gets CGC and TKN titles at just 9 months old! Ditto (Player/Siri) won NADAC regionals (Elite Medium Division) and earned a Versatility NATCH and all around NATCH! She then placed 2nd in Grand Prix at the USDAA SE Regionals and earns a Bye to finals.  

Cupcake (Hops/Spryte) and Hitman (Ryder[Player/Jenga!]/Spryte) earn their RN! Hush (Player/Remedy), HotShot (Sharpie/NV[Player/Puzzle]) and Dream (Hops/Wish) earn their Rally Advanced! 

Envy (Hops/Wish) and Stryker (Player/Siri) earn their BCAT's! Pixel (Dare/Spryte) earns her FCAT and her Rally Excellent title! In scent work, Pixel earned her Advanced overall AKC scent (SWA) and Excellent element titles SCE, SEE, and SIE. 

Crush (Puzzle/Player 1.0) earned his Master FAST title. Shazam (Player/Jenga!) finishes his invite for the 2021 NADD SE Regionals with a new personal best of 26'6"! Triton (Reef/Spryte) makes his debut in Freestyle and wins a Classic 'Q' invite to the 2021 Skyhoundz World Finals!!

Frenzy (Player/Puzzle 2.0) earns her Dock Senior title with a new personal best and finishes her AXJ in agility. Fancy (Player/Puzzle 1.0) has awesome runs at Westminster and also earns a QQ towards MACH 3. 

Hush (Player/Remedy), HotShot (Sharpie/NV[Player/Puzzle]) and Dream (Hops/Wish) earn their Rally Excellent title! Essence and Tonic (Hops/Spryte) earn their Rally Novice title! 

Cupcake (Hops/Spryte) and Skrrt (HotShot/Story) earn their CGC and TKN! Punch (Hops/Spryte) earns his CGCA.  Cali (Ryder/Spryte) gets her Dock Senior title. River (Player/Lyric 1.0) earns her Dock Senior Excellent title and gets an invite to NADD Regionals! Envy (Hops/Wish) earns her Dock Senior.  Atari (Ryder[Player/Jenga!]/Spryte) qualifies for the 2021 NADD Regional Championships in the Senior division as does Stryker (Player/Siri) in the Elite Division. Dream (Hops/Wish) qualifies for the Regional in Air Retrieve! 

Zenith (Dare/Spryte) earns QQQ's # 2 and 3 towards her RACH! Ditto (Player/Siri) earns her NATCH2 in NADAC agility! 

Cupcake (Hops/Spryte) and Hitman (Ryder/Spryte) earn their first Rally Advanced legs with a 96 and 92! Punch (Hops/Spryte) finishes his RN! Skrrt (HotShot/Story) earns his RN, CGC, and TKN at 6 months of age!




May updates:

Zenith (Dare/Spryte) earns her first triple QQQ towards her RACH with scores above 95, and a 100 in Excellent B and winning the class! Bliss (Player/Jenga!) earns her Overall MASTER Scentwork title! 

Hattie (Player/Lyric 1.0) gets her first legs in AKC Novice Standard and FAST! Echo (Tex/Remedy) earns his Open FAST title and a leg in Open JWW. Glimmer (Dare/Spryte) gets her first Open Standard Q! Dream (Hops/Wish) gets two legs towards her AX title. HotShot (Sharpie/NV[Player/Puzzle]) finishes his Open FAST title and gets legs towards his MX with more MACh points. In NADAC agility, Ditto (Player/Siri) goes Elite High In Trial!

Player, Stella, Story, and Vanquish (Player/Siri) all earn their PT herding title!! 

Shine (Dare/Spryte) earns a High In Class and Q's in Open Barn Hunt and gets an Owner Handler Group 2 placement in Perry, GA. Shine and Valor (Hops/Wish) both earn an Invite to 2021 NADD Regionals in Air Retrieve!  In Fletcher, NC Shine gets a lovely OH Group 1 Placement. Also in Perry, GA Cali (Ryder/Spryte) earns her Dock Junior title, legs towards her Senior title, and gets her BCAT with a personal best of 28mph! Player completes his 2021 NADD Regional requirements that he earned by winning the 2020 SE Regional in both Veteran Distance and Air Retrieve! Glimmer (Dare/Spryte) earns her Dock Senior Advanced title and her Junior AR title.

Player earns his BCAT title. Pixel (Dare/Spryte) finishes her Overall Advanced Scentwork title!

Revolution (Player/Lyric 1.0) and Glimmer (Dare/Spryte) qualify for the 2021 Skyhoundz Worlds! 

Fable (Dare/Spryte) gets Q's in AKC Agility in her Excellent classes. Tess (Tex/Remedy) gets QQ # 11 and 12 towards her MACh and finishes her qualifications needed for the 2022 AKC Agility Nationals! 



April updates:

River (Player/Lyric 1.0)'s first time in the AKC Conformation ring and she goes WB for her first Major Win towards her AKC Championship! Dream (Hops/Wish) get RWB to the major 3 days in a row! Shine (Dare/Spryte) gets two lovely SB wins and a BOS/BOBOH win, finishing her Bronze Grand Championship! She also gets an OH Herding Group 1 placement!

Player, Revolution (Player/Lyric 1.0), River, Stryker (Player/Siri), and Envy (Hops/Wish) earn legs in Fast Cat. Revolution earns her BCAT! London (Player/Myth) makes a clean sweep to get his Open Standard, Open Jumpers, and Novice FAST titles with Q's in Excellent in AKC agility. Punch (Hops/Spryte) earns his CGC, CGCA, and TKN/TKI at just 7 months old! Glimmer (Dare/Spryte) earns her Novice Agility title in AKC! Pixel (Dare/Spryte) earns her NAJ, RA, and DCAT! River and Dream get their Open Fast titles, and River gets more Q's in Excellent!

HotShot (Sharpie/NV[Player/Puzzle]) gets his Excellent Standard and Jumpers title in AKC agility along with two MX legs and his first MACh points. Tess (Tex/Remedy) gets QQ #9 towards her MACh. 

Raven (Player/Siri) gets her USDAA Master Jumpers title. Littermate Fresh makes his Barn Hunt debut and goes 6/6, including a 19 second High in Class Novice run, earning is RATI and RATO (Novice and Open)! Their other brother, Stryker, sets a new personal best with AKC Fast Cat with a 6.2 (~32pmh) run! Envy (Hops/Wish) gets legs in Barn Hunt, Dock Diving, and Fast Cat!

River (Player/Lyric) comes back OFA Good, Shoulders/Elbows Normal! 

Bliss (Player/Jenga!) gets another QQ towards her MACH. Leia (Hooty/Siri) gets her Masters FAST and BCAT. 

Siryn (Player/Jenga!) got her Novice Interiors title and Advanced Containers title in AKC scent work with placements!  Risk (Player/Lyric 2.0) gets an Interior Q, Exterior Q, 2 Buried Qs, Container Q (all with placements!) and a High In Trial Advanced! He also gets 2 Q's in Novice Handler Discrimination! Maverick (Player/Puzzle 2.0) earns his overall Novice Scentwork title and his Dock Senior title!



March updates:

We had to say goodbye to our sweet Annie, our hearts are broken at the loss of this special soul. 

Player gets QQ#48 towards MACh2! River (Player/Lyric) gets her Open Standard title. Dream (Hops/Wish) gets her Open Standard title. HotShot (Sharpie/NV[Player/Puzzle]) gets his Open Standard title, Open Jumpers title, and first Excellent Standard Q. Shine (Dare/Spryte) gets Q's in Excellent, Tess (Tex/Remedy) gets Q's in Masters along with QQ#7 and #8 towards her MACh, Echo (Tex/Remedy) gets Q's in Open, Stryker (Player/Siri) gets Q's in Novice, and Fresh (Player/Siri) gets some Q's in Masters. 

In scentwork, Pixel (Dare/Spryte) gets 6/8 Q's in Advanced with placements and then earns her titles in advanced interior, advanced exterior, and advanced containers (SIA, SEA, and SC). She earned her second advanced buried leg, too! Siryn (Player/Jenga!) makes her debut in Novice and earns legs/placements.  Risk (Player/Lyric 2.0) makes his debut in scent work at 9 months of age, and earns his title in all 4 Novice elements earning him his SWN title and two High In Trials! 

Revolution (Player/Lyric) plays fast cat for the first time and gets her first two legs towards her BCAT! Maverick (Player/Puzzle 2.0) gets his BCAT title! Bliss (Player/Jenga!) gets another UDX leg in obedience!

River (Player/Lyric 1.0) gets her Open Jumpers title and her first Excellent Standard leg! HotShot (Sharpie/NV[Player/Puzzle]) gets another leg in Excellent Standard and Excellent Jumpers! Fresh (Player/Siri) gets many Q's in Masters and Premier, as well as QQ#2. Bliss (Player/Jenga!) gets a QQ towards her MACh! London (Player/Myth) wins big at the USDAA Regional in Jacksonville, FL earning his qualifications needed for Nationals! 

In disc, Dream (Hops/Wish) earns her first World Invite in the DDAT for Time Trial! Vanquish (Player/Siri) was hot on her heels with a nice second place finish. HotShot and Atari (Ryder[Player/Jenga!]/Spryte) get their first World Invites in the Classic for Skyhoundz Worlds. Triton (Reef/Spryte) placed 3rd in the Austin Hero Cup!

Vanquish (Player/Siri) goes 3/4 in her Novice AKC trial and gets legs towards her Standard and Jumpers title! Fable (Dare/Spryte) gets more Q's in NADAC. Hayden (Player/Lyric 2.0) gets her TKN title! Sega (Player/Lyric 2.0) is OFA Prelim "Good"!



February updates:

 In Florida at an AKC trial, HotShot (Sharpie/NV[Player/Puzzle]) finished his NA, NAJ, and NF agility titles. Dream (Hops/Wish) finishes her NAJ, NF, and gets another Open Standard leg. River (Player/Lyric) earns her NA, NAJ, NF, and her first Open Jumpers Q! Maverick (Player/Puzzle 2.0) had lovely Master runs with some Q's, too! Player's first trial back in almost 2.5 years due to life/injury and we get a QQ towards MACh2! 

In Pendleton, SC at an AKC trial, Player picks up QQ#36 and #37 towards MACH 2. HotShot gets 2 legs towards his OA and 1 leg towards his OAJ. River (Player/Lyric) gets Q's in Open towards her title. Glimmer (Dare/Spryte) gets Q's and blue ribbons towards her Novice titles. Fresh (Player/Siri) gets his first QQ towards his MACH!

Quench and Cherry! (Hops/Spryte) gets their first titles, Trick Dog Novice, at just 5.5 months old! London (Player/Myth) gets his NAJ at his first agility trial and his NA and first legs in Open at his second trial! Player gets his Rally Novice title!  Risk (Player/Lyric 2.0) makes his debut in Barn Hunt and gets his Instinct title, his Novice title as well as placements and High In Trial/Class!

Shine (Dare/Spryte) gets some nice wins in Tallahassee, FL towards her Bronze GCH followed by three new legs with high scores/100's to finish her Rally Master title! Valor (Hops/Wish) finishes his Rally Intermediate title with scores of 100 and gets legs towards his Senior Dock title and BCAT! Zenith (Dare/Spryte) gets her 2nd Rally Excellent leg with a 2nd place!

Glamour (Player/Puzzle) and Creature (Player/Creture) earn Q's and invites to Skyhoundz World Finals in the DDAT! Ditto (Player/Siri) took 3rd in Pairs! Siryn (Player/Jenga!) earned her ORT in NACSW! 


January updates:

HotShot (Sharpie/NV[Player/Puzzle]) earns his AKC Scent Work title in Containers! Fresh (Player/Siri) earns his Agility Dog Championship (ADCH) in USDAA agility! At the Clemson KC in Pendleton, SC littermates Dream and Valor (Hops/Wish) get WD and WB for points towards their CH. Auntie Shine (Dare/Spryte) gets a nice BOS win towards her GCH-Bronze. Pixel (Dare/Spryte) earned her NW1 (nosework title) with a 2nd place in Vehicle Searches! Vilya (Spryte/Reef) qualified for UPDIF 2021 in Four Way, Frizgility, Funky, Greedy, 7Up, Spaced Out & Throw n Go!

At an AKC agility trial in GA, River (Player/Lyric) finishes her Novice Standard title and earns a Q in FAST/JWW, Stryker (Player/Siri) earns his first Q's in STD/JWW, HotShot (Sharpie/NV[Player/Puzzle]) earns his first Q's in FAST/STD/JWW, and Dream (Hops/Wish) finishes her Novice Standard title and gets a JWW Q and her first Open Standard Q! 

Siryn (Player/Jenga!) earned her Crazy 8s Silver (CZ8S) title in Barn Hunt and earns her first RATChampionship . Leia (Hooty/Siri) earns a leg in Excellent Jumpers in AKC agility. Maverick (Player/Puzzle 2.0) finishes his Excellent Standard title in AKC agility. Crush (Player/Puzzle 1.0) gets a QQ towards his MACH and his first QQQ!